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By Pete Moore On February 11th, 2020

Cynics may scoff, but I find Hollywood’s moral and ethical example so inspiring.

16 Responses to “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”

  1. She is tweet-bragging about wearing a certain type of diamond?

    Holy mother of Allah

  2. Self-awareness, as in total lack of.

  3. Let them eat ethical diamonds

  4. She looks well fit for close to 70.

  5. I refuse to type what I’m thinking…….. freakin hanoi jane

  6. I’m trying to place what botox has done to Hanoi Jane. I’m thinking post-op Henry Winkler.

  7. I don’t disagree with Jane Fonda’s protest against the Vietnam war. But I disagree with a few of the things she did. Such as the photo of her with the machine gun.

  8. She did apologize for that

    But many of the veterans did not forgive her for that, understandably so

  9. We learned during that war that patriotic Americans could be against the war, but never for the enemy.

  10. We also learned Charles that guys who avoided the war with fake medical claims could be derogatory about those who did serve.

  11. Jane Fonda posed on an anti-aircraft gun that had shot down American planes

    Called the POWs hypocrites and liars

    She said it was understandable that the North Vietnamese would beat and torture prisoners who try to escape

    She was extremely wicked, and I imagine that her apology was insincere

  12. She may also have informed on some who tried to tell her the truth. I can’t stand her.

  13. Mahons,
    //She may also have informed on some who tried to tell her the truth. I can’t stand her.//

    If you’re talking about the rumour that she passed on letters from prisoners to the guards, that’s been proven to be untrue.

  14. Thanks Dave. I’ll reduce my hatred of her by a degree.

  15. Fonda and her Ex-Husband are pond scum…..

    I do think she’s a funny actress though Grace and Frankie is a gas…..

  16. A really remarkable thing happened to me yesterday. In the morning a scene from a really old b/w film passed through my mind, a romantic comedy about a female soviet agent working in the west. She is cold, austere and methodical, but in the end falls victim to her American escort’s secret weapon – humour, and especially the ability to laugh at yourself.

    I hadn’t though of the film once since I saw it on RTE as a kid. I was thinking of that secret weapon and how it ultimately won over the Germans after the Nazis and then eastern Europe after Communism.

    Then last night there was a long documentary on ARTE about the Gulags. I nearly fell of my chair when a scene from the film appeared on the screen, the same film that I hadn’t seen or until that morning even thought of for over 40 years! An incredible coincidence.

    The film was Ninotchka, the steely soviet agent played by Greta Garbo. The humourous encounter in a restaurant played by Melvyn Douglas.

    I’d warmly recommend it to anyone who wants to know how the Cold War was won by warmth.