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By Pete Moore On January 17th, 2020

Because Friday night is Music Night

Till I step on the brake to get out of her clutches
Till I speak double dutch to a real double duchess

In the mood for a bit of songwriting tonight. Proper songwriting, with thoughtful lyrics and melodies and all that. This one will do nicely, because New Amsterdam is a really good song. I was going to post the straight studio version but then saw that Elvis Costello neatly slipped another great song into the middle of his, live in … somewhere in the US by the look of the audience. So we get two great songs. The weekend must be here.

Have a good one whatever you’re up to. As always, feel free to post your top sounds down below –


  1. IMO the greatest thing he ever did Pete:


  2. As for lyrical genius. Hard to be this fantastic wit:


  3. *beat this…..

  4. Ian Dury was a genius lyricist. It reminds me that I meant to post something by him, so I’ll get around to that soon. It’s a sweet one.

  5. GV, of course.

  6. Spotters badge for Paul.

    Sod it, this is the one. Mick Jones with Ian Dury smashing it. Such a good song.


  7. Costello has an excellent catalog to choose from I could be here all day let alone what Mr Vance would add.

    I’ll do this one it’s fitting for me


  8. as for singer song writers…..




  9. I like Billy Joel and I’m a Beatles addict. So I’d have paid alot of money to be at Shea Stadium this night –



  10. All great stuff. Elvis Costello was probably the first music I ever got into, I remember listening to this on some tinny transistor radio on radio Luxembourg:


    As for songwriters, this chap is probably one of the best that few people outside Ireland will have heard of:


  11. Absolutely superb second choice Frank. Cleary was indeed exceptional.

  12. Paul, indeed, I think if even McCartney had come up with that one he would have considered it a good day at the office.

  13. An underrated classic.


  14. Even though Pete’s just posting that Elvis Costello song to kiss David’s ass because he knows he’s back, it’s still a nice track.

  15. Patrick.

    I haven’t heard Simon and Garfunkel’s, The Boxer, for ages. I really like that track. Cheers.

  16. An underrated classic

    Hmmmm. Don’t rate it that much Dave. I think this is much better:


    It’s bubble gum meaningless pop music but it’s an up tempo cheery tune with an infectious chorus and it always lifts my mood when I hear it.

    I suspect this might be more up your street:


    Bloody great tune and superb video to go along with it.

  17. A friend of mine I is obsessed with Personal Jesus. Almost to the exclusion of any other tunes. If I visit him it’s always bloody playing. Yes it’s a great tune and I too like it but there are limits.

  18. Frank.

    Watching The detectives is probably my favourite Elvis Costello song. Cheers.

  19. Paul.

    Hmmmm. Don’t rate it that much Dave. I think this is much better:

    I know I’m making an appeal to popularity here, but I have to point out my track has got nearly 60 million views while yours has only 30 million.
    But hey, I can’t deny it’s another great track. Good post mate.

    I suspect this might be more up your street:

    You suspect right mate. That’s very YouTube video is already in my favorites list.
    And it nearly 110 million views, you win the ratings war.

  20. Colm,

    A friend of mine I is obsessed with Personal Jesus. Almost to the exclusion of any other tunes. If I visit him it’s always bloody playing. Yes it’s a great tune and I too like it but there are limits.

    I got a bit like this when I was playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
    The game had loads of music, and I used to repeatedly play this track on one of the radio stations, along with the country and western song, ‘All my exes live in Texas.’

  21. Ever listened to theseuns?


    I think they might be your cup of tea, dark and heavy on synth. The best way to listen to them is on headphones with the volume LOUD.

  22. Whatching The Detectives is great Colm and while I think Alison is the greatest thing Costello did I think this is probably my favourite Costello song:


    Release on the Specials 2 Tone label IIRC.

  23. Paul.

    I’ve heard that killing joke track before. A girl I went out with used to be a fan.
    Not really my cup of tea, but not bad all the same.

  24. I got a bit like this when I was playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

    Am I the only grown man whose interest in computer games lasts for about three seconds?

    Speaking of Texas, a bloody cracker:


    Sharleen Spiteri is pretty close to my idea of the perfect woman, strikingly beautiful, exceptionally talented, intelligent and of course this:


  25. Paul.

    Am I the only grown man whose interest in computer games lasts for about three seconds?

    Possibly mate. 😀
    It’s interesting. You’re the same age as me and people have our generation, especially boys, got involved in the computing Revolution started by Clive Sinclair. Which is why so many of our generation went into IT, and enjoy computer games.
    I absolutely love computer games, I wish I got more time to play them. But there’s nothing wrong with not being interested in them.

    Good post. I love Texas. And that’s one of my favourite tracks of theirs.

    Threatening to deck Paris Hilton is not a boast that many of us could make. 😀

  26. Each to their own, I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. They really do absolutely nothing for me.

  27. A good way to start the day……


  28. That’s good stuff Pat.

  29. Not a bad track Patrick.
    Are you a Garth brooks fan by any chance?

    Here are ATW we have both kinds of music, country and western.


  30. We have both kinds of music, country and western

    I can see it in the bar now Dave. C&W is probably my least favourite type of music.

    Some social commentary from country inspired Americana:


  31. The only Garth Brooks song I know


  32. This is my idea of modern country



  33. 2 more


    this ones different


  34. The “ western “ part of country and western is long gone

    Wonderful songs of gunslingers and wicked, beautiful girls in El Paso

    This was probably the biggest hit from the true western singer Marty Robbins, who wrote “ El Paso “


    The much loved song has been covered by many over the past 50 years, including the Grateful Dead, Metallica, Andy google tells me, Kirsty McColl!


  35. I very much liked that Dead South share, thanks

    Don’t know what to call it, neo- traditional or what

    Now I will chase some of their other stuff

  36. Ah bluegrass folkies from Saskatchewan, . How the hell did I not hear of them before

    That’s the same part of Western Canada that Joni Mitchell came from


  37. good picks Phantom, and you’re right Western has died, southern rock and the modern country crushed it.

    My father loved to listen to Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Hank Sr….. their like is gone.

  38. But while western has died, traditional and or bluegrass survives in many places in the US and Canada ad likely elsewhere

    Not so much in big arenas but The groups are all over including a good few in places like Brooklyn and Los Angeles


  39. Robbins’ ‘El Paso’ truly is a Tex Mex classic.

  40. Marty Robbins was born in Arizona in 1925

    Echoes of the old west and Spanish/ Mexican culture would’ve been all around, Felina was the name of one Of his grade school classmates

    Rosa’s Cantina was and is a real place They are serving lunch There right now


  41. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PJhklT4ST9M

  42. I’ve heard of The Blades but hadn’t heard anything by them. That’s a good one Frank linked to last night. Buddy Holly would have been proud of it, as well as Paul McCartney.

  43. yeah just perfect


  44. Whilst watching Paul’s link to Depeche Mode, Calexico came to mind. Calexico (tex-mex) did a revised version of a song Si Tu Disais by Francoiz Breut, a beautiful song…….


    Calexico’s re-work is excellently done……