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By Pete Moore On April 4th, 2020

Liverpool Football Club has joined Newcastle, Tottenham, Bournemouth and Norwich on furloughing non-playing staff.

Reminder: the government brought in emergency legislation allowing firms to furlough staff at immediate risk of losing their job because of the Wuhan virus. It is meant for hard-pressed firms. The government pays 80 percent of their wages. The employer can choose whether or not to top it up.

So those five Premier League clubs are billing the taxpayer for non-playing staff, i.e the people in the back offices and the like on average wages. These are clubs with mega incomes and, in the case of Liverpool and Sperz, billionaire owners. I expect nothing less of Newcastle. It’s owned by Mike Ashley. No further explanation required.

Few Premier League players are not multi-millionaires. The average weekly wage at Liverpool must be at least £100,000. It spends scores of millions on one decent player, plus millions to agents to get the deals done. So to bill the taxpayer for the rest of the staff is egregious and betrays a lack of self perception. Social media shows that even Liverpool fans are dismayed, and there are none so myopic and one-eyed as Liverpool fans.

Football really does itself no favours sometimes.


  1. Well said. Absolutely bloody disgraceful decision.

  2. Well said Pete. I can just about forgive Norwich and Bournemouth but the other three clubs are owned by billionaires, but that doesn’t stop them sticking their snouts in the taxpayers’ trough. This will not be forgotten.

    I really hope now that the season is voided and Liverpool don’t get awarded the title.

  3. I would think that big time professional sports teams, here and there, should not be subsidized by the taxpayer for anything.

    In the US, they’re subsidized enough as it is. They get special tax breaks, they very often play in stadiums that are taxpayer funded.

    I like sports, subsidizing big time sports in any way is the worst possible use of taxpayer money.

  4. It’s not just sports teams. Remember that 25 million that Pelosi slipped in the bill for the Kennedy Center? They laid off thee musicians anyway. What was the money for?

    Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team I believe is paying the back staff out of the organization, as he should. Rich teams should take care of their own.

  5. Yeah, Peter, because you didn’t want it voided before now. 😏

  6. The rich get richer. Well aimed post.

  7. have a reflective palm sunday folks
    Holy week is the most important week in the 52 week calendar
    we are reminded who we are and what was done for us

  8. Kurt

    I am resting the palms of my hands behind my head while lying in bed at midday browsing the net and watching TV. That’s my Palm Sunday 😉

  9. Colman – I was afraid you’d make a more crude suggestion regarding the use of palms this Sunday.

  10. I think there is a maximum of £2,500 per month ?


  11. Mahons

    I knew someone would come back with a riposte like that. I knew it would also be someone of an Irish Catholic (don’t do wicked things with the palms of your hands) background 😉

  12. I see in other sporting news, more from the American side of things, that Tom Dempsey has died of Covid-19. For those who don’t know who he is Tom Dempsey was an NFL kicker, who in 1970 kicked the longest field goal in (then) NFL history (the record was broken in 2013). More remarkable was that he did it with half a foot. He was born without toes on his kicking foot.