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The Clown Show so far……

By Patrick Van Roy On January 22nd, 2020

80 Responses to “The Clown Show so far……”

  1. The defence team are arguing (among other things) that abuse of power by the POTUS is not impeachable. I’m sure that the Founding Fathers would be horrified at this shameless corruption of the constitution. Apparently the “Attorney General” John Barr argued exactly the opposite as recently as 2018:

    “In a memo for the Trump team during the Russia investigation, the attorney general wrote that presidents who misuse their authority are subject to impeachment…”


  2. We get a clown show every day at 1800 Pennsylvania Avenue

  3. the idiot in the WH tweeted
    “we have all the material, they don’t ”
    wonder how that kind of treacherous bragging will go down with voters ?

    who bye the way overwhelming want a fair trial its a 75% in fact

    where better to turn to than fox news


  4. More than 3 in 4 Americans say that Trump officials, as well as the president himself, should be invited to testify at the Senate trial


  5. This is a shameless show-trial orchestrated by the GOP. The verdict is already delivered and the process will be a legal farce with 12 hour sessions and no witnesses. Even Stalin didn’t inflict that on his victims.

    But if the Fox poll is anything to go by, the sock-puppet McConnell and his White House puppet-master may have over-played their hands, so to speak.

  6. ( A slim ) majority of Americans want the president removed from office

    The sham wink and a nod trial could well backfire

  7. aye Peter can almost say with certainty this move by Moscow Mitch just lost the Senate 2020
    I reckon McConnell will lose his seat and good riddance , he’s 2nd to susan collins in unpopularity amongst senators ..

  8. McConnell is the poster boy for everything wrong, and very many Republicans will agree with that

    But as to whether he loses his seat or not, it depends on who the Kentucky Dems run against him.

  9. I reckon McConnell will lose his seat and good riddance


    I don’t know how old you are, but I assume you have sussed by now that there is no god. I’m working on the rational assumption that Trump will be re-elected in November. Because the US electoral college system is heavily in their favour. Trump lost the popular vote by three million in 2016 and he could lose it by five million in 2020 and still retain the White House.

    And that the GOP will keep control of the Senate. Because the US elects two senators per state, which means that North Dakota (population 700,000) has the same represetnation as California (population 40 million). So go figure. It’s not hard to see why the GOP is so confident of retaining power in November.

  10. Yes the criminal in chief claimed that it was a rigged system, and he ought to know

  11. The Russians made a big investment in McConnell’s state. It is one reason he is known as Moscow Mitch. You can judge a person by who his friends are. Mitch is another traitor.

  12. it’s the Russians……. a red under every bed…… lmao….

    The only people exchanging money and information with the russians were the Clintons.

  13. gotta love rednecks

    CULPEPER, Va. — A Virginia sheriff has vowed to deputize county residents if the new Democratic majority in the state legislature passes gun control measures.

    “Every Sheriff and Commonwealth Attorney in Virginia will see the consequences if our General Assembly passes further unnecessary gun restrictions,” Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins wrote on Facebook. “I plan to properly screen and deputize thousands of our law-abiding citizens to protect their constitutional right to own firearms.”

  14. The only people exchanging money and information with the russians were the Clintons

    That’s absolutely not true. Enormous amounts of Russian money is tied up in Trump projects and of course Jared and Trum Jr met the Russian lawyer thinking they were going to get negative information on the beast.

  15. I don’t see any serious threat of the Republicans losing the Senate. There is an overreaching euphoria among certain parts of Democrat supporters that 1. Trump will be convicted (he won’t despite being guilty) and 2. This impeachment will significantly erode his support (it wont).

  16. Trump and Moscow just won’t go away. Putin will do his very best to get his man re-elected in November (still no attacks from Trump on Vlad, why would that be?) and the Ukraine thing has distinct Russian overtones. As in Giulilanni’s guys trying to get the Bidens investigated have strong Kremlin ties. Now who woulda thought that? Surely Fake News?

