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By Pete Moore On February 15th, 2020

Humour, remember that? If so, you’re knocking on a bit. British TV was once full of great humour which spared no sensitivity. How times change. I admit to being a Spitting Image fan. It was just funny at the time. Looking back from these snowflaked times, it appears brutal and funny.

The chief thing about it is that no-one was spared: no religion, no colour and no creed was above being mocked. There’s not a chance that it would be commissioned today.

7 Responses to “ATW COMEDY CORNER”

  1. It was absolutely bloody magnificent. Barbed satire at its best.

    I think this was probably my favourite:


  2. For God’s sake, no-one show this to PVR –


    (The skit which starts at 0:59 is laugh out loud funny)

  3. Back of the net Pete.

  4. haha great links
    I’ll never for get this one liner

    Margaret Thatcher Out For A Meal With Her Cabinet

  5. It was too good. This is one of my favourites, broadcast around the time of the “Koo, she’s Starkers!” headlines about Andrew’s latest flame.


  6. Well at least back then Andrew was associated with women of an appropriate age !

  7. Bloody hell. I actually remember that spitting image sketch.
    I used to love spitting image, it seems like so long ago now.