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Every Day I Write The Book

By 33230715130361 On January 27th, 2020

One can be forgiven for giving Trump’s former National Security Advisor the long look. Apparently, he’s wrotten a book that contains the claim, furiously denied by Trump, that Trump had tied the release of aid to the Ukraine to their cooperation against his political rival.

Trump, as expected, has gone on a twitter tirade. Whether Republican Senators deem this sufficient grounds to call Bolton as a witness remains to be seen. I doubt they will, having committed themselves to aquittal. But the fact remains that Bolton isnt some left wing dude who was out to get Trump. He was a member of the Administration, a right wing figure for decades, and selected by the President himself to serve in the area of national security.

113 Responses to “Every Day I Write The Book”

  1. It’s a shame that having committed themselves to his Impeachment that the House didn’t bother to Subpoena Bolton the Court might have ruled in their favor.

    ahh haste makes waste…..

  2. Unfortunately despite having asked Bolton to testify, he refused claiming he would only do so through a Court ordered subpoena. Looking to avoid a drawn out court battle I believe the House, relying on ample evidence and testimony, choose not to. I think that may very well have been a mistake.

  3. yes they did, now it’s too late……..

  4. The President falsely claimed the House never asked Bolton to testify. What is one to make of a man who would promote such a falsehood about such an obvious thing? That he would be truthful elsewhere?

  5. It isn’t too late. The Senate could subpoena him, considering his writing undermines one of the critical elements of the defense. But I don’t believe they will.

  6. These guys don’t want the truth, as they get into the weeds with technicalities.

  7. Phantom the truth…… the Truth is simple.

    If Trump tied the money to investigating the Bidens doing so is Legal, and not an Impeachable offense.

  8. As for the House Mahons ALL Subpoenas must be voted on by the entire House in an Impeachment hearing.

    Not one Subpoena was voted on by the Entire House. So no one was Subpoenaed.

  9. ” If he tied the money to prompting a foreign government to investigate his major political rival “

  10. You see you can’t ignore the Laws.

  11. Phantom, on January 27th, 2020 at 2:09 PM Said:
    ” If he tied the money to prompting a foreign government to investigate his major political rival “

    It is still NOT illegal.

  12. It’s a drug deal

  13. Then why not release the documents pat if it’s legal and nothing to hide ?

  14. Pat’s on a distraction agenda best ignored
    It’s explosive this Bolton story let’s follow see where it leads .

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK9odsWwfIo

  16. Patrick – no, each committee has subpoena power.

  17. Patrick – among the subpoenas issued was to Mulvaney, the chief of staff.

  18. May I suggest someone posts a thread titled “ Trump Derangement Syndrome”

    No doubt it would soon turn into a saga.

  19. I have absolutely no idea if President Trump is mad, bad, or indifferent.

    What I do know is, if President Trump ensures liberals are in constant mental breakdown, he must be doing something right.

  20. Harri

    Please don’t mock poor Patrick and Pete that way

    They love the reality TV guy, what can you do?

  21. Patrick and Pete are liberals?

    Well blow me down.

  22. They have TDS

    They have watched The Apprentice way too many times

    They actually think that it was true, like pro wrestling

  23. Phantom.

    No one actually believes Pro Wresting or the Apprentice is “real”

    Not even in America.

    President Trump is real, and so is Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    It’s real enough on ATW, day in, and day out.

    Hour after hour after hour..

  24. In fact.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is so bad, and definitely more infectious (strangely enough to liberals it seems) it has reached parts of the globe 5000 miles away, where Trump, or any of his Tweets means diddly squat to normal people going about their everyday lives.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome makes Coronavirus appear as a mere sniffle.

  25. We have two daily commenters who have not once seriously criticized Trump on anything

    They kneel before their new born king every day

    That’s TDS we can all agree

  26. Harri – ATW is a review of contemporary British and American politics. I think posts relating to the impeachment of the American President and developments relating thereto fall within that that scope. You may also note that people questioning Trump’s actions are not merely liberals.