  17. Polluters’ friend Trump rolls back yet more environmental laws. He is doing what they paid him to do:

    “rom Day 1 of his administration, President Trump vowed to repeal President Barack Obama’s “Waters of the United States” regulation, which had frustrated rural landowners. His new rule, which will be implemented in the coming weeks, is the latest step in the Trump administration’s push to repeal or weaken nearly 100 environmental rules and laws, loosening or eliminating rules on climate change, clean air, chemical pollution, coal mining, oil drilling and endangered species protections.”


  18. Trump will address the so-called March for Life rally tomorrow in DC, the first POTUS to do so in its 47 year history. The Pussy-Grabber schmuck needs those Evangelical votes more than ever:

    “President Trump plans to address an annual rally of anti-abortion demonstrators on Friday in Washington, in what would be the first appearance by a sitting president at the March for Life, one of the movement’s marquee events. Mr. Trump’s surprise announcement, made on Twitter on Wednesday as the Senate began hearing opening arguments in his impeachment trial, is his latest gesture of support for a cause dear to evangelical Christians who are a core part of his conservative base.

    No president has personally attended the march in its 47-year history. Past Republican presidents might have been inclined to attend, but either on the advice of staff or their own instincts saw it as a step too far and instead showed their support in less visible ways, like through remote messages or by meeting with activists. Mr. Trump, who once called himself “very pro-choice,” has until now addressed the group only remotely and welcomed some marchers at the White House.”


  19. He has probably paid for abortions, with the dissolute life that he has led.

    He never attended an anti abortion rally in 47 years, including those in NYC ( there have been many ) , but boy does he need to show his face at this one now. Because he needs to pretend that he believes in this cause.

  20. While I doubt his motives this is one of the reasons why he is able to get support from decent people. Prolife voters don’t see themselves as so-called pro-life. And they aren’t merely evangelicals. There was once room in the Democratic Party for them, now they are shut out and demonized.

  21. Yes, they are demonized and mocked by the Andrew Cuomos of the party.

    Which is 99% of the now small tent Democrat Party.

  22. Mahons

    It seems to me that you are either pro-choice or anti-choice, i.e. you may not like abortion but you oppose making it illegal. I have no doubt that millions of Democrat voters take that line, as do many party members.

    But the Pro-Life march wants to make abortion illegal, no ifs or buts, and Trump is lending his support to that cause, no doubt from shameless motives.

    Or am I missing something?

  23. Peter – your missing the fact that there are people with a moral argument in respect for life which they believe begins at conception (which you may disagree with) that abortion is wrong, and that the nation is headed on a slippery slope to less respect for life (see recent laws in Virginia and New York).

  24. It was a position once held by many liberals (and still more than you would think) but is now impermissible for a Democratic politician in national politics. The failure of the Democrats to agree to disagree on the topic is damaging to them, and Trump sees that.

  25. The purity test over this issue is one more way that the Dems have weakened their own foundation.

    Why would a ” pro life ” person feel at home in the Democratic party of today, when they and their beliefs are completely disrespected?

    If those people could have a home in the Democratic Party, that party would be big tent as it once was, and could more easily beat guys like Trump.

  26. If you are prolife, concerned about illegal immigration and politicians who won’t call it illegal, if you are a white construction worker whose kid doesn’t get a scholarship because it went to a black judge’s kid, if you are called homophobic because you think gay marriage shouldn’t be legal, you probably are going to tilt to Trump in spite of his fakeness.

  27. Correct.

    The ultimate reason why this moral filth is in the White House is people like Andrew Cuomo, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gilibrand.

    They’re full of criticism of Trump, but they can’t honestly criticize the man or woman in the mirror.

  28. Mahons

    “The failure of the Democrats to agree to disagree on the topic is damaging to them, and Trump sees that.” I think you are right on that.

    BTW, “one of the reasons why he is able to get support from decent people.” Why do you insist on naming people who support indecent positions as decent. They may be decent in some ways, but their support for Trump’s agenda invalidates them as decent.

