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By Pete Moore On February 15th, 2020

I have suddenly come round to the idea of Mike Bloomberg becoming the Democratic Party nominee. After the racket the commies have made about Donald Trump, shoving this in front of their faces will be a joy –

45 Responses to “GO MIKE!”

  1. Bloomberg is a control freak of biblical proportions.

  2. where is he on open borders
    bye the way that deserves a thread on its own

    Why the left should argue for more immigration – but not open borders


  3. Interesting link Kurt. But it focuses 100% on the economic case for immigration and ignores the cultural aspects. People are understandably worried about rapid demographic change in their neighbourhoods, even if they understand the economic case and even if their wages aren’t being held back by a greater supply of labour, which big business just cannot get enough of.

  4. granted but we heard from the A-hole
    They’re sending rapists and murderers ..
    sadly there wasn’t an adequate pro-mexican voice ..

  5. I just heard him speak in a clip. He sounded like Calvin Coolidge! He’s a terrible speaker!
    This will come through in the Nevada Debates.

  6. More than 1,100 former prosecutors and officials who served in Republican and Democratic administrations signed an open letter condemning the president and the attorney general over the Stone case

  7. Bloomberg is 78. He is a pretty accomplished guy, but that age thing is not a minor issue. The suits seem to be for comments as opposed to actions, but deserve to be reviewed.

  8. wow didn’t realize he’s that old…. looks great.

  9. Mayor Mike is moving along and a highly methodical way



    In the long days after 9/11, Progress in lower Manhattan was slow as the blocks opened up one by one, and as the businesses reopened one by one ( those that did reopen )

    A major milestone was when the Marriott hotel south of the trade Center reopened, and Roy’s restaurant. I made a special point to go there the first day that it was reopened. Across the room, there was Mayor Mike, having his dinner.

    He was a really good mayor of a huge and hard to govern city. He was hugely disciplined and competent.

  10. Patrick

    You may be interested that he is Is qualified to fly jets and helicopters; he loves aviation

    He would get away to his house in Bermuda, flying the jet himself.

    Is he a control freak? Yes he is, But I think that trait is what helped Him to build a world company from scratch, and to govern a huge pain in the ass city from scratch,

  11. He’s ancient. All the ancient men and women in both parties need to excuse themselves and retire. Time to go.

    Bloomberg looks good because he has work done on his face, as most sensible rich old people do.

    Trump is obviously not sensible, he thinks a cheap spray on tan works wonders to disguise his decrepitude.

  12. Does all this talk of Mike Picking Hillary show a lack of confidence. since he’s practically buying a DNC Bernie cheating political machine?

  13. I don’t think he’s really thinking of taking Hilary as
    Vice President

    But starting the rumor is pretty brilliant

    He is very much the topic of conversation

  14. Daphne

    Why should the older people not be considered

    Mayor Mike has more intellect and more accomplishments than all the other candidates combined

    Who do you like at the present time

  15. Phantom

    Do you consider Bloomberg’s stop and frisk comments racist? All of this stuff from his past seems to be bubbling up and both parties frankly are using it against him. Thoughts, or is this just politics as usual?

  16. Charles

    I absolutely do not see Those remarks, or the policy as racist

    Bloomberg is the ultimate fact based geek

    He was speaking the truth; that the vast majority of violent crimes were committed by black and brown people against the black and brown people

    His policies, as inherited from the Giuliani administration Primarily saved the lives of black and brown people

    I think that he was and is the opposite of a racist.

    There can’t be plenty of reasons to vote against him, but I think that the racist charge is a complete cheap shot

  17. There are plenty of reasons

  18. Phantom

    Thanks for that insight. Look for both parties to demagogue the issue.

  19. Again, the vast majority of stops were of young black and brown males in rough neighborhoods

    That’s exactly what should’ve happened

    What should the guy have done, have the cops stop yeshiva boys in Williamsburg or young mothers in Staten Island?

