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By Pete Moore On March 28th, 2020

BLOOMBERG: Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge

Rhode Island police began stopping cars with New York plates Friday. On Saturday, the National Guard will help them conduct house-to-house searches to find people who traveled from New York and demand 14 days of self-quarantine.

“Right now we have a pinpointed risk,” Governor Gina Raimondo said. “That risk is called New York City” […]

“Yesterday I announced and today I reiterated: Anyone coming to Rhode Island in any way from New York must be quarantined,” the governor said. “By order. Will be enforced. Enforceable by law.”

On the one hand it’s absolutely unAmerican. On the other, New York is taking a hammering. Thousands of people getting out now will undoubtedly spread the Chinese Disease. This has happened in Italy. The south is beginning to suffer because workers fleeing back home took it with them.

25 Responses to “SURREAL”

  1. The Hamptons are so over-run with wealthy New Yorkers panic-buying food and stretching medical supplies that local leaders are now asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo to issue a travel ban from the city.

    They suddenly want borders.

  2. Pete.

    Borders are only for the plebs in times of a crisis.

    They don’t mean them.

  3. Governor Gina is a dope.

    I doubt that there are people seeking ” refuge ” in Rhode Island. I think that one who takes the proper precautions would be as safe in Manhattan as they are in Providence.

  4. Phantom.

    Anyone going out and about to show solidarity, or support from the local pizza restaurant’s?

  5. Harri – yes.

  6. Most restaurants have take out and people are oder in from them to show support, even though dining there is now no longer an option.

  7. Many of us are doing that, all over the US

    The practice is well within the current guidelines

    We can’t save all the small businesspeople, but we can save some.

  8. Mahon, on March 28th, 2020 at 8:14 PM Said:
    Harri – yes.

    Just how stupid are some people?

  9. It’s a conspiracy

  10. Harri – one hardly needs to leave the pages of ATW to see how stupid people are. Your comments alone offer some of the finest examples.

  11. Mahons.

    Glad to be of assistance.


  12. Phantom, on March 28th, 2020 at 8:31 PM Said:
    It’s a conspiracy

    Oh dear.

    The robots still going..

    Yawn.. Zzzzzzzzzzz


  13. Stop feeding the crazy bat 😉

  14. Mahons, on March 28th, 2020 at 8:35 PM Said:

    Harri – one hardly needs to leave the pages of ATW to see how stupid people are. Your comments alone offer some of the finest examples.

    So writes a lawyer who wrote ‘Marshall law’

  15. Colm, on March 28th, 2020 at 8:45 PM Said:
    Stop feeding the crazy bat 😉

    Oh Jesus.

    The ATW resident crazy is still not at it is he?

    Is there no respite?


    Give it up you loon.


  16. So writes a lawyer who wrote ‘Marshall law’


  17. martial

  18. Bloody hellski.

    Have some of us had to cope with some shite today?

    From Colm claiming that London is as safe as a county in Suffolk, to masterson “informing” us that normal flu doesn’t always cause problems with mucus from the lungs, to Phantom boring us all to death with is “it’s a conspiracy nonsense “ Cop out. (No change there then) with absolutely no evidence to back up his all knowing self righteous virtue signalling claims, (again, no change there then)

    Jesus H Christ.

    What a day it has been.

  19. Phantom, on March 28th, 2020 at 9:45 PM Said:


    What’s that? Please – do explain

  20. lol Harri,
    I’m guessing you’re on your 3rd bottle, and think you’re playing 80’s game space-invaders, except its a political blog, and its not the quantity of postings but the quality that matters.
    Bit lost eh sonny jim ?

  21. Kurt.

    Hope you are keeping well, and safe.

    I think Colm must be on his fourth?

  22. never been busier harri, am exhausted and taking a day off
    hope you’re keeping safe and well too

  23. Agree with Phantom. The venerable Governor is being a bit silly.

    Part of the Donegal Gaeltacht had graffiti saying “caravans fan abhaile” (caravans stay home”). These weren’t refugees from Derry/Belfast but common garden holidaymakers getting out of city. Probably the same in RI.

  24. kurt, on March 28th, 2020 at 10:06 PM Said:
    never been busier harri, am exhausted and taking a day off
    hope you’re keeping safe and well too

    Many thanks for the thoughts Kurt.

    As I said, we are quite lucky here, there are 2000 acres of Crown estate to wander out and about just at the end of our garden, it’s not open to the public at anytime, so we can take daily exercise in relative safety.

    It’s my step-father who is causing the family a bit of a headache, he is 80 now, fit as a fiddle ( and yes, he drinks and smokes) he still insists on driving to visit all the family, and was planning his usual yearly jaunt to the family holiday home on the coast (Great Yarmouth) it’s hard to hold him back to be honest, he just doesn’t quite get all this?

    I stocked him up with supplies a couple of weeks back, he simply will not accept what all the fuss is about.

  25. We are humans. There are 66 million of us here in the UK. The large majority of the population will take the crisis seriously and act responsibly, some will be arrogant, some foolish and careless but not maliciously and others will simply not really understand the situation. To expect perfection in people is impossible.