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The Ghost Rider Passes

By Mahons On January 10th, 2020

Just saw that Neil Peart, the legendary drummer for the Canadian Rock Band Rush passed away at the too young age of 67 from cancer. I liked some of their songs but was never a big fan of the band (although as musicians they were technically and unarguably fantastic).

I admired Peart for his book Ghost Rider which told the tale of his riding cross country on a motorcycle through North and Central America after losing his 19 year old daughter to a car accident and his wife 10 months later to cancer. My admiration for people who try to live on in the face of grief and adversity grows stronger the older i get.

I’ll blast Spirit of the Radio, Limelight or Closer to the Heart when I get home tonight. Not in tribute to a pop star, but in tribute to the man’s spirit.

2 Responses to “The Ghost Rider Passes”

  1. Never a fan of the band’s music and wasn’t aware of his personal circumstances.

    Your last sentence is a fair comment.

  2. Every one knows Rush is the greatest band ever it’s too bad that limbaa character went and spoiled the name