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Good News From The UK

By Mahons On April 7th, 2020

We forget one of the things that appears in times of crisis is not just fear and uncertainty, but courage. I’ve always thought courage doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid, it means you move forward despite being afraid. In the UK the government asked for 250,000 volunteers to help the NHS. It got over 750,000 to date. That is why this thing will be beaten.

37 Responses to “Good News From The UK”

  1. It is only good news if they can make practical use of all those volunteers.

  2. Good job, you British!

  3. Amen, and God Bless

  4. our new model army, kind hearts , bravo
    I met one on sunday, she said on monday this app she will use
    connects her with people in her area, and she’ll help who need it in her radius
    with whatever they need: shopping, meds, frienship
    very heartening news

  5. It is good news in that there is a spirit of service for the public good.

  6. Probably for society overall, it would be good if a corona-type thing turned up every now and again.

  7. I think life is hard enough without it.

  8. “Our” NHS at it’s finest…….

    Today inviting applications for a newly created post in Bristol… a Diversity & Inclusion Manager…..37.5hours per week…….salary £38,000

  9. The World is caught in a deadly pandemic and economic disaster and what troubles you to comment is a diversity job posting?

  10. //I think life is hard enough without it.//

    For many it is, but for many it isn’t. This kind of thing sort of focusses the mind and, as you write above, brings us back to basics and generates the best in mankind.
    Maybe we’d been lulled into a false sense of security due to