  27. // if President Trump ensures liberals are in constant mental breakdown, he must be doing something right.//

    I’d say “Liberals” aren’t mad at all at Trump’s antics.
    OK, his behaviour damages the US and its international standing and the office of presidency, and it seems only liberals are bothered by that kind of think.
    But liberals also know, and have always known, that his behaviour is damaging the Rep party and all the forces that supported him.

    I’m no expert on sentiment within the US, but I’d wager the people who are having the biggest mental breakdown are true conservatives. At least they should be.

  28. You may also note that people questioning Trump’s actions are not merely liberals.

    One can also note, President Trump could find a cure for cancer, negotiate world peace, and by some miracle find a cure for a possible reduction of liberal bile disease.

    And still the incessant intolerant liberal whinging and whining would not cease.

    If only President Trump was not so hideously white, all would be forgiven.

  29. A great Irishman was buried in County Armagh today. Seamus Mallon helped bring peace to NI through constitutional means and was a fierce critic of violence from all quarters. His death should be noted on a NI political blog.

  30. I’d say “Liberals” aren’t mad at all at Trump’s antics.

    Whatever you are smoking is probably illegal?

  31. “It is still NOT illegal.”

    Firstly, it just may be illegal. It would be Donald Trump accepting an in-kind donation to his re-election campaign from a foreign government. That would be a violation of 52 U.S. Code § 30121. It would be illegal for Ukraine to do so, and it would be illegal for Donald Trump personally to “solicit, accept, or receive” said contribution.

    Secondly, even if it wasn’t expressly illegal it would still be political misconduct, which is a high crime.

  32. Harri – Trump’s race has nothing to do with his impeachment. That is ludicrous.

  33. In what universe is Trump white? He’s bright orange.

  34. Mahons

    The incessant liberal Trump Derangement Syndrome whinging and whining has been there since day one of his inauguration, not day one of his impeachment.

  35. Seamus, on January 27th, 2020 at 6:24 PM Said:
    In what universe is Trump white? He’s bright orange.

    Okay, so Trump is as guilty as Trudeau of cultural appropriation. Oranges have feelings too I guess.

  36. Donald Trump is the 45th President (actually 44th but that that is beside the point). Of the previous 44, 43 were white. If it had anything to do with his skin colour then one would expect to see similar behaviour against at least some of the previous 43 white Presidents.

  37. https://www.today.com/news/donald-trump-drops-5-million-orangutan-lawsuit-against-bill-maher-1C9212359

  38. Harri – opposition to Trump has crossed part lines and a significant number of conservatives have been critical of him too. If there are people who are overwrought in their criticism of Trump it doesn’t mean criticism of him is in error. Are you of the opinion he isn’t guilty of the two articles of impeachment? If so, why?

  39. Are you of the opinion he isn’t guilty of the two articles of impeachment? If so, why?

    I don’t care.

    Groundhog Day springs to mind.

  40. Phantom

    +++stop press+++

    Trump is a liar.

    Well duh!

    Yep, he is a politician, they lie from morning, noon, to dusk, they are politicians, it’s what they do.

  41. No, he is going to ” drain the swamp ”

    The local Trumpers tell me so every minute

    You mean that Pete, Patrick and Patty were deceived? That’s impossible.

  42. Phantom.

    “Drain the swamp”

    Wishful thinking, that was before he (Trump) or anyone else becomes one of them, enters the swamp if you like.

    And then, they simply become one of them.

    They are not the idiots, those that believe them, any of them, are.

  43. So we will mark you as having no position on the merits, but wishing to denounce liberals in general.

  44. Mahons.

    I live approximately 5000 odd miles away from the WH, where President Trump spends what seems a considerable amount of time Tweeting,

    He could be in the WH, on Marine 1, or 40,000 ft up living the life of Reilly on Air Force one, nothing, zero, he has said, done or Tweeted over the last 3 odd years has affected my daily life in anyway, shape or form.

    I understand President Trump has said some negative things about Muslims, and i strongly suspect that is the main reason the British liberal contingent on ATW get themselves into a righteous lather at the very mention of President Trump.

    And I strongly suspect some of the American liberals too?