  29. Thanks guys, as I have increasingly suspected, the Pussy Grabber is nailed on for a second term.

    And it could be Junior Don in 2024, so watch out. He sure as hell wants it.

  30. Supporting an end to illegal immigration is indecent now?

    That is Trump’s signature issue.

    Supporting illegal immigration invalidates anyone as decent.

    What part of illegal do you not understand?

  31. “Supporting an end to illegal immigration is indecent now?” The methods Trump has used against so-called illegal immigration is indecent. It is one thing to have a well staffed border entry facility and another thing to separate parents and their children, etc. Trump has been anti-immigrant and that is a disservice to the US which had a great history of welcoming immigrants. Supporting Trump’s cruel anti-immigration methods is indecent.

  32. Supporting de facto open borders is indecent

    And every Democratic presidential candidate and all major leaders in the party support open borders.

    They use Clintonian buzzwords, but Open borders is their policy

  33. They use Clintonian buzzwords, but Open borders is their policy

    Yes Phantom, and all the Dem candidates for POTUS are on board with this. Another reason to bet on President Liar getting re-elected.

  34. New Yorker – I know too many Trump supporters who are decent and enough anti-Trump people who are indecent to think he is the dividing line between good and bad people.

  35. The separation when under rendition of children from their parents has been a standard policy for decades whenever a family is taken into custody minors are separated from adults.

    You don’t put adults in cells with children period, and these people are in cells they’re in custody call a refugee detention center, holding center, processing shelter….. they can not leave of their own volition… it’s a prison.

    If just one child was molested or hurt in custody because they weren’t separated from the adults…. that would be criminally irresponsible.

  36. Mahons

    “New Yorker – I know too many Trump supporters who are decent and enough anti-Trump people who are indecent to think he is the dividing line between good and bad people.” How can Trump supporters be decent if they support Trump’s indecent policies? We all like to be neighborly but there is a line and one must decide if individuals who support Trump can be decent. With other presidents this did not apply but Trump is different, he is malicious and cruel and his supporters are really that also. Trump’s rallies are full of hate, resentment and other unsavory qualities. Perhaps not all Trump’s supporters attend his rallies, but those who do not are probably cheering from their TV rooms. Trump has ruined civility in public life among other good things.

  37. PVR

    What do you call a government where the leader is not accountable to anyone? The Republican vote to acquit in the Senate will assure exactly that type of government whether acknowledged or not.

  38. New Yorker – Trump received aboUT 63 million votes. To you they are all indecent people. Not to me. They include misguided, uninformed. Angry, naive, mistaken, scared, one issue voters, who are decent people who voted for an indecent man. Those who label them all as neanderthals, indecent and deplorables help Trump.

  39. New Yorker, on January 24th, 2020 at 4:43 AM Said:


    What do you call a government where the leader is not accountable to anyone?

    The EU Commission.

  40. That’s what I like. The return of our old Euro obsessed Harri 😉

  41. You forgot the sdjective ‘incorrect’ Colm.

  42. Goes without saying Paul !

  43. New Yorker, on January 24th, 2020 at 4:43 AM Said: Edit Comment

    What do you call a government where the leader is not accountable to anyone? The Republican vote to acquit in the Senate will assure exactly that type of government whether acknowledged or not.

    Utter nonsense…… Both the Government and The President are answerable.

    In exactly 283 days BOTH the Congress and the President will be held accountable to the ONLY PEOPLE that matter…. they’re called voters.

  44. But the President could still be returned to office despite a greater number of the people voting for his opponent again. So much for accountability to the people.

  45. Yes, Trump was not the choice of the American people.

    He snuck in by means of a rigged system.

    Just as he predicted.

    Clever boy, that Trump.

  46. Yes how dare the Founders “rig the system” by creating the Electoral College…. lmao

  47. Rules and Laws gentleman…… learn to play by them.

  48. Didn’t say that it isn’t the system.

    But it is a rigged system…just as your Trump said.

