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By Pete Moore On February 11th, 2020

Which is amazing when you think about it, because everything is racist according to the snowflakes. I must come to the defence of Mike Bloomberg. Headbangers are claiming that he’s racist for saying what we all know – that most wrong’uns don’t look like your grandmother.

This interesting thing on the leaked audio here is what he says in private.

49 Responses to “FACTS AREN’T RACIST”

  1. The truth hurts some people. His logic makes perfect sense to me, but I’m not a woke Democrat.

  2. Bloomberg was correct.

    What would be the point of flooding very low crime areas in Staten Island say with policing? Or frisking 70 year old women who endanger no one?

    You send the cops where the crime is happening

  3. the left, the woke, the hustlers can’t handle the truth being spoke aloud. It is the elephant in the room of their failure. They live in a constant state of denial.

    They drove the jobs from the cities, and the fathers from their families and they insist they can fix despair with platitudes and welfare.

    The great society failed and created a substrata of despair in a whole community and trapped them there. The violence is the result.

    Wherever there is despair there is crime, violence, and addiction.

    Rudy and Mike knew the truth the guns are where the despair is, the despair is in the minority communities because the great society destroyed them.

    Mini Mike wants to be king so now he lies and says the program was wrong even though it saved thousands of minority youths lives.

  4. These remarks should not be a problem for Bloomberg, but given the state of the Democratic Party they will probably torpedo his bid for the nomination.

  5. Peter

    Don’t be so sure.

    There are significant numbers of centrist Democrats who have seen noone on the stage to get enthusiastic about

    And Bloomberg could do well against a divided field of bomb throwers

  6. He isn’t correct because that sort of attitude would, and in many cases has, turned minority communities against the police. You can’t police unwilling communities – that has been shown the world over. If the community feel (and with good reason) that the police will, without cause, stop a black guy and frisk him, but not stop a white guy and frish him, then support for the police in those communities will decrease.

  7. Sure

    So lets stop and frisk white guys in Douglaston, Queens, or Tottenville, Staten Island even though there is nearly no violent crime there.

    Excellent plan.

  8. wrong seamus cause it worked…. you know why it worked ?

    because the mothers of those young boys were more pleased to pick their kid up at the station rather than identifying their body at the morgue.

  9. Or just don’t stop and frisk. Stop, question and frisk was ended several years ago now and New York crime numbers have continued to drop. So it was an ineffective policy that disproportionately targeted black and hispanic men and boys. Real community policing means building up trust in minority neighbourhoods. Treating every black guy as just another nigger doesn’t.

  10. The “Community Activists” didn’t like stop and frisk but the mothers and grandmothers that run the good parts and the families of the minority communities welcomed it because little johny left the piece at home and thousands Seamus thousands of lives were saved by the policy.

  11. So why has the crime rate and the murder rate not spiralled out of control since stop and frisk was abolished?

  12. New York crime numbers have continued to drop

    you have no idea….. it’s amazing.

  13. Is it old whitey carrying out the stabbing to death of innocent men ,women and children in large parts of London?

  14. “you have no idea….. it’s amazing.”

    Floyd v. City of New York was 2013, which virtually abolished stop and frisk. There were 333 murders in 2013. 417 in 2012, the last full year of stop and frisk. In 2019 there were 299.

  15. “you have no idea….. it’s amazing.”

    Floyd v. City of New York was 2013, which virtually abolished stop and frisk. There were 333 murders in 2013. 417 in 2012, the last full year of stop and frisk. In 2019 there were 299.

  16. The hassidim and the Korean honor students should be stopped and frisked

    For the benefit of equality and social justice for all

  17. No one should be stopped and frisked unless there is reasonable cause to believe that the person is in the process of committing a crime. And being a black guy in a deprived neighbourhood is not reasonable cause.

  18. Seamus I won’t even get into the attempted assasination of multiple police officers this weekend, but lets talk about stats particularly Compstat. The system used to spin police numbers by bureaucrats…. that’s what NYC uses.

    In New York, doubts about Compstat have been rising. For years, journalists have heard rumors of trouble: that the mayor’s office wields too much control over shaping the data; that precinct commanders under-report incidents to keep their numbers down; that patrol cops are encouraged not to report certain crimes; that the stats are rigged.

    The spin around the most recent CompStat numbers is a case in point. “New York City recorded an increase in murders, shootings, robberies and assaults in 2019,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

    Domestic violence is up, with last year’s 8% increase in murders due in part to intimate-partner homicides. Hate crimes, including anti-Semitism, are up. CompStat has not even counted them until this year. Subway crime is up. But City Hall says that because of a big decrease in burglaries, and declines in rapes and larceny, “serious crime” in New York City is down, dropping one percent last year.

    Got that? Murders, shootings, robberies, assaults, domestic violence, subway crimes and hate crimes are up, but serious crime is down.

  19. Who wrote that

  20. “Seamus I won’t even get into the attempted assasination of multiple police officers this weekend, but lets talk about stats particularly Compstat. The system used to spin police numbers by bureaucrats…. that’s what NYC uses.”

    So your tinfoil hat theory, brought to you by the kings of the tin foil hat theory – Judicial Watch – is that the NYPD are hiding murders?

