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sit back….. relax

By Patrick Van Roy On February 14th, 2020

Do yourself a favor take 5, let the week slide away breath deep and center your Chi.

5 Responses to “sit back….. relax”

  1. Poem
    Andy McCabe Andy McCabe
    They tried to place you into a grave.
    But Billy Barr called bull – now that’s a save.
    You’re free now no longer the victim of the WH knave
    live long play fast you’re clean as a whistle a fine man u are Andy McCabe

  2. a crazy old man lies and gets 7-11yrs and one of the highest ranking law enforcement enforcers of the United States does it and they choose not to prosecute.

    I can remember when the goal of every liberal was to stick it to the crooked cop…. but I guess like genders everything is fluid now.

  3. https://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/bill-barr-scrambles-as-his-shell-game-starts-falling-to-pieces/25209/

    Says it all

  4. Still do pat . The crooked Rudy is going to jail. Just wait and see . In the real world Trump’s enemies are innocent and his friends guilty. Not the other way round .

  5. Chillax y’all it’s the weekend and we’ve got lovely Dennis visiting us all on this side of the pond 😉