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By Pete Moore On January 14th, 2020

It would cost £500,000 for Big Ben to strike at the moment of Brexit, according to the prime minister.

Boris Johnson said Big Ben’s clapper had been removed during the current restoration project and temporarily replacing it would come at a considerable cost.

The idea for the bells to ring out at 23:00 GMT on 31 January – the time and date the UK is due to officially leave the EU (it’ll be midnight in Brussels) – was first floated by pro-Brexit MPs.

But at £500,000, the cost of marking Brexit in this way would be just over £45,000 per bong – assuming the bell strikes 11 times.

Big Ben is the bell. Elixabeth Tower, which all tourists think is Big Ben, is undergoing restoration. Like all government schemes it’s taking years and costing a fortune. So spend half a million more and mark this Great Moment of National Restoration in proper style. Yes, make taxpayers pay. Yes, make Remainers pay too. We all had to fork out for the EU and its antecedents for decades, so screw them on 31st January.

“But Pete” they will whine, “it would triumphalist and jingoistic.” Yes it will, and that’s exactly the point. We won, they lost, and they can start healing the divisions they caused by sucking it up.

We are restoring our sovereignty, independence and self-governance for patriotic reasons. Our rejection of Euro-globalist government is, by definition, a nationalist event. So we will be as jingoistic as we like in our own country at the moment of our rebirth, into the light of independence.

8 Responses to “MAKE BIG BEN BONG AGAIN”

  1. Ask not for whom the bells toll, they toll for thee 🇪🇺

  2. Maybe you could ask one of the ‘other circles’ to pay for it?

  3. I’d like a bong with a mix called ” Big Ben “I am

  4. Brexiteers want to Highlight Big Ben’s Big Bongs to compensate for their shortcomings in other departments 😱

  5. Half a million quite a lot of money just to make big Ben bong.
    What if we paint the clock Face in rainbow colours at the same time to celebrate London’s diversity, as well as having some sort of Notting hill style carnival?
    At least let’s get our money’s worth.

  6. Yukk Dave saith your av white nationalist.
    Don’t be using words like diversity or equality neither . Talking of which I wonder when the assault on human rights legislation is going to begin. How will that be choreographed ?

  7. Kicking a paki in the head is problematic with human rights laws. As well as having to pay the hospital tax payers money for his stiches to be taken out .
    There must be a way round it petem Allan.
    What dya reckon?

  8. Silly thread but utterly magnificent title!