  21. I wonder if Bloomberg has a Klan dog (called Sheriff) like the one Larry David had in Curb Your Enthusiasm:


  22. I don’t know that hate crimes are up

    Those incidents are not new, and many used to not be reported

    Now, some asshole writes a swastika with a magic marker on a subway advertisement and it’s on the TV news ( literally true )

  23. Phantom


  24. The police situation in NYC is a ticking time bomb of discontent, and I have that first hand.

  25. The police have been subject to much unfair abuse.

    The mayor is their enemy. His soothing recent words are not believed.

  26. Seamus I’m sorry you can dislike my link all you want. I put up links or quotes only to stress my point. Understand you are very bright, very well researched and very good at analyzing things, but in this instance a computer term applies.

    GIGO garbage in garbage out. Police stats are a game, it’s all in how the crimes are recorded not the environment on the street.

    Since De Blasio has become mayor crime in NYC has risen and all backing has been pulled from the police department. The city is on a dangerous spiral. I get this information first hand from men and woman that are family patrolling the streets and investigating crimes.

  27. lol Biden just bailed on NH he’s left the state before the polls even close…..

  28. I don’t see reason to suspect Compstat, and I despise Deblasio.

    The city is much more alive than many other US cities are, and a big reason for that is that people feel safe day and night.

    You can take the subway at 2am and not be able to get a seat, because of the many late night travelers.

  29. Biden is in free fall

    I think that he would have beat Trump in 2016 fairly easily. He would have carried PA and other states. He didn’t look down on blue collar the way that Hillary was thought to do.

    But his hour has passed.

  30. yep

  31. Seamus –

    He isn’t correct because that sort of attitude would, and in many cases has, turned minority communities against the police.

    I think that’s what you think when you listen too much to “community leaders”, most of whom are self-appointed loudmouths and race hustlers.

    The majority don’t get heard, but are usually thankful to see their neighbourhood tormentors afraid of the police.

  32. Biden doesn’t look or sound well to me. He needs to pack it in.

  33. In the blink of an eye, Biden now looks old, and dated, in a way that the older bomb thrower Sanders does not.

    It’s like when an older athlete goes from being great to being mediocre in a day.

    It happens.

  34. https://twitter.com/TheGeneral_0/status/1227355243035463681

  35. Biden doesn’t look or sound well to me. He needs to pack it in.

    I’d say the same about Trump. His rambling speeches and increasingly demented rants on Twitter suggest that he’s losing it. His performance at the Prayer Breakfast was something else, even by his standards.

  36. Biden looks like the guy in knee high white socks looking for the 4:30 buffet.

  37. Bloomberg was right about putting more police in minority neighborhoods. Traditionally the complaint wasn’t too many police but too little in minority neighborhoods. And that complaint was issued by the minority citizens who work, go to church and struggle to raise families and run businesses in crime plagued areas.

  38. Giuliani, Bloomberg and Bill Bratton Saved thousands of black and Latin lives

    So of course those proof how racist they are

    They should build a statue to Rudy in this town but they never will

  39. this fits better on this thread…..


    CHICAGO (Reuters) – Former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was charged on Tuesday in a six-count felony indictment with staging a phony hate crime, nearly a year after similar charges were abruptly dismissed by local prosecutors.

  40. i don’t think bloomberg was rascist, he just identified the problem
    the solutions,? well seamus has a good point .If it were that simple to target minority neighbourhoods with dozens of police, there would be riots.
    You have to ( once again ) do that thinking thing
    very dangerous i know and not that welcome when the knee-jerk satisfies the spleen/gut.
    But it doesn’t work that

  41. Bloomberg and Giuliani saved many lives.

    Their predecessors did not.

  42. The criticism of Bloomberg is really a criticism of Giuliani and Bratton, who started the policy.

    Giuliani promised to reduce the violent crime rate dramatically, and said beforehand how he would do it.

    And then he did it. Bloomberg continued the Giuliani policies.

    Whatever their flaws, Giuliani and Bloomberg, using the principles of Jack Maple as executed by the brilliant Bratton, did a great thing in New York City.

    And no revisionist history will change that.

    More on Mike Bloomberg soon.

  43. Harry all set to get a Hunter Biden type fake job at Goldman Sachs. Yay!!

    I would have added it to the Prince Harry thread but its closed to new comments

    Supporting himself, sure!!


  44. Charles Windsor needs to be investigated for bribery/ corruption/ blackmail / kickbacks etc.

    On Bloomberg, I think he’s correct. If he’s identified high crime in ethnic neighbourhoods then the obvious solution is to police that crime.

    Would he operate the same policy in predominantly Italian neighbourhoods where there is more subtle mob connections and crime?

  45. The Italian mafia of today in the US is a pale fading shadow of what it was.

    And even decades ago, when the mafia was still a big thing, the Italian areas of say Bensonhurst, Howard Beach or Carroll Gardens had about the lowest levels of street crime in the city. The safest block was where some mafia boss lived.

    The major effort here of Giuliani/Bratton/Bloomberg was to break the back of violent street crime.

  46. I speaking about the protection rackets, numbers rackets and blackmail.

    I agree that violent crime should take precedence but parasitical crime should be tackled as a priority too.

  47. FYI

    Giuliani as a federal US attorney was utterly merciless against the mafia. He took it as a personal insult that they were associated with Italian Americans.


    A lot of mafia prosecutions would be led by the feds, not local cops.

  48. O/T
    Lyra McKee: Man charged with journalist’s murder

  49. The policy worked and saved lives.