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By Pete Moore On January 18th, 2020

#TradWives is a growing movement of women who promote ultra-traditional gender roles.

Search the hashtag ‘#tradwife’ on social media and you’ll see images of cooked dinners and freshly-baked cakes with captions like, “A woman’s place is in the home” or “Trying to be a man is a waste of a woman”.

The term ‘tradwife’ is particularly controversial because of its associations with the far right, especially in the United States. But many self-described tradwives reject that association.

Alena, who lives in the UK, says it’s about “submitting to and spoiling her husband like it’s 1959” – as well as supporting a return to “traditional English manners, lifestyle and values.”

At last, some good news to report, and such inspiring news too.

Women come under the most intense pressure to conform, to aim low and settle for being a childless tax unit. Why should a woman settle for that? God made them glorious for a reason, but cancerous feminism eats into their minds, persuading them to deny their destiny.

Deep down they know it, that women are only truly happy when they are married and raising their children. Deep down we know it, that this is the basis of human civilisation. Everything good is built in the foundation rock of the housewife. That’s why the left hates marriage.

Ladies, destiny and the kitchen awaits. Throw off your chains, claim what is rightfully yours and save our civilisation.


  1. You’re wasting it Pete, ATW’s feminists have gone the way of the Dodo.

    I’m sure one of the lefty lib loons here would self-identify as a woman and give you a bit of outrage if you asked nicely though

  2. I picture Pete Moore running around his county putting the burnt bras back onto the silicone enhanced breasts of bemused local Essex birds 🙂

  3. Though I’ve decamped to the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, I must defend my old county against Colm’s Essexist hate.

    Essex is a great and beautiful county. It’s also the most entrepreneurial part of the country. Therefore it’s wealthy because Essex Man has made it so while Essex Woman was at home where she’s happiest. After all, a man can only give his best when hearth and home are safe. The greatest and tastiest salt on the planet is cultivated in Essex. Have I mentioned Maldon Sea Salt before? Great music, art and literature comes from Essex, the product of domestic bliss county-wide.

    Colm’s response is typical of the snooty Remainer. I am aghast.

  4. Pete

    No need to bring our respective Brexit positions into this. You won. Get over it love 🙂