  45. Mahons, on January 27th, 2020 at 7:01 PM Said:
    So we will mark you as having no position on the merits, but wishing to denounce liberals in general.

    What normal decent person wouldn’t denounce liberals?

  46. What’s your position on rich people who steal from charities, or who run fake universities

  47. Phantom, on January 27th, 2020 at 7:04 PM Said:
    What’s your position on rich people who steal from charities, or who run fake universities


    For further details, please refer back to my many posts on Common Purpose.

    The plague of 21st century.

    Now, sit back and witness those who “doth protest too much”?

  48. Phantom.

    Rich people steal from everyone, it’s why they are rich.

    No need for a +++stop press+++ there.

    Tony Blair is rich beyond avarice, you never mention him, why?

    Because Tony Blair affects your life, as much as President Trump affects mine.

  49. Apart from Trump I’ve never heard of a rich person stealing from a charity

    And a lot of them have contributed to good causes, and he has pretty much never done that

  50. Harri – despite your professed indifference to Trump you seem to feel the need to denounce criticism of him while admittedly not knowing or caring about the merits of same.

  51. If Trump tied the money to investigating the Bidens doing so is Legal, and not an Impeachable offense

    First of all it is not legal:


    Federal law prohibits a foreign national from directly or indirectly making a “contribution or donation of money or other thing of value” in connection with a U.S. election, and prohibits a person from soliciting , accepting or receiving such a contribution or donation from a foreign national. Federal law defines “contribution” to include “any gift … of money or anything of value made by any person for the purpose of influencing any election for Federal office.” And the FEC by regulation defines “solicit” to mean “to ask, request, or recommend, explicitly or implicitly, that another person make a contribution, donation, transfer of funds, or otherwise provide anything of value.”


    And secondly it is an impeachable offence. That’s why he was impeached.

  52. Possibly the funniest line is the President’s lawyer Ken Starr suggesting with a straght face that impeachment are too frequent. I still wonder if I read that correctly.

  53. Starr is a truly despicable character, the very worst shamelessly partisan lawyer that the US legal profession has produced at this level. Apart from the so-called Attorney General Barr who clearly regards his role as the POTUS defence attorney.

    Bolton’s testimony won’t be heard and Trump will be acquitted this week. But it just might backfire on the GOP. Kangaroo court would be a fair description of this GOP senate which made clear months ago that they would find the POTUS innocent whatever the. Some of them were gloating at the weekend that no new evidence had been produced, after refusing to hear any new evidence.

  54. I’ve never seen Senators as cavalier with protection of the nation’s institutions as I’ve seen the Republicans in this fiasco. It is depressing. I always thought that in the Senate no matter the politics left or right there would be those strong enough to do the right thing. I was wrong.

  55. Mahons

    You are not the only one who was wrong. In the past there were Republicans who would always do the right thing. No more. We are in a new era in which partisanship overrules doing the right thing. I don’t think we have ever been here before. Even in the Nixon era there was Howard Baker, Elliott Richardson, Archibald Cox and others who stood up for what was right and eventually showed Nixon the door. Once Trump is acquitted by them he will be accountable to nobody and perhaps fix the 2020 election. Nixon departed forty-six years ago, politics has not improved since then and 1974 seems like a light year away in terms of Congress acting as a check on the executive.

  56. So you want a parliament that can deliver a no-confidence vote…… well one of you already lives under that system and Mahons don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of the country.

    The democrats and the brain dead that follow them….. harumph

    This is what happens when you believe people who lost but just can’t accept that they did.

    For 3 years the Dems have tried to frame Trump with a crime any crime and they have failed at every level. The failure of this Impeachment is due to the exact same thing….. No Crime.

  57. The failure of this Impeachment is due to the exact same thing….. No Crime.

    There is no failure in this impeachment. He has been impeached and while he may not have comitted a crime what he done was illegal.

    As some here previously predicted, the partisan Senate won’t convict him and this will be attempted to be spun as some kind of exoneration.

  58. Paul whooopdy freakin do….. with his “Impeachment” and a pound you can get a cup of….

    while he may not have comitted a crime what he done was illegal.

    now that’s good solid logic lol

  59. Why the quotation marks

    This is the process that the holy founding fathers set up.

