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By Pete Moore On February 13th, 2020

The 1975 commit to playing only gender-balanced music festivals

Following criticism of Reading and Leeds festival for its heavily male lineup, frontman Matt Healy says ‘this is how male artists can be true allies’

Apparently The 1975 is a rock band. No, me neither, but that’s not the point. Apparently they’re popular enough to get onto the festival line ups. I’m glad I’m too old for them. Glastonbury will aim for something called “a 50/50 gender balanced line up”.

Can you imagine Ozzie, Keith Moon, John Lydon, or whoever coming out with this woke drivel? The spirit of independence inherent in doing what you want is part of the magic in all music. You simply cannot create anything worth listening to if you’re doing what you think conforms. Rock n Roll more than anything. Being woke is anti-Rock n Roll. If that’s the way it’s going then it’ll die and it deserves to.

6 Responses to “ROCK N ROLL IS DEAD”

  1. Never heard of this nobody

    A band should be composed of whoever the members choose, and a festival should have any bands that they think that the audience might like to hear.

    The very concept of balance in the arts is profoundly stupid.

    Someone tell Matt Healy that crack is bad for you.

  2. Being woke is anti-Rock n Roll.

    Could not agree more.

    Rock and roll is all about freedom, freedom of action, freedom of thought and expression.

    Gender or any other quotas goes completely against all of that.

    I want to see someone defend this. Please.

  3. Well I suppose by going against the individualistic rebel spirit of rock and roll he is in his own way being a revolutionary of sorts. Is that an adequate defence Phantom ?

  4. Sure.

    He can rename the band ” Obedient Flock “ !

  5. now some groups are good at 50/50 some are good all women and most all male…… who cares…

    Obviously this little tick turd….. how bad has your music got to be that you’d rather be known for this idiocy than your hit tune……

    for the snowflake…. a 50/50


  6. Like really, who like gives a shit what these oh so woke like “artists” think about like anything on this like planet? Like, who has time for this shit?