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By Patrick Van Roy On January 12th, 2020

This week was Elvis’s Birthday……. Long Live the King

28 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Happy birthday to all paedophiles today.

  2. Naughty Noel. As if Patrick’s triggering wasn’t bad enough 😉

  3. Elvis was a drug addict, not a paedophile….. your such a follower Noel…. (oh oh Mai set off a whole thread…. maybe I can do the same)

    sorry buckwheat

  4. Baby I didn’t treat you quite as good as I should have….


  5. notice it’s always the same knuckleheads

  6. Very many musicians actors and athletes lived that life then, and live it now

    So if you won’t listen to Elvis due to those allegations, better not listen to any other music, go to a game, or see a film

    Best stay at home and live the life of purity

  7. //Very many musicians actors and athletes lived that life then, and live it now//

    So any of those paedophile clerics from the 1950s – 1970s were fine because many priests and bishops lived that life then. OK.

  8. Patrick

    notice it’s always the same knuckleheads

    Is that directed at me in some way?

  9. Phantom,

    So if you won’t listen to Elvis due to those allegations, better not listen to any other music, go to a game, or see a film

    Who said they won’t listen to Elvis because of these allegations?

  10. As usual it comes down to is it possible to separate the artist from the art?

    Pete Townsend wrote some of the greatest rock music of the 20thC but was found to have kiddie porn on his computer.

    Chuck Berry was insrumental to the rock n roll phenomena yet was absolutley a fucking dispicable human being.

    George Best was one of the greatest footballers that ever lived yet was a violent alcoholic abuser of women. x

    Mike Tyson was a magnificent boxer yet a rapist

    Et etc.

  11. Speaking for myself Paul I can still appreciate the artistic output of people who’ve done questionable things in other aspects of their life.
    Fred West was a pretty good plasterer by all accounts. 😁

  12. Not sure about Myra Hindley’s babysitiing skills though…..

    (Too far?)

  13. There Those who have said that they don’t want to listen to Michael Jacksons music because of what he did

    And it was very common then to have sex with those who are regarded as underage today

    Mairin has an exceptionally great influence over some i see as does the daily mail

  14. Mairin’s unhinged rant on Patrick’s earlier Elvis post was not I think supported by anyone else here.

  15. I listen to musicians for their Music, I watch Actors for their performance in a film.

    I give no weight to any of these people on how to live life in any arena.

  16. As I sais, it comes down to separating the artist from the art and individuals are able to do such a thing. Me personally, I still love the Who’s music.

    Mairin has an exceptionally great influence over some i see as does the daily mail

    More vague, latent passive-aggressive nonsense.

  17. Paul McMahon,

    Not sure about Myra Hindley’s babysitiing skills though…..

    (Too far?)

    When Myra got back into prison after spending a couple of days with the police on the moors, looking for burial sites, her cell mate said, ‘at least you had a couple of days holiday’, to which I replied ‘you can’t have a proper holiday with all them kids under your feet.’

    Now that’s too far mate!

  18. man just listen to the raw rock of his version of Lawdy miss Clawdy….. that’s what I care about in music…. not how the artist lived their life.

  19. Colm

    Noel followed mairins lead here

    I don’t remember him making remarks like that before

    So she has been influential

  20. Phantom

    I’m pretty sure Noel’s opening comment was a jokey reference to that infamous thread !

  21. I took Noel’s comment as a provocative tongue in cheek wind up.

  22. //Noel followed mairins lead here //

    Try again. I honestly don’t even remember Mairin being involved in such a discussion. But now that you mention it, I have a hazy recollection, but I certaintly didn’t follow her. Why should I follow Marin? The very idea is absurd.

    My motivation is actually the opposite .
    Why do people go apoplectic about people like Harvey Weinstein and Rolf Harris any of the other Johnny-come-latelys in the paedophile world, but give a pass to the old and dear celebs like Elvis. My theory (which I explained in the old thread) was that the outrage at paedophelia is a modern phenomon, and that it probably will pass as well. I find it hard to get angry at what Elvis or Weinstein or any of those geezers did. It’s all so far away and part of a world that I don’t belong to.
    I’m interested in how and why people are displaying such outrage now, which is a phenomenon of the modern world, to which I do belong. In a nutshell, I find a lot of this latest outrage and rush to condemn at best phoney and at worst highly suspect.

    But in any case, you, Phantom, have more or less confirmed my theory. Back in Elvis’ day, that was ok because everyone was doing it. But now (when actually people are still doing it), it’s something entirely different.

    None of this has anything to do with any “Mairin”.

  23. I took it as I always take him….. just a nudge being a nudge. As I said the same knuckleheads.

    Certain people never add anything to any of my threads music, or political, except derogatory bullshit. I’ll argue with anyone, but I’ll also converse with anyone. Some people just can’t with me.

    That’s their choice.

  24. Weinstein is accused of forcible rape

    Elvis is not remotely in the same universe here

  25. bullshit Noel

    There was no “noble awareness” in your comment. You were just being a dick to be a dick.

  26. The customs and laws in America were different in the 1950s than they are now

    The age of consent is 16 or lower in an awful lot of countries now

  27. //Elvis is not remotely in the same universe here//

    Not true. He’s in the same universe as Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville and Harvey Weinstein: the universe of sex crime by men who use their wealth and power to have their way.

    Either Elvis committed a sex crime or he didn’t. Weinstein’s females were at least (as far as I know) adult women. I haven’t looked at all the accusations, but at least some of them are very spurious
    (for example, an Italian actress is putting forward the claim of rape simply because, she says, W performed oral sex on her in a hotel room and she repeatedly told him to stop. Just think about that for a moment.)

  28. Jan 13 1968
    Johnny Cash records live album ‘At Folsom Prison’

    Newly sober after a serious drug problem, Johnny Cash brings his band, and wife June Carter Cash, to Folsom State Prison in California to record two live sets. The album will sell millions and revitalize the career of The Man in Black.