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By Pete Moore On February 21st, 2020

Because Friday night is Music Night

Another week done at the coalface of capitalism, a weekend of smashing the Irish at Twickenham arrives. Or maybe not. I fancied England to beat Ireland on Sunday. Then today Eddie Jones named the team. He has clearly entered the “I am an infallible genius” phase of his tenure. We have a 5 at 6, a 6 at 8, a 10 at 12, a 13 at 14 and an 11 at 15. If any of that works he will be a genius. Ireland appear to rediscovered some biff under Andy Farrell so at least we have a bruising one to look forward to. After Tyson Fury does Deontay Wilder.

But enough of that. I’ve been listening to this great old album this week so we’ll hear a bit of it now. Have a great weekend whatever you’re up to. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


  1. I just realised I posted this in the wrong place.

    The flock might be turning grey, but they can still knock out a great tune.

  2. Seeing how a track should be played is one of Youtube’s great benefits to me. That and funny puppy videos of course.

    The bloody hours I spent pouring over guitar notation sheets when I was 16 (an hour in and I’ve got the first bar licked). Now you have all the videos which actually demonstrate it. How revolutionary.

  3. This is the polka from Smetana’s The Bartered Bride, very wokely titled “Come Here Girl!”. Five minutes of joyous Czech music.


  4. Be a good game tomorrow, i think close
    it could all work for eddie jones and he’d be the miracel worker
    but it could fall part easily if ireland get ahead

    guys i’m taking a break for a while
    it too one sided the threads
    this i care about deeply as work in the field
    we gotta crisis in care , its not make believe either

    Social care is crumbling, and Johnson’s immigration plans will only make it worse

    its a really good polemic, and cuts into the reality of our need in UK
    and the dreaded word “immigration”


    no-one want to post on it .. and that’s too bad its really worth discussing
    I particularly would like to hear opposing arguments from petem etc
    so so long friends .. catch you i guess on Nov 3rd – god bless u all

  5. Pete Moore,

    Seeing how a track should be played is one of Youtube’s great benefits to me. That and funny puppy videos of course

    I agree. I’ve always fancied learning the keyboard and there’s a wealth of videos on YouTube showing you how to play some of the Great keyboard tunes. it would still be hard work to learn, and I admire anyone who takes the time and effort, to learn to play a musical instrument.
    I believe 20% of all internet traffic is funny puppy and kitten videos. The other 80% is of course pornography.

  6. I see the Irish Under 20s gave England a good pasting last night on English soil. Doubt it will be similar on Sunday…but hope springs eternal.

  7. Great tune that Dave. The took their name from this:


    Seeing how a track should be played is one of Youtube’s great benefits to me.

    Yep. Speaking of the Stranglers and Youtube tutorials, the seer magnificence of JJ Burnell’s bass playing:


  8. Nice bit of contemporary Catalan soul:


  9. I didn’t know that Paul, and I haven’t heard that strangler’s song before but I really enjoyed it. It’s gone into my favourites list. Cheers mate.
    You probably already know this but heaven 17 got their name from Anthony Burgess book a clockwork orange.

  10. Yeah, I think it was Martyn Ware came up with the name after he and Ian Marsh left the Human League to form the band. I’ve always loved the sadness of this:


    I’m giving this a revisist:


    As relevant now as it was in 1986. Matt Johnson was prophetic.

  11. Train Daddy has left the building


  12. Hang on, did no-one listen to the post? That’s a very good sound. It’s also a top, top album.

  13. Pete.

    I’ve just listened to your post, and I thought it was excellent.

    Going back to learning to play musical instrument, if I could do this I’d die happy.