  60. Donald Trump accepted an in-kind donation to his re-election campaign. That donation came from a foreign government. Doing so was illegal.

  61. Trump took a bribe? ” That’s fine ”

    No good Hunter Biden got a fake job? ” Hang his father “

  62. the quotations are for Paul he’s not impeached until the hearing is over. Guilty or Acquitted.

    Seamus, on January 28th, 2020 at 2:18 PM Said:
    Donald Trump accepted an in-kind donation to his re-election campaign. That donation came from a foreign government. Doing so was illegal.

    Really that’s news, what did he accept ?

  63. //now that’s good solid logic lol//

    Yes it is. Every breach of the law is illegal but doesn’t always meet a criminal standard. Trump breached Federal Electoral Law.

    Did you not say you had some legal training?

  64. “Really that’s news, what did he accept ?”

    He solicited an in-kind donation from Ukraine to investigate his opponent.

  65. lmao….. no he didn’t, but you keep towing that line.

  66. Even his allies are now admitting that he did.

  67. nope sorry…… headlines don’t change the Laws or the Constitution.

  68. Nor does slavish devotion. Yet your slavish devotion, if not changing the law, at least allows you to ignore it when it is politically inconvenient

  69. They all kneel before Trump.

  70. He solicited the help of a foreign agent against a doemstic political rival. That’s illegal in Federal Electoral Law as demonstrated by legislation above.

    That’s why he was successfully impeached.

  71. Sorry you’re mistaking me for someone else.

    I have said find the crime I’ll hand out the pitchforks and torches, you guys want to make up crimes out of hate the only people kneeling are you.

  72. Find the crime and you’ll explain it away every time.

    Got it.

  73. Yes, but that’s because you’re only trying to cover yourself by playing with words. Not everything illegal falls under the criminal code.

    He broke electoral (not criminal) law and was successfully impeached because of it.

  74. Indeed
    One thing in the POTUS rulebook which is unique to that office is gaming elections.
    He got caught red handed plotting to do just that . And it was nasty as politics get . Firing a good ambassador to enable a corrupt old mayor his moment of glory .
    Hrs guilty pat in that respect which is the basis of a lawful impeachment

  75. There is no crime…. period. Not committed by Trump or anyone under his orders.

    Not everything illegal falls under the criminal code. yes it is goofball or it’s not illegal….. Laws are written things. Something is NOT Illegal if there is no Law against it.

    So both of you find a crime and explain how he violated it…..

    Now I find it interesting that CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, all covered every minute of the House prosecution arguments but couldn’t find the time to cover the defense arguments.

    They don’t want their viewers to know how deep the bullshit they’ve been sold is just like you guys.

    Oh you don’t need to see this we’ll tell you all you need to know……. lol

  76. Who told you that they didn’t cover the defense arguments

  77. Yes it is goofball or it’s not illegal

    No it’s not.

    Driving an untaxed car on the road is illegal but not a criminal offence

    Smoking in an enclosed public space is illegal but not a criminal offence.

    A bar opening before / after its licencing time is illegal but not a criminal offence.

    Here’s a helpful explanation:


    Trump comitted a non criminal illegal offence under Federal Electoral Law and got successfully impeached for it.

    Your ‘show me the crime and I’ll lead the mob’ mantra is duplicitous chicanery.

  78. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/trump-impeachment-inquiry/live-blog/trump-impeachment-trial-live-coverage-president-s-defense-begins-day-n1123301

    NBC covering what they didn’t cover

  79. If Trump shot someone on Fifth Avenue Patrick would say that it was self defense.

  80. The TV told me…… I checked with my own eyes and where they covered Schiff from his first to his last word they only chipped pieces of the defense.

    Got a question….. Trump has delayed aid to 23 other countries, why is no one complaining about them? Most of them just get money, but he gave the Uke’s anti-tank guns IMMEDIATELY that Obama refused to send and they got the money aid as well. Most of the other 23 haven’t gotten their “aid”.

    Why no fuss ?

