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By Pete Moore On January 18th, 2020

Derek Fowlds, a fine actor, died this week. I loved the comedy series Yes Minister and the follow up Yes, Prime Minister in which he played the civil servant Bernard. They are works of genuine comedy brilliance which rank alongside any comedy series. And we used to make some good’uns too.

I know I posted this scene years ago, but it’s so good I’ll do so again. Every comedy series needs a moment like this, which makes you genuinely laugh and sticks in the mind. Del Boy fell through the bar, Norman Stanley Fletcher asked “What, from here?” and here, deep in government, they discussed who reads the papers. Derek Fowlds delivers the pay off –

13 Responses to “ATW COMEDY CORNER”

  1. Nice one Pete

  2. Great political comedy. The New Statesman deserves an honourable mention too.

  3. The New Statesman deserves an honourable mention too.

    The New Statesman is read by those who want the country brought to an end

  4. * Sigh:


  5. Paul – The New Statesman is a leftist publication:


    If there are two entities known as ‘New Statesman’, you make clear which you are refering to. Are you as sloppy as this at work?

  6. Great political comedy

    There’s only one of the New Statesmans that’s a political comedy tv show of the the kind that this post talks about though. It’s not my fault you’re uninformed and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

    Off you go now.

  7. Paul

    Either Allan didn’t clink on your link or he really is dense.

  8. Colm – both.

  9. Allan.

    You’ve made yourself look a bit stupid in this post.

  10. Dave

    And that differs from other posts how ? 😉

  11. I never watched yes minister, but I remember Derek Fowlds from other shows such as heartbeat.
    Rest in peace.

  12. Colm.

    Fair point mate. 😀

  13. Derek Fowlds character, Bernard Woolley was pivotal in this comedy series. He played a dry, straight but innocent role as opposed to the scheming and adversarial roles between Jim Hacker and Sir Humphry. Never taking sides but always keen to help both, he was the glue that held it all together. A fine actor who will I am sure will be missed by family, friends and fans alike.

    RIP Derek.