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The Only Ones Worth Fighting For

By Mahons On January 15th, 2020

Mr. Smith knew. Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for. The House of Representatives has performed its duty and the two Articles of Impeachment will no go to the Senate. The Senate will hold a trial and Donald Trump will not be convicted despite clear guilt. This result will be due to those Republicans in the Senate who will not do their duty. It is really that simple. I had for most of this process thought that the House should not have impeached him for this very reason. But i was wrong, a record must be made.

59 Responses to “The Only Ones Worth Fighting For”

  1. Well said Mahons, better late than never 🙂

  2. Trump will not be convicted despite clear guilt.

    Clear guilt…. of what not being Hillary ?

    Name the crime he’s guilty of counselor. Where is your “clear guilt”

    Spell it out I always enjoy a good laugh.

  3. That’s one of only two lines I remember from that film. The other is “land is the only thing that lasts”.

  4. “People will always pay through the nose for Land” Lex Luthor

  5. Patrick – I’m sure you are well aware of his guilt. I’m also sure you don’t mind. As a regular visitor to these pages I’ve seen what you’ve written in the face of overwhelming evidence, I’ve seen the debunked claims you’ve advanced. I have concluded that you think debate means just repeating things without minimally checking if they are accurate. Tell me, why would I waste my time?

  6. Thanks, Patrick. But I’ve just realised I remembered wrong. I was thinking of when Clark Gable decided to join the Confederate army and said: “I’ve always had a weakness for lost causes once they’re really lost.”

  7. So you can’t name what he’s guilty of, even though to you it’s clear…..

    oh ok…. great case you’re making…. I have gotten things wrong, I admit it, but you’re just spouting talking points that you can neither flesh out or defend….

    He’s clearly guilty…. of What ?

    Tell me, why would I waste my time?

    You can’t do it…. it’s not a waste of your time. You are incapable of making a case. You can’t even name what his clear undeniable guilt is….

    Trump is Guilty that’s all you know of what though is just to petty to explain…. lmao

  8. What have I posted that’s been debunked…. ?

  9. barring a suprise Mahons I’d agree with your summary and conclusion

    However:Its lokking like Moscow Mitch is going to have 3 witness from each party
    Bolton? lets see .

    Maddow has the scoop tonite, Lev Parnas LIVE, just could be the magic bullet
    Its looking like Trump might have gone so far as wanting Yankovitch harmed as in assassinated to benefit himself, at the behest of Putin to have ukraine looking like the guilty assassins and so kill the Collusion story of Russian Interfernce, where lets not forget Putin invaded

    Its massive .. and appears documented .. all the way :

    What came out in the House Impeachment hearings is The State dept knew of the threat to Yankovitch, that threat was coming from inside the presidents circle . Pompeo shut it down, did not inform CIA or FBI.
    Now we have the icing on the cake, else Trump could have just fired her .
    Nah he wanted her taken out .. as the record will show ..

  10. Pat would the attempted assassination of a USA Ambassador by Trump/Putin be a crime?
    even if Trump regarded Yankovitch a bit like you regard war-hero John McCain.

  11. Patrick – your thoughts on the matter are well documented. There aren’t a vast number of folks who comment here and so we are all a quainted with people’s points of view. I honestly don’t see a need to rehash the same argument every day.

  12. Pat would the attempted assassination of a USA Ambassador by Trump/Putin be a crime?

    You need to ask? Patrick is on record here many times saying the president is above the law while in office. As long as he’s a GOP president of course.

  13. What have I posted that’s been debunked…. ?

    For starters, everything you have posted on climate change. And I mean everything.

    “The 10 years to the end of 2019 have been confirmed as the warmest decade on record by three global agencies. According to Nasa, Noaa and the UK Met Office, last year was the second warmest in a record dating back to 1850. The past five years were the hottest in the 170-year series, with the average of each one more than 1C warmer than pre-industrial.”


  14. What have I posted that’s been debunked…. ?

    And secondly, everything you have posted about Trump not being a shameless compulsive liar. He has averaged over 100 lies per day since inauguration:


  15. correct Mahons poor aul pat has alot of catching up to do to get with the programme
    If a person stuffs their head with conspiracy theories and chases down rabbit holes its much more difficult to stay on poiny – so here’s how it goes for slow learners:

    1) Good men/women of America in senior positions of the many branches of gov’t took the oath to serve the constitution, they took corruption seriously , had a life time experience inc decorated people doing their jobs well, Heads held high , good Americans looking out for National Security and honestly believing USA is the shining light

    2) Now enter into that field of people with honour and integrity a loose bunch of corrupt phoney liars villains and cheats

    3) What happened was the dirty people set about doing what they do best: organised crime.
    They sought via email text tweet calls threats fraud and corrupt methods to further Trumps re-election, undermine Biden, and get Putin out of a hole –

    4) Even though the aim may not have been wrong, the methods employed by the villains clashed with the values of the men and women who were serving alongside these pigs.
    something was dirty rotten had a bad smell. Good people picked this up .

