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By Pete Moore On February 15th, 2020

I’d love to know what it is about the evil Chinese government which enthralls the Tories. Oh silly me, its the Tories. Therefore it’s money and connections and more money.

The UK and China have held “preliminary discussions” over giving Beijing’s state-owned railway firm a role in building the HS2 high-speed rail line.

However, government officials said no “concrete commitments” had been made.

China’s state railway company said it could build the line in just five years and at a much lower cost, according to a letter seen by Building magazine.

I remain stupefied that the Tories approved construction of the Hinckley Point C nuclear power station, by the Chinese state, in 2016. Huawei being green flagged for our 5G network will forever baffle me. These are just the latest in a very long list of UK-Chinese links. The Chinese Ambassador spoke to the Conservative Friends of the Chinese a week ago and laid some of it out. We can thank David Cameron and George Osborne in the main. They loved sucking up to the evil Chinese.

Let’s be clear: this is exactly like allowing Stalin or Hitler to build our infrastructure. The very idea would have been preposterous, but the Tories are throwing everything at a truly monstrous regime.

I don’t care that China is getting richer. I don’t care that it has become a workshop for the globe. The Chinese communists are evil expansionists. No possible good will come from sucking up to them. One day British politicians will find that they are in too deep. So deep that it is not only impossible to back away, but that they will be drawn in ever deeper.

No, I don’t believe at all that the evil Chinese communists are in it only for commerce and money. It is about power and leverage. These deals are a part of the Belt and Road Initiative, which is a key strategy in Chinese Foreign policy. One day a British Prime Minister will be told that if the UK sides with Japan in a dispute, or votes against China at the UN, or gives a preferential deal to a non-Chinese firm, then our trains might stop running, or our hospitals fail, or the nuclear power plant will develop problems. Mark my words. The Chinese government is an evil force with global dominance its aim. The less we have to do with it the better.


  1. China stole high speed rail technology from Japan

    Be very careful about doing business with such people


  2. The Chinese steal everything. You cannot do business with commercial kleptomaniacs.

  3. lol petem that’s not how politics and economics works
    if it was we’d never have given a single rifle to the Saudi’s

  4. How much debt does the US owe China?

  5. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/heres-who-owns-a-record-2121-trillion-of-us-debt-2018-08-21

    maybe around a trillion dollars to China
    worth a whole thread in itself US debt

  6. Well said Pete. I agree 100%.

    Apparently the Huawei decision has already reduced the chance of a “free trade” deal with Trump and the USA may prioritise a deal with the EU. Trump had a phone “conversation” with Johnson last week which the diplomats described as “difficult” which is diplomat-speak for muchos expletives. So every cloud has a silver lining.

  7. If the muricans don’t want to be world leaders and the Chinese do want to be world leaders well what will be will be

  8. The Chinese government is an evil force with global dominance its aim.

    I disagree with that. The Chinese seek to dominate Asia – because they are the most powerful country in Asia, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the corporate government of the US that seeks to dominate the world whether Trump wants to go along with it or not. For a sound assessment, let’s review The Daily Stormer…..


    “China is not a normal country. They do not have transgender kindergartners, they do not have tens of thousands of people a year dying from drug overdoses, they do not even do double anal. They need to act more normal. Show me a picture of a man dressed up like a woman with devil horns fondling toddlers at a library in China, and then I’ll start taking them seriously.”

    US Secretary of Defense (sic)

    Now have a look at what qualifies the US as a ‘normal’ country – absolute perversion

  9. Many Asians don’t want to be dominated by China, Allan

    Including the Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Indians, Indonesians

  10. Phantom – many South American countries don’t want to be dominated by the US. It’s not as though there’s an absence of verifiable cases?

    As for Asia, which country has bases in Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea – all because these countries are ‘freedom-loving’ and want the globo-homo agenda?


  11. Taiwan??

    Apologies for error. Not even the US would go that far……at the moment

  12. Allan

    Are you sniffing the same paint thinner as Some of the others

    Have you read anything that anyone has said here over the past 15 years

    I have criticized US hegemony in Central and South America in The harshest terms

    Washington has no right to control Olivia or El Salvador; Beijing has no right to control Japan or Vietnam

    Are you capable of understanding that


    The Taiwanese want no part of Beijing rule. Do you have a problem with that

    It appears that you are not opposed to imperialism, you’re just opposed to US imperialism. That’s a pretty worthless position for anyone to take but I think you own it

  13. How about no big country’s boss it over smaller countries? How about that?

    Is that a radical position

  14. It appears that you are not opposed to imperialism, you’re just opposed to US imperialism.

    Phantom – most Americans want no part in Wall Street’s imperialism and most Americans wouldn’t know where in the world any of the world is that Corporate Military Inc. dominates. But unlike ‘Chinese imperialism’, Wall Street’s imperialism is real and current as I’ve shown. China has few overseas bases whilst CMI has hundreds: that is the reality. So which is actually the ‘imperialist’?