  49. The system isn’t rigged it doesn’t favour one party over another. The same system could have given Hilary the office if the vote allocation had been differently located for her . I just think it is wrong way of deciding the Presidency. POTUS is the sole electoral position that is voted by all Americans and they should be counted purely as American citizens not as residents of individual states. The candidate who wins the greater number of American votes should win. Straightforward,honest and a genuine example of an electoral system where every vote counts.

  50. it’s still the rules……

  51. It is rigged in favor of the unpopulated wilderness states having the same number of senators as the states with people in them

  52. To prevent the wackjobs all clustered in major cities from dictating life to the rest of the country.

  53. Today is the last day of Bloviating Bullshit in the Senate, tomorrow the defense begins.

    Next week there will be 2 votes one that will take place on witnesses in an attempt to destroy Executive Privilege and one on Acquittal or Guilt.

    It will all be done in time for the Iowa Caucus.

  54. Interesting survey (by PEW) shows not only that a clear majority of Americans think Trump did something illegal, but that even one third of Rep voters believe he broke the law. The interesting (tho’ hardly surprising) bit is that while these Rep voters believe their man did something illegal, they don’t think he should be removed from office because of it.


  55. PVR

    “Utter nonsense…… Both the Government and The President are answerable.” One major reason for the impeachment is that Trump was strongarming the Ukrainian president for actions that would affect the 2020 election. Trump says so himself. When the Republican senators acquit him they have taken the position Trump is not answerable to anyone and can fix the 2020 election. So, what type of government do you call one in which the leader can break the rules, illegally assure his continued hold on power and get a pass from the country’s legislature?

  56. NYr I love ya, but you’re delusional.

    Trump did nothing wrong here, there is no quid pro quo, no blackmail, no extortion, no obstruction of Congress, and no collecting of dirt on a political opponent.

    Biden committed his crimes it has nothing to do with the election, and everything else is just an attack on Trumps foreign policy.

    here’s a little recommended reading.


  57. What crime did Joe Biden commit?

    The same imaginary ones that Hillary committed?

  58. Bribery…… both of them and many other politicians on both sides.

    I recommend that book to you also.

  59. When did he take a bribe

    His son is not him

  60. Patrick

    Do you agree that abuse of power by a POTUS is impeachable? As in obstructing a Congress inquiry and refusing to release documents and ignoring supboenas and forbidding civil servants to testify?

    I suspect your answer will be no, in which case your position will be that the POTUS can do whatever the **** he likes and is effectively above the law. Which is of course what Trump has always claimed.

  61. Phantom, on January 24th, 2020 at 8:36 PM Said: Edit Comment
    When did he take a bribe

    His son is not him

    it’s a bribe

  62. No my answer is No because he has Executive Privilege.

    A Privilege first used by George Washington. The House didn’t follow the rules and press the courts for a ruling. They lost for that reason even if they had any substance…. which they don’t.

  63. “Executive Privelege” = POTUS is above the law. As I expected, Patrick has confirmed it. Although I strongly suspect that he means a GOP POTUS only. If Obama had tried to pull this stunt (inciting foreign states to help him win an election and obstructing Congress 100%) Patrick would have been shouting treason, in unison with Fox-Limbaa and the rest of the gang. But they are totally cool with their guy placing himself above the law.

    Meet Donald Trump, the new King George III. I happen to be watching the historical series John Adams on Sky Atlantic. Trump is no John Adams, that’s for sure. He has no respect whatso****ing ever for the constitution and his ass-lickers like McConnell and Patrick seem to share his contempt.

  64. poor poor Peter…. pour him a drink….

  65. Great response Patrick, you win.

  66. I always do……

    Peter do you know how many times Obama used Executive Privilege ?

    Fast and Furious where he sold guns to mexican drug lords that got American Law Officers killed his ATTY GEN Eric Holder was protected from being investigated even though he was the only Atty Gen ever held in contempt of Congress and Obama did so by declaring Executive Privilege.

    take a valium….. at least nobody DIED with Trumps EP…..

