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By Pete Moore On January 22nd, 2020

The nub of it:

The Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos had his mobile phone “hacked” in 2018 after receiving a WhatsApp message that had apparently been sent from the personal account of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, sources have told the Guardian.

The encrypted message from the number used by Mohammed bin Salman is believed to have included a malicious file that infiltrated the phone of the world’s richest man, according to the results of a digital forensic analysis […]

Large amounts of data were exfiltrated from Bezos’s phone within hours, according to a person familiar with the matter […]

Digital forensic experts started examining Bezos’s phone following the publication last January by the National Enquirer of intimate details about his private life […]

Saudi experts – dissidents and analysts – told the Guardian they believed Bezos was probably targeted because of his ownership of the Post and its coverage of Saudi Arabia. Khashoggi’s critical columns about Mohammed bin Salman and his campaign of repression against activists and intellectuals rankled the crown prince and his inner circle.

It’s an extraordinary story which apparently happened five months before bin Salman had Khashoggi turned into a kebab. But I think he might have picked the wrong target. Maybe the editor of the WaPo would have been more persuadable. People like Bezos are probably more confident about themselves and what they can withstand, so bin Salman has made a mega-billionaire an enemy. I hope it runs and runs.

The Saudi regime is so repulsive that I can’t think of one positive story I’ve ever read about it or the country. Anyone?


  1. The schmuck in the White House will be having a good laugh at this because Bezos is one of the many people that he actively hates and constantly attacks from his Twitter bully pulpit. He’ll be on the Saudi side for sure, just like he was over the Khashoggi murder.

    And it’s interesting that the National Enquirer published the Saudi-hacked story of Bezos’s affair, which led to his divorce. Because it is owned by a Trump crony who suppressed the publication of Trump’s affair with a Playboy model, just before the election:

    “The company behind the National Enquirer quashed a story about GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump having an affair with a Playboy model, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

    The Journal said that the National Enquirer parent company, American Media, agreed to pay Karen McDougal $150,000 for a story regarding a decade-old relationship with Trump, who at the time was married to his current wife Melania, but never published the piece.”


  2. Amazon is a high tech company

    If Bezos lets the primitive Saudis hack his phone, how secure is Amazon cloud computing

    How secure is any cloud computing

  3. Yes, it’s surprising that Bezos got caught out by an encrypted message from the towel-head. Because he must have known that the WAPO’s critical coverage of the Saudi regime would have made him a target.

  4. Phantom,

    If Bezos lets the primitive Saudis hack his phone, how secure is Amazon cloud computing

    This has nothing to do with how secure Amazon cloud computing is and everything to do with Jeff running an unsolicited application on his phone without realising.

    How secure is any cloud computing

    How secure is any house?

  5. I can’t get into the weeds discussing technology that is beyond me, but I’d think that cloud computing brings with it unique security dangers.

    I wouldn’t think that any platform or any internet provider is necessarily secure at all.

  6. That was way I used the house as an example. You can never make something 100-percent secure. The cloud, like everything else is a secure as they make it.