    Some of these people would prefer that 2000 more black people die a year Then have “disproportionate “numbers Of black males arrested. There is a monstrous dishonesty at work here in this criticism,

  20. I don’t mind legitimate criticism of a candidate, but I hate smear campaigns, from either party.

  21. Yep

  22. This is one issue where I believe that mahons Charles Patrick and I ( and Pete ) are in substantial agreement

    And we certainly don’t agree on everything

    Maybe the stop and frisk policy wasn’t perfect, But it was part of an overall strategy that worked beyond all expectations

    And in my opinion it was not executed by racist mayors or racist police. They were the complete opposite of racists

  23. Bloomberg’s problem I think is that he is New York blunt about things, maybe says things in non politician speak. He doesn’t mince his words. whether with the ladies or the minorities. Now he has tapes where he appears to call farmers and factory workers stupid. He may be very smart. but he’s got to learn political correctness.

  24. Well if he called farmers and factory workers stupid, that was an idiotic and wrong thing to say

    Even if he never intended to go into politics, he shouldn’t say that

    He is light years smarter than most of us, but you don’t need that

  25. I did not know he was an aviator…. as for control freak I agree that no one goes from a middle class family to being worth over 60 Billion without.

    I do believe he came from modest means did he not ? In all honesty I do believe he’d do a better job than any other politician of either party (besides Trump).

    My issue and the issue that will keep him from being elected is his gun stance. No one in the country wants a civil war, not the gun owners one third of the country, the families of those that don’t own a gun but who aren’t bothered by others that do (a second third of the people) not even the one third of the people that don’t want anyone to own a gun want a civil war.

    Bloomberg is a FANATIC on Gun Control he’s funded anti-gun legislative candidates and legislation in over a dozen states.

    His egomania and ocd would compel him to put forth anti=gun legislation and if the House is still Democrat it will pass, if it passes the Virginia rally would happen in every state and DC would be marched on. If he pushed it through anyway then it would accelerate and escalate. Some inbred will either blow something up or kill somebody. That will trigger confiscations and then things will get out of hand. The first two thirds I describe above understand this and if he wins the nomination will be reminded of it on a daily basis.

    That alone will prevent him from getting the votes, he represents a fight the nation does not really want to have.

  26. What gun laws do you think that he would want to enact ?

  27. Early voting in Texas for the March 3rd primary starts tomorrow and I will be first in line, proudly voting for Donald J. Trump. Even though largely uncontested, I think it’s important for the nation to see how fired up us Republicans are in March, then on to November.

  28. Phantom, on February 18th, 2020 at 12:48 AM Said:
    What gun laws do you think that he would want to enact ?

    No idea….. but with his ego, crusade against them, and the power of the Presidency I don’t want to find out and neither do the rest of the first third.

    That is a sleeping dog best left alone.

  29. Good man Charles…. Trump unopposed broke the turnout records in both states that already voted.

  30. In a very recent poll, Bloomberg is now the number one candidate in Virginia

    The idea that Bloomberg could only win in places like New York is completely untrue

    This race continues to get more interesting every day

  31. The Democrat Primary is no base for judging the general election.

  32. do not underestimate him

    he is a logical choice for the many Republicans who see Trump as unfit

  33. lol….. yeah you keep telling yourself that.

  34. Phantom the thing you have to look at is not the Republicans that think he’s unfit, but the Union and blue collar Democrats who had no work under Obama.

  35. The Democrat Primary is a Dumpster Fire. The Republicans are the Fire Department who are going to let this thing burn itself out.

  36. The Democrat Primary is a Dumpster Fire. The Republicans are the Fire Department who are going to let this thing burn itself out.

  37. The Democrat Primary is a Dumpster Fire. The Republicans are the Fire Department who are going to let this thing burn itself out.

  38. yes that needed repeating…… drive it home

  39. The Dems may be in the middle of sorting themselves out right quick

    Bye bye Elizabeth, Joe.

    Do you want the guy who ran South Bend or do you want the guy who ran nyc well

  40. neither

  41. They’d prefer the guy who run Trump University.

  42. Stealing from charities fits their idea of good governance

  43. yes yes we would much rather have mini mike who and all his chicom business investments… just like you

  44. a billionaire with a conscience is better than a billionaire without one

  45. trump may not be a billionaire at all