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By Pete Moore On February 21st, 2020

US intelligence agencies have warned that Russia is attempting to help President Donald Trump get re-elected in November, US media report.

The comments were said to have come in a closed-door briefing to the House Intelligence Committee on 13 February […]

The New York Times reported that Mr Trump was particularly angry that Adam Schiff, the Democrat who led the impeachment proceedings against him, was at the briefing.

Yes, that’s it! Say that “the Russians” are going in to bat for Trump. Genius move! No-one thought of that one before. Trump’s in trouble now. No-one will vote for him.


  1. Funny Bernie was given a briefing a month ago by the Intelligence agencies that the russians were actively helping him on social media, but that didn’t appear in the NYTs did it ?

    But continuing their “Russian Collusion” Narrative the NYTs is just refusing to let go of the lies as they have pushed them for the past three years.

    This weekend the “Paper of Record” gave their prestige to a terrorist with a $10,000 bounty on his head allowing him to write an op-ed for them.

    Such a quality publication.

  2. Today’s online NYT has an article on Bernie and Russian help. It is curious Bernie has been mum on it for a month. Some speculate the Russians are helping Bernie because they think Trump would do best against him, and they are probably right about that. Along with all the other help the Russians are giving Trump. When is the last time Trump criticized Putin? Trump is clever enough to not bite the hand that feeds him.