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By Pete Moore On March 26th, 2020

Those cheeky Chinks.


#BREAKING China says it will suspend the entry of foreign nationals holding valid visas and resident permits in an effort to curb the number of imported cases of the coronavirus

Ok, it’s their country. But they should never be allowed to forget that it was disgusting Chinese appetites and filthy Chinese hygiene standards which started this thing. And thanks to the endless lies of the Chinese Communist Party, tens of thousands of people will die from their Chinese Disease and the global economy has tanked.

Many leftists criticised President Trump for seeking to close entry to the Chinese and their virus. They can feel free to likewise criticise the regime which started it.

5 Responses to “NO GWEILO ALLOWED”

  1. Don’t mention the Chinese..

    I mentioned the Chinese virus, which started in China, by the Chinese a couple of days back… and I don’t think I got away with it.

    A couple of liberals on ATW were none too pleased. Shock..horror!

    This is not the time to mention the Chinese virus, which started in China, by the Chinese.


  2. @matteosalvinimi

    Se il governo cinese sapeva, non ha denunciato e non ha protetto, ha commesso un crimine ai danni dell’umanità e non si può far passare per salvatori quelli che hanno contagiato il mondo!

    Italy’s finest is bang on. The filthy Chinese socialists knew, they covered up, and they did not protect. It’s a crime against humanity.

  3. Harri –

    Anyone who says that the Chinese shouldn’t be named, shamed and blamed is repeating Chinese Communist Party propaganda and lies. They are repeating the lies of the greatest criminals on the planet.

  4. don’t forget too, that the majority of countries are doing all they can to help their people.
    except in larger parts of USA where Trump and his baloney thinking rulez, millions are going to die in USA. totally avoidable
    so The responsibility for that lies with the gov’t , ofc the origin with China.
    smart people like biden, pelosi, Cumuo, are going great
    stupid people like Trump, Rand Paul are doing shite

    In other news
    apparently the guys you’re looking for in China who started this in Jina are the half-enuch
    wun-hung-lo and the sewage worker Whu flung dung .
    I jest 🙂

  5. Those cheeky Chinks

    That made me chuckle Pete.

    The magnificent Father Ted:


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