  81. Has your precious poodle state media Fox News slanted the impeachment coverage in any way?

  82. Nobody doubts Trump committed crimes that are impeachable, the Republicans are trying to figure out how they can acquit him and escape the wrath of the voters, especially Independents. Watching them twist themselves into contortions is great fun. Like watching Dershowitz argue against what he previously held. It has been noted that Dershowitz is what you get when you do not pay your legal bills.

  83. Covering it in blog WOW I’m impressed……. so a blog is the same as TV coverage…. oh ok skippy.

    Phantom it’s not my fault nor my partisan inclinations that you can’t find a crime…..

    What if….. what if you actually had something other than your emotions.

  84. Yes NYr the wrath of voters is coming……. just not the way you think.

  85. Instead of Trump losing by 3 million, this time he will only lose by 2.9 million in another landslide

  86. at 7am this morning the line for the Trump rally already had 7500 people in it and the request for tickets had topped 150,000

    In New Jersey…..

  87. There are significant numbers of Trump voters in NJ.

    And there are Trump supporters in NYC, esp in Staten Island and my part of Brooklyn.

  88. Trump’s N.J. Rally: Sold Out Hotels, Long Lines and Subpoena-Coladas

    WILDWOOD, N.J. — Joe Tartamosa’s second daybreak in an ever-growing line outside the convention center in Wildwood was a lot less pleasant than his first.

    “It was brutal,” said Mr. Tartamosa, who spent the night in the cold, wind-whipped line with thousands of other ticket holders who were hoping to get inside for President Trump’s rally on Tuesday night. “I was probably a little ill-prepared.”

    He and his 16-year-old son, Nick, had left their home in Woodbury Heights, N.J., to arrive at 4:30 a.m. Monday to lock in a spot close to the front.

    He had plenty of company. About 12 hours before the rally’s 7 p.m. start, the line had spilled past the gates arranged in switchback lanes outside the convention hall and onto nearby streets.

    Those at the very front of the line had arrived at about 2 p.m. on Sunday and had spent two days and nights bundled in blankets, “Keep America Great” flags and woolen Trump 2020 hats.

    Still, the mood remained festive in Wildwood, one of the Jersey Shore’s most popular destinations, where Mr. Trump was planning to hold his first political rally in New Jersey since taking office.


  89. Independents want Trump removed and are unlikely to vote for Republican senators who vote to acquit Trump. That is the wrath referred to.

    Trump’s rally is in South Jersey, just about as far south as you can go and still be in NJ. He does not have much support in the rest of the state. I wonder why he does not hold the rally at his Bedminster golf course? He could have charged his campaign or the government skyhigh rates.

  90. Trump won 57% of the vote in Cape May county in New Jersey, which is about what he won in Mississippi.

  91. you keep telling yourself that NYr.

    We’ll see what happens in 280 days.

  92. pat witholding aid is not in an of itself anything
    when its linked to Biden it is, this you unfortunately fail to grasp time and time again
    That is the impeachable offenc: seeking to influence the outcome of an election
    The framers were very clear about this , totally in fact .

    Its a no-no , everyone gets that , including GOP, what are you finding so hard to grasp
    seriously ?

  93. Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane … Paranoia is also a common symptom of TDS .


  94. watch the first 5 minutes of this Kurt


    there’s your quidproquo

    The claim that asking for the Ukes to turn over their evidence against Bidens is a crime is just a stupid position. Running for office doesn’t make you immune to prosecution.

  95. Liberals truly are loons..


  96. the best part of yesterday…….. this is why the dems can’t win.


  97. Liberal loon.. “I’m so sorry”

    Don’t be sorry liberal loon, be happy.

    No more wars for a few years..

  98. that’s the never fading meme Harri…. and it resembles certain people here….

    If you want to see the best breakdown of each day of this Farce you should watch this

    Verdict with Ted Cruz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdlniljY9Zfz990G8WeOosg

    a limited series of half hour episodes by Ted Cruz that are well worth the watch

  99. pat its more clear cut than that
    its withholding aid to ukraine to pressurise ukr to announce something on an electoral opponent –its happens , politics is dirty , but you don’t get caught !

