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By Pete Moore On February 21st, 2020

The human race could cease to exist without massive worldwide action to tackle global warming, economists at JP Morgan have warned in a hard-hitting report on the “catastrophic” potential of climate change.

In an alarming document sent to clients, they said that deaths, immigration and conflicts will soar as the planet heats and water supplies dry up. Famines will increase and species will be wiped out […]

The economists call on world leaders to introduce a global carbon tax to prevent a meltdown, saying no other measure is likely to be enough.

It’s drivel of course, anti-scientific drivel. There is no research or evidence that comes remotely near saying such things. But at least we know that JP Morgan would make a fortune if governments do what they want.


  1. It’s drivel of course, anti-scientific drivel.

    The anti-scientific drivel comes from the climate liars who claim that CO2 emissions have **** all to do with the warming climate. Or even (the more extreme liars) that the climate is not warming. Or even (the true dunderheads) that the climate is cooling. A remarkably high number of them are also sky god fanatics who think that the earth is only a few thousand years old and that Adam and Eve were hunted by dinosaurs. That is certainly anti-scientific drivel.

  2. Nothing to see here, please move along:

    “Taking advantage of rare ice-free waters in West Antarctica last February, scientists got their first look underneath Thwaites Glacier, a massive and increasingly unstable formation perched at the edge of the continent. What they saw only increased fears of a collapse that could raise global sea levels by more than half a metre. Data gathered by a robotic submarine deployed by scientists with the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration suggest that warm water from the deep ocean is welling up from three directions and mixing underneath the ice…

    The warm currents could further destabilize the glacier, which is as large as the island of Great Britain and holds enough ice to boost global sea levels by an estimated 65 centimetres (see ‘A precarious position’). If it collapses, Thwaites could take other parts of the western Antarctic ice sheet with it and become the single largest driver of sea-level-rise this century…”