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Palm Sunday

By Mahons On April 5th, 2020

Apologies for an atypical post but with all the anxiety and worry this day may not feel like Palm Sunday to everyone. However it is the start of the traditional Christian Holy Week which coincides with the Passover celebration of the Jewish faith. The symbolism or meaning of the passing over of the Angel of Death, the passing over from Egypt to Israel and the passing over of Christ from torture and death to the resurrection I’ll leave to theologians and more serious venues. But whether you believe in all or none of the above, whether you consider them true or fables, isnt really my point here today. It is a celebration of a fundamental human spirit to go on through a storm and get through it. To continue, to persevere, to overcome. We shall.

18 Responses to “Palm Sunday”

  1. Even more appropriate for the present time when you think of it: the Jewish families had to remain alone at home in their houses when death came and passed them by.

    So, as another prophet said, “It’s all been done before, It’s all written in The Book”.

    God bless the many people of New York who tragically the angel of death won’t pass by in the coming week.

  2. It is a celebration of a fundamental human spirit to go on through a storm and get through it. To continue, to persevere, to overcome. We shall.

    Good post Mahons, well said. The resiliance of the human spirit is unquantafiable.

    Of course Easter is a particularly significant time to some of us here. Apologies if this is too indulgent:


  3. Good post.

    Bad preachers Intend to celebrate palm Sunday by Holding large public services, so that the virus may spread more easily

    I don’t think that the governor of Texas has a problem with that, I do know that the pro Covid governor of Florida does not have a problem with that, since he actually made a ruling that over overrode local restrictions on public church gatherings



  4. For as I can remember, my mum has always done a family get-together for Easter Sunday. To my great disappointment, that will not be happening this Sunday.

  5. Dave

    I would highly recommend a video call with as many people as you can get on it if that’s possible to do

    It’s not remotely as good as the real thing, but it’s good

    I’m doing that more and more with friends and family.

    You can do it in a relaxed way, With no particular agenda, as if you were all just hanging around the living room or the dining table

  6. Phantom

    Cheers mate.
    I’ve been keeping in pretty regular contact by phone with my mum and family as well as other friends. We’ve been doing social things on zoom and WhatsApp.
    But being stuck in the house by myself is really quite depressing, I can actually understand how solitary confinement works now.

  7. Yes, you heard about the security issues with Zoom right? Which I believe are being fixed


  8. I use an old Pentium machine for zoom.
    I wouldn’t trust it on my main server.

  9. You would know more about this stuff than I do

    Do you think That average people should avoid it?

  10. To be honest for the average home user, I would say the security loophole is probably not something to be overly worried about. It depends what you discuss as people can hack the conference session. For business users in meetings that is obviously more of an issue.

  11. Yes and I guess the average home user is only linked to a small number of well known other users

    Some business and educational users would be speaking across larger networks of Persons less known to them

  12. G

  13. Good post Mahons, and very appropriate for Holy Week.

    The Texas Governor has very stupidly opened the churches here. Masses however, will remain virtual.

  14. The governors of Texas and Florida and others will have blood on their hands

    This is not a mistake, it is wickedness

  15. good post.

    The whole world is experiencing Passover as we huddle in our homes hiding from the Angel of Death. The only thing missing is the Lambs blood above our doors and windows.

  16. What’s Palm Sunday?


  17. prayers for the southern states still not on lock down
    and for the nurses in new york, sent to fight the virus with no protections

  18. Harri

    It’s the day you rush around the supermarkets stockpiling Easter eggs 😉