    Its been shown in testimony trump was not interested in rooting out corruption
    as he would have kept yankovitch, who was brilliant at it, made a career of it, across 33 years though dem/gop presidents

    Nah it was hit-job mate a shake-down as nasty as you get , much worse than Nixon
    them the facts, and its very much a scandal , a high crimes and misdemeanours level of corruption in office, its impeachable, in a fair world he’d be removed .

  100. If you want to see the best breakdown of each day of this Farce you should watch this

    I don’t need to watch too much else to witness liberal breakdown Trump Derangement Syndrome, I just need to read ATW.

    It’s comedy gold.

    Day in, and day out.

  101. Got a question….. Trump has delayed aid to 23 other countries, why is no one complaining about them?

    No problem. I’d assume it’s because he hasn’t qualified the witholding of aid from the other countries with them investigating a domestic American political rival, (which is illegal under American Electoral Law).

  102. Kurt.

    How on Gods earth could President Trump affect your day to day life?

    Putting liberal righteous points to one side, and his off the cuff comments about Muslims, how has President Trump affected you personally?

  103. (which is illegal under American Electoral Law) the only people to do that were the clintons and the dnc….. go ahead prosecute them

  104. Where did the Clintons recieve in-kind donations to their election campaigns from foreign donors?

  105. Trump asked the Ukes, (& the Chinese), to investigate a domestic political rival.

    That’s soliciting the assistence of a foreign power against a domestic political rival and no matter what anyone else did or didn’t do it doesn’t minimise that.

    Your boy broke the law and got impeached for it. Them’s the facts.

  106. Paul watch the video I just put up and comment please

  107. Yeah, I watched it, they said that they might call Biden Jr to testify at Trump’s trial.

    What would you like me to coment on?

  108. Harri
    Trump is purported leader of the free world
    if he gets away with it , its no longer a republic its a despost tyranny in USA
    it really matters
    other regimes will be emboldened to flout their constitutions
    stakes could not be higher —

  109. The Swamp has clearly won, and cannot be drained by “democracy’ as said system is owned by the Swamp.

    Phantom – is there a Swamp?

  110. Of course there is a swamp of corruption in Washington and in all the state capitals.

    But Trump is a swamp creature from the dark lagoon, always has been. He has bragged about the influence that his campaign contributions gave him, why he sent money to both parties in a race.

    You’d need to be a special brand of stupid to think that Trump was any sort of reformer.

    There would have been few honest politicians. Jimmy Carter may have been one, maybe John Hume another. 99.9% of the rest of them are on the take to varying degrees.

  111. Paul McMahon, on January 28th, 2020 at 8:30 PM Said:
    Yeah, I watched it, they said that they might call Biden Jr to testify at Trump’s trial.

    What would you like me to coment on?

    If you watched an have no comments your missing more of this than even I thought was possible.

  112. If you watched an have no comments your missing more of this than even I thought was possible.

    I watched it and all I saw was four minutes of word salad bluster of how Hunter Biden would be called to testify in Trump’s Senate trial and that Joe Biden must be terrified.

    It’s boastful, unsubstantiated rubbish akin to the ‘Joe Biden is guilty’ untruth propagated by Trumpers on the internet.

    What specifically would you like me to comment on?

  113. that’s right phantom
    and to add a bit

    electoral corruption is nothing new, its as old as the hills, in the UK they use boundary changes, heck even the right-wing papers went on a mission to try to black corbyn on his support for various peace process around the world, suggesting his was a terrorist lover .
    you get lots of cheap shots.
    I imagine presidents lie awake at night thinking how am i gonna defeat that bastard , bastard being their opponent , so the obvious is ” get me some dirt on that guy ”
    I think Hilary played it with the pussy-grabbing tape, can’t recall, but its normal electioneering

    What is crossing the line is using or attempting to use outside sources, putting pressure on other leaders for example. this is precisely what trump plotted with a close circle of conspirators, cooking up a drug deal. even bolton walked away ..
    No remorse shown, its a disgrace .. everyone knows that .. period.