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No Kidding

By Patrick Van Roy On March 29th, 2020

8 Responses to “No Kidding”

  1. Abortion is an ‘essential business’:

    From the Columbus Dispatch – I can’t get the link owing to Error code 16

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    2020-03-29 11:38:25 UTC

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    Despite a state health order banning non-essential medical procedures during the coronavirus health emergency, Ohio abortion clinics remained open last week.

    But after receiving complaints, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost ordered two of them to follow Ohio Health Director Amy Acton’s mandate. Yost’s warning applies to all such clinics in the state.

    However, operators of at least one of the clinics responded that they would both comply with Acton’s order and continue to provide abortions.

    And so is allowing immigrants to enter a country whilst all whites are banned….


    As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, Germany has shut its borders – but asylum seekers are still being accepted, even if they may have moved through the worst-affected countries. Is that the right signal to a locked-down populace?

    No – it’s prioritising and for Germans, your government considers you to be of lesser importance

  2. Abortion and guns

    Death has got it covered

  3. The Texas governor has outlawed elective abortions for the duration and is being sued by planned parenthood.

  4. yeah I saw that Charles….. sad

  5. Nothing like a 45 Automatic to ensure others dont infringe on your social distancing.

  6. You can’t ask someone to put off an abortion for a few months. This is an attempt to enforce anti abortion policies on women.

  7. a worried cake owner in el paso put up a sign saying
    ” you’ll never take away our buns ”
    actually its take-away only these days

    lol , link ? nah just made the whole thing up didn’t i 😉

  8. This is an attempt to enforce anti abortion policies on women.

    That’s precisely what it is Colm. It’s the thin end of the wedge.