    5) It came to a head with Bolton calling it out a a rudy drug deal, which led to his humiliating firing via tweet. Then the whistleblower dropped the hammer on the whole dirty dealing inside the whitehouse ..

    6) This divergence is what history will record as fact , because its beyond doubt.

    7) There was a rogue operation going on , in parallel with national security policy.
    That’s why alot of people who testified didn’t really join up the dots till the whistleblower came forward. They knew something was wrong, but weren’t sure of the precise nature of the corruption

    8) Now we have almost the complete picture , with some more details coming to light

    9) The possibility of a leader a POTUS conniving to assasinate an ambassador of USA is the final nail in the coffin..

    10) Trump is going to Jail .

  16. In fairness to him I’ve always thought Pat thought debating was fighting, and you just keep putting up comments that are contrary to your “enemies”. He is smarter than his arguments, but too stubborn.

  17. for me its always been a search for truth mahons , that’s the king .. whether i’m right or wrong matters very little .. what the truth is matters a great deal .

    The way to get there is via logic and language; greek systems of propositions hypothesis and truth tests for validity argument – its algebraic essentially 🙂
    simple really

  18. put it another way
    diff between you and pat is this , very simple:

    Mahons : — patriot first, partisan second
    Pat….: —-partisan first, patriot second

    lol I’d say that is water-tight , no exceptions to the rule ..

  19. Pat, the Black Knight


  20. If as expected Republican senators acquit Trump they have enabled dictatorship. For when the president is exempt from the law, it is a state of dictatorship. It is hard to think of anything more shameful for a senator.

  21. They don’t care what the evidence is

  22. pompeo and barr are no doubt shitting themselves, they’re going to face charges
    the good people in national security informed them of the threats to Yankovitch and they did nothing, Now it turns out that wasn’t just over-sight a mistake or neglect . Barr/Pompeo were in on the rogue operation at the highest level. Its unravelling radidly ..

  23. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jan/15/parnas-giuliani-trump-surveillance-yovanovitch-ukraine

  24. Listen to you all…… everything you say is gospel varying opinions are both wrong and blasphemous.

    Peter Mam Made Global Warming is a theory. It is a theory that those who promote it have been caught cheating and their own computer models have never given the same answer twice.

    Now you may want to use that Data to control mankind’s future, but not everyone else does.

    Mahons and all the anti-trumpers. You all gave up on reality 3 years ago.

    The House Impeachment violated the rules and Procedures of the 3 Prior Presidential Impeachments. Most of it was held in secret, the “whistleblower” was John Brennan’s protege and was such a poor witness they never put him on the stand. Both charges are Fake Abuse of Power and Obstruction.

    Alan Dershowitz a Darling of the left a personal supporter of the Clintons and one of the best Legal Minds in the country has been made a pariah where he lives (Martha’s Vineyard) because he has had the gall to support the Rule of Law and the Constitution during these fake hearings.

    The vote to Impeach in the House was Bipartisan NOT to Impeach and only Democrats voted to Impeach. Making this the ONLY purely political Impeachment of a President in the 270yrs of our Nation.

    And listen to all of you….. If he isn’t found guilty it’s fixed, fuck the lack of a crime, fuck the lack of even any misdemeanor.

    So when he is vindicated you will all say it’s fixed it’s fixed….. Yeah right and wrong are fixed. They are Universal Constants that no matter what always prevail in the long run.

    There are days I honestly hate this site, this is one of them. This however is MY HOME, so you’re all stuck with me just as I’m stuck with you.

    In 293 Days the American People will be the Judge Jury and Executioner. Either Trump will be executed or the Democrat Party will be. I trust the People with that decision. You Don’t.

    So laugh and pat yourself on the back when you can’t even define what you believe Trump did wrong into a viable argument.

    When the trial is over I will be having some good provolone to go with your Whine.

    good night.

  25. Trump will be executed

    he’ll be lucky to last another day , good night

  26. popcorn time


    Maddow u beauty 🙂

  27. People on Martha’s Vinyard are unkind to Alan Dershowitz. Will the Union survive?

  28. OJ lawyer Dershowitz supports another louse

    Can you believe it

  29. The womderful Dershowitz.

    He defends every bum in the world


  30. my point is with dershowitz is that your hate and the hate of the rest of your frenzied mob, because that’s what you’ve devolved into you’ll eat your own…. Dershowitz is a bleeding heart liberal you make the case, but he is shunned…..

