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By Pete Moore On March 25th, 2020


A 21-year-old woman is believed to be the youngest person with no pre-existing health conditions to have died after contracting coronavirus in the UK.

Too many people are still too casual about this. I even see the elderly out and about. You have to wonder just what it will take to get people to wake up.

Prince Charles woke up too late. He’s tested positive for coronavirus and he’s 71. Some people need to be told that they are not too important. Stop being out there, stop the gladhanding and sit it out. He’s had meetings and done the usual routine lately. God knows how many he might have infected.

Rand Paul ought to have known better. I like him. All societies need its champions for liberty, particularly with statism running unchecked right now. But when he was tested positive for coronavirus his office tweeted that “He is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events.”

I think that right now is a really good time for princes and senators and all the rest to ditch the travel and events and meetings and photo ops. It’s about time that this behaviour was viewed as anti-social.

24 Responses to “IT’S NOT JUST THE ELDERLY”

  1. It’s just been announced on the news here that in the space of the last 24 hours 800 have died.

    Jesus Christ. That’s impossible to comprehend.

  2. Good thoughts Pete

    Yes, this is dangerous. You should not have to tell people that.

  3. This is pretty interesting, on the risks. Puts it into perspective, without poo pooing it:


    It is essentially saying that if nothing was done and almost everybody got it, it would be like we brought forward 1 years worth of deaths and compressed them into a few weeks.

    So, these people might arguably have died within a year anyway, but it’s it them all happening at once that makes it a catastrophe.

  4. Bloody hell. Prince Charles will be gutted if he doesn’t make it to the throne.

  5. That isn’t a euphemism for him sh**ing his pants by the way.

  6. I don’t know if David Vance ever bothers to read his own website any more.

    But he has officially lost the plot.

    He has almost 150,000 Twitter followers. Disseminating this sort of conspiracy theory garbage is just irresponsible behaviour.

  7. Too many people are still too casual about this. I even see the elderly out and about. You have to wonder just what it will take to get people to wake up.

    A major problem is that the government has no real idea of how many have been infected already. It is in the enormous range of 5% – 50% and this is because of the criminal lack of testing. Every day Johnson babbles that testing is about to be “ramped up” from 5,000 per day to 250,000 per day. He has been babbling this for over two weeks and today his medical guy confirmed that the great ramp-up is still weeks away.

    Anyway, here is an interesting speculation on the possibilty that 50% have already been infected:

    “Britain is now locked down for at least three weeks, but could the government’s original policy of relying on herd immunity have been right all along? That is the inference of a team of epidemiologists from Oxford university, whose modelling produces remarkably different results from that of Professor Neil Ferguson and his team at Imperial College. It was the Imperial College model which, on Monday 16 March which led to the dramatic U-turn, and the government’s adoption of a complete suppression policy for Covid-19.

    Like everything being published about coronavirus at the moment, the Oxford study comes with a health warning.

    It has not yet been peer-reviewed and, like all form of modelling, it relies on the quality of the data and assumptions which are fed into it. But if it is anywhere close to reflecting the truth, it raises questions about a policy of seeking to suppress Covid-19, with all the lockdowns and economic damage which comes with it. Infection with SARS-CoV-2 – the virus which causes Covid-19 – may be already so established in the population that it might be pointless trying to contain it.

    The good news, on the other hand, is that if the Oxford model is correct, it suggests the disease is a lot less deadly than has been feared. It would also suggest that the epidemic will be in decline much sooner than most currently believe, because there will soon be few people left for the virus to infect. The Oxford model suggests that the virus might have been in circulation in Britain for four weeks before the first death was recorded and that a large proportion, if not the majority, of the UK population might already be infected…”


  8. Peter,

    Seems almost impossible that the Oxford study is correct as it stands, 50% is too high and should be nowhere close given that there are still new cases in Lombardy.

  9. Yes Frank, but it just shows the extent to which we are still in the dark as a result of the criminal-level lack of preparation.

    Johnson is making it up as he goes along, as he has always done. But this time many lives are at stake. He needs to lock down London now or it will be as bad as New Youk within ten days.

  10. At 8.38pm the ‘thought policeman’ assigned to ATW has the chutzpah to tell DV – on his own site – that “Disseminating this sort of conspiracy theory garbage is just irresponsible behaviour.” and yet I saw nothing untoward about DV’s tweet. What exactly is the ‘conspiracy theory’? The theory that the Corona escaped from a lab? That’s plausible, certainly more plausible than ‘bat soup’ 🙂

  11. No one has said ” bat soup ” caused anything

    Scientists have said that it is likely that the virus jumped via the blood or urine of a bat that was butchered at a wet market in Wuhan

  12. ‘Bat soup’ was the meme of the Corona – are you still in your bubble?

    In the interests of hygiene, I shall henceforth be greeting friends and colleagues in a manner more appropriate to the times:


    I recommend this measure to all

  13. Prince Charles is just doing as he’s told


  14. Someone has a bat brain

    Fauci didn’t say that

    Who did?

  15. Prince Charles is isolating at Balmoral with Covid 19.

    Prince Andrew is isolating at Windsor with Jennifer 15.

  16. Phantom, on March 25th, 2020 at 9:32 PM Said:

    Someone has a bat brain

    Fauci didn’t say that

    Who did?

    Everybody – even here – knows that ‘bat soup’ was the meme of Corona. Of course Fauci didn’t say that – it’s a meme, IT’S A MEME

  17. Very well

    The bat soup was funny the first 100 times

    But let’s get back to the science.

    Do you disagree with the working assumption that this came from the blood or urine of a bat sold / processed by some idiot at the Wuhan wet market?

    The market which has since been closed, the market that was closed before after another virus

  18. Peter –

    Did you say that your daughter had Covid 19?

    The Oxford study is intriguing though the numbers are high. Loosely related, did anyone have that long-lasting cough a couple of months ago? A lot of people have claimed it. A work colleague had a dry cough from Christmas through all of January. I told him to get it checked out but he’s a bloke so didn’t. It couldn’t have been coronavirus because we worked closely for hours each day and I had nothing.

  19. Do you disagree with the working assumption that this came from the blood or urine of a bat sold / processed by some idiot at the Wuhan wet market?

    No – I don’t disagree with it as a possibility, but I don’t see it as a ‘working assumption’. Do you disagree with the ‘working assumption’ that this virus escaped from a bio-lab near Wuhan – where viruses are absolutely not tested? Note that deliberate release by foreign military personnel cannot be counted out either as the opportunity to damage a competitor is too good to miss. I don’t know – and nobody here does.

  20. Ah, dipping your toe in the conspiracy waters as promoted by embarrassed Chinese officials

    Good lad

  21. 🙂 ….the ‘conspiracy waters’

    A lot of stuff was released by wikileaks which shows the malice inside government, and not just that of the US though especially that within the US. I would count out nothing until the matter is corroboratively concluded, though the higher probability is the escape from the bio-lab

  22. No Joos yet Allan? I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

  23. Nothing is ever what it is.

  24. Dog lovers in Spain, where the virus has also hit with force, are still allowed to walk their pets — but can’t rent them out to others trying to get out of the house.

    The Civil Guard police told Reuters it sanctioned a man who had repeatedly tried to rent his dogs out on Facebook.

    NY Post

    Bad Spanish!