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By Pete Moore On February 10th, 2020

The Home Office and the Department of Health have vowed to tackle the “harmful practice” of “virginity repair” surgery and the “deeply regressive” attitudes that drive women to have it done.

So if a woman wants a beard and a cock then she will have them. But if she wants her hymen repaired that’s just not on. Such are the cul-de-sacs you end up when you indulge extremist social engineering.

5 Responses to “HOW ODD”

  1. Talk about finding something pointless to moan about.

  2. “So I shall moan too.”

    It’s not a gossip post, Colm. Stand down.

  3. This gives a whole new perspective to the phrase ‘you can’t polish a turd’

  4. There is no substance to your argument Pete. You seem to be against this proposal by the government purely because they won’t also conform to your beliefs on transgender issues. Yet I am pretty sure you actually don’t approve of this pointless ‘Virginity repair’ surgery. Talk about cutting if your nose to spite your face.

  5. Tell me this “Procedure ” is not available on the NHS. When other people with life threatening conditions are denied treatment. Because that would be just sick.