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No Woman No Cry

By Mahons On January 14th, 2020

The non-aggression pact between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren appears to be over. The two candidates travel in the same left lane of progressive politics and have generally reserved their attacks for the more moderate (and leading) Joe Biden.
However, Warren staff (followed by Warren herself) are claiming that Sanders told her at a private pow-wow in 2018 that a woman couldnt win.
Sanders says he didnt say it, and points out that a woman did win the popular vote in the last election. Warren’s claim seems a bit calculating, and is probably an effort to hurt Sanders with feminists who might be drifting away from the identity politics she champions. For Sanders the discussion is not unlike having to answer the question when did you stop beating your wife?
The candidate who benefits is probably Biden in that he does not enjoy the enthusiastic support from the left of his party and could use squabbling between his two chief rivals there to remain above the fray (his aides must be trying to glue his mouth shut).
Warren playing the private conversation card now is also revealing. If Sanders really made the comment why wait until you were trailing him? The reason is she has no substantive proposal to generate attention and support. Her candidacy rests almost exclusively on gender identity. In many ways she is a obstacle to the cause of women’s rights. Sanders, a generally decent man although a politically extreme candidate, is too smart to have made such a comment. He will have to hope voters are smart enough to understand that.

20 Responses to “No Woman No Cry”

  1. He will have to hope voters are smart enough to understand that.

    That’s an Oxymoron.

    Anyone who would vote for either a devout communist or commie light aren’t smart.

  2. She’s a desperate sneak

    There’s something wrong with her

    She will not benefit by this comment, but Donald Trump will

  3. Patrick – pot.kettle.black.

  4. Everybody knows that smart people vote for reality TV stars Who are not eligible to get credit from the bank

  5. I’m not sure it helps Boden. Yes infighting between the left candidates are to his benefit. But if Warren successfully positions herself as the defender of all womanhood then she won’t take that many votes of Bernie as he doesn’t get a lot of support from women voters. She will take them from Biden.

  6. Circular firing squad

  7. Is anyone following this enough to tell whether that story with Bidan’s son in Ukraine will significantly harm him in the primaries or in a subsequent Pres. election?

  8. And speaking of primaries and all that stuff: a general election in Ireland has just been called, to take place in just three weeks. Until then it will be more or less business as usual for the government.

    I know what kind of system I prefer.

  9. I don’t think that the Hunter Biden story will hurt the father In the primary

    There’s no evidence that Joe Biden has done anything bad

    The son is a waste

    In a general election Trump would try to make a big deal of it but again I don’t think it hurts Biden, esp as Donald Trump is a career criminal And a liar for all the ages

  10. Haven’t been following this as closely as usual.

    What’s happened to Bloomberg?

  11. “What’s happened to Bloomberg?”

    Nothing much really. He hasn’t been able to build any momentum. He has ticked up a little in the last month but nothing to write home about. He’s still 5th in a 3 horse race.

  12. Mahons, on January 14th, 2020 at 1:16 PM Said:
    Patrick – pot.kettle.black.

    I’m no commie so I guess I’m stupid…… but your a member of the party that they are the leaders of……

  13. I’ve heard that bloomberg has spent $100 million out of his own money for campaign ads which is a disgrace

  14. Either she is lying or she has betrayed a statement ( opinion ) made in confidence

    I think that she is a liar She will pay a heavy price for this

  15. Bloomberg has pledged to spend 1 Billion Phantom.

    He said he’s going to spend the billion whether he’s the nominee or not. If he doesn’t get the nomination he’ll spend it on whoever does.

  16. I can’t see Sanders saying that, it doesn’t match.

  17. I agree

    I think that she lied

    May have fireworks at tonight’s Iowa debate

  18. circular firing squad

  19. Yes

  20. It will be pretty hard for them to reconcile after she said a thing like that