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Need a laugh ?

By Patrick Van Roy On March 28th, 2020

21 Responses to “Need a laugh ?”

  1. On the subject of bats, this video gives a fascinating insight into the animals in general, and they’re connection to the coronavirus.


  2. I thought this pretty funny:


  3. That’s a really interesting vid Dave. Cheers mate.

  4. I hope our resident crazy Bat (Harri) is ok. I’m sure he will be along to entertain us all later 😉

  5. Colm.

    From one crazy bat to another.

    I’m fine thanks..

    How’s crazy London doing?

  6. Colm.

    I think London seems to be doing slightly better than normal, there doesn’t appear to have been any stabbings for oooh, at least 24 hours now by dem bruvvers…innit.

  7. Cheers Paul.
    Your video made me laugh out loud mate. Nice one.

  8. Harri

    London is as quiet as a sleepy Suffolk village. We Londoners are united in our respect for the regulations and government advice 😉

  9. Yes that was a funny video Paul. 😉

  10. Colm.

    You would get lost if you wandered past the end of your nose…

    Still, as much as a numbskull as you are, keep safe anyway my friend.

    DEADLY TREND London facing worse coronavirus outbreak than Italy’s epicentre as deaths in capital double every TWO days


  11. “Eat fewer bats”

    Don’t eat any bats, dogs, pangolins, or anything else with a pulse.

    But they are still at it?

    VIRUS RAGE Coronavirus fury as wet markets across Asia STILL selling wildlife to eat despite ‘sparking deadly pandemic


    Just how stupid are they?

  12. London’s just so nice…


  13. Yawn 🥱

  14. Colm.

    Have you any links to any videos just like that, from let’s say…Suffolk?

    Yawn that away..

  15. As I said..

    “You would get lost if you wandered past the end of your nose…”


  16. Colm

    Are you entertained enough yet?

    Colm, stop trying to be clever..

    It doesn’t suit you in the slightest.

  17. Harri

    I don’t have to try 😉

  18. Colm.

    I think we have safely worked that out mate..


  19. Colm.

    You asked for a head to head argument..

    You got one.

    You’re move.

    As I said, stop trying to be all clever..and stuff, it’s not in your ability…or character.

    Stick to playground double entendres.

    Thats your forte.

    Actually thinking? Hmmmmm.

    That’s seriously debatable.

  20. Harri,

    Don’t eat any bats, dogs, pangolins, or anything else with a pulse.

    Are you a vegetarian Harri?

  21. Sort of Dave.

    We only eat chicken and fish…

    Actually, I personally have been on a Joe Wicks diet for the last 16 days, I have lost a stone in weight.

    Apart from chicken, prawns, and fish, all other meat is murder.

    Especially bats, dogs, pangolins, snakes or anything else with a pulse.

    Note to the Chinese, stop it, stop it now.

    It’s not good for our health.

    Stick with chicken you barbarians.