    You’ve lost because you have no honor.

    Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Biden, Bernie, and Warren ? Really! these are the people you are laying in bed with…. that’s who you’ve chosen to follow. Life is the best comedy.

    Trump may be an obnoxious asshole, but he’s fixed in 3 years what the last two screwed up over 16. He lacks Reagan’s panash, but he’s outdone him. We’ve gone from a depression to full employment and it’s just beginning, the next decade is all growth.

    And just think how much fun I’m gonna have after this sham is over and the indictments from Durham start becoming public. Strap in ladies it’s gonna be a rough ride.

  31. pat with respect you’re totally out of focus here
    not been following things forensically at all have you ?
    Lev just spilt the beans .. game over man

  32. Patrick

    Peter Mam Made Global Warming is a theory. It is a theory that those who promote it have been caught cheating and their own computer models have never given the same answer twice.

    Absolute nonsense. Your constant strawmanning of these so-called computer models has nothing to do do with the facts surrounding climate change. facts that you continually refused to address.

    When it comes to global warming Patrick, you can’t give the same answer twice.
    After years of saying only two things affect the climate, you’re now claiming it’s three things. After years of claiming volcanoes produce more CO2 than mankind you’re now accept they don’t. You only recently changed your view that the atmosphere plays no part in the planets temperature.
    And you still not produced any evidence of your repeated claim that the earth is frozen over thousands of times.

  33. He is like his master Trump.

    He accuses everyone else of doing what he does ( here, having a religious point of view on a scientific issue, in complete opposition to the views of the majority of scientists, who apparently are all on the take.)

  34. It is only a matter of time before he dedicates Wonderful Tonight to Trump…

  35. Absolutely Phantom.
    I tried to have a discussion with Patrick on how this so called global warming scam benefits scientists. But sadly, he couldn’t answer my questions as usual.
    He seems to think that scientists are making mountains of money out climate research. (They aren’t.) And they couldn’t easily get other jobs if they weren’t working in the field of climate change. (They could.)

  36. He’s just so wonderful

    The best businessman ever, the best leader, knows more than any general ever knew!


  37. Again, Trump does the exact same thing.

    Accuses the others of doing the exact same thing that he himself does.

    Every single time.

  38. LOL.
    Your link make me laugh Phantom, but it also made me feel a little bit nauseous. 😁

  39. Beware of the insecure soft man who wants people to think that he is a tough guy.

  40. Absolutely mate.
    And someone who refers to themselves constantly, in excessively boastful and positive terms, when interacting with the press and public is also someone to beware of.

  41. What have I posted that’s been debunked…. ?

    Off the top of my head…..

    Biden comitted a crime.


    That Trump was never impeached.

  42. What have I posted that’s been debunked…. ?

    I’d also like to add accusing John McCain of starting the fire on the USS forrestal.

  43. You could break the internet with all the errors

    How much memory does this site have?

  44. His ‘Communists’ control education meltdown is still my personal favourite.

  45. The government has no proper role in health care ( shared with Pete ) should be high on everyone’s hit parade.

  46. Not a factual error, but plainly a policy error.

  47. As you say that one isn’t so much a factual error than a policy difference. I think he is wrong on it but it is ultimately a value judgement or opinion. Some of the other ones are simply factually wrong.

  48. Debunked – that you’re a sane man with opinions and views firmly rooted in reality

  49. Pat when is Obama and his cronies getting their orange jumpsuits?

  50. Hillary is going to the electric chair on the Hannity show tonight

    Because of all the felonies

  51. Mahons, on January 16th, 2020 at 2:31 PM Said:
    It is only a matter of time before he dedicates Wonderful Tonight to Trump…

    that’s just wrong on so many levels……

  52. Paul…..

    Off the top of my head…..

    Biden comitted a crime. he did he accepted a bribe.

    Pizzagate you’ll never a find a comment by me on this topic.

    That Trump was never impeached. Until the Trial is over and he’s convicted or acquitted he’s not.

  53. I’d also like to add accusing John McCain of starting the fire on the USS forrestal.

    He did.

  54. Seamus, on January 16th, 2020 at 5:43 PM Said:
    His ‘Communists’ control education meltdown is still my personal favourite.

    They do.

  55. Wrong on so many levels. Fair play for taking the joke in good humor.

  56. I invite each of you to take your respective selections of points that I have been debunked on and make your case as to why my view is wrong in a logical factual based manner.

    And I can say with long tract record of proof that not one of you will, but please make your case. I’ll show everyone where each of you are wrong.

    gauntlet thrown…..

  57. I try Mahons… I fall short but I try

  58. lol pat
    found an old clip of you at college running hurdles least ya got up again 😉

  59. lol…. good clip, but I don’t run.