  67. Peter do you know how many times Obama used Executive Privilege?

    I have no idea Patrick, but as far as I know Obama didn’t incite the Russians to “hack some more” against Romney in 2012 or put pressure on a foreign state to help him against a political rival or defy legal supboenas from Congress and generally trash the Constitution.

    Like the shameless Trump groupie Dersovitch you are now arguing that abuse of power by the POTUS is not impeachable. And if so, do you not think that this just might be setting a dangerous precedent? As in a future Democrat POTUS deciding to do whatever the *** they feel like doing? Because they are above the law, just like George III. And Trump.

  68. Fast and Furious didn’t Get anyone killed

    Jesus you are the most naive rube to fall off the turnip wagon

    You think that Mexico was short of guns before that sting operation?

    If Trump ran such an operation you Would be praising it to the sky

  69. so sad reading a grown mans emotional meltdown….. you’ll need therapy long before the election.

  70. Phantom, on January 25th, 2020 at 12:24 AM Said: Edit Comment
    Fast and Furious didn’t Get anyone killed


  71. You anti Obama AM radio frauds Criticize fast and furious because Of the sales of guns in a sting operation

    That officer was killed doing highly dangerous undercover work – The type of operation that went on before Obama and which is still happening now.

    Like with Benghazi, Here you misuse deaths of fine men for Republican Party partisan benefit

  72. The Gun that killed him was sold by the FBI to drug dealers to cause exactly what happened. It wasn’t a sting, it was an operation to flood the southern region with guns bought in america in the hands of mexican drug dealers to cause an outrage and help with a gun control bill.

    The Second it was discovered Obama sealed the whole operation under executive privilege.

    People who take a job in law enforcement KNOW they may not come home everyday they go to work. They don’t need their government allowing illegal gun purchases to the very people they are facing.

    You’re wrong on every aspect of this… first you deny people were killed and then you JUSTIFY it due to the job……

  73. You just supported putting Guns in the hands of Drug Dealers while daily you support the disarming of the Law Abiding.

    you should be ashamed of yourself.

  74. It absolutely was a sting operation

    The purpose was To allow guns to be sold in order to trace them ultimately to the senior members of the Mexican cartels

    It had nothing to do with gun control – that’s yet another conspiracy theory that you believe in!

  75. If you oppose sting operations just say so

    But police departments, and the ATF, and the FBI do them every day

    They involve deception, and they involve bad people not being punished for a time, and they involve bad people being allowed to have things that they shouldn’t have for a time

    That’s how it works

  76. yeah it was a sting just like you say….. that’s why Holder was held in Contempt and Obama Sealed everything behind Executive Privilege…. oh ok skippy, wanna buy a bridge ?

  77. PVR

    “Trump did nothing wrong here, there is no quid pro quo, no blackmail, no extortion, no obstruction of Congress, and no collecting of dirt on a political opponent.” Trump hung himself with his own words. You show a lack of seriousness with your own words.

    If you actually believe what you wrote, there is no point in reasoned argument.

  78. Why ?

    You just like Schiff, Nadler and the rest of the clown show are the ones who have lost your reason.

    Mueller nothing, everything since then nothing, this impeachment will equal the same nothing.

    Investigation after investigation nothing….. yet to you… that’s a conspiracy. The very fact that no crimes of any kind have ever been found could never ever mean that there might not be any….. Trump innocent…. that could never be true

  79. Yes NY, Trump is on the record several times in the past three years openly soliciting foreign help to win elections. As the Dems pointed out this week in the impeachment.

    But Patrick and the GOP sheeple like him are totally cool with that. As he has confirmed hereabouts many times. Soliciting foreign help is only treason if a Dem POTUS does it, there are two standards at work. Because Dems are Traitors and the GOP guys are Patriots. That’s what it always comes down to, just watch Fox.

  80. The only person to pay foreigners for dirt on their political opponent was Hillary Clinton.

    Then the FBI used it to spy on Trump…. the only question is how many are going to jail.

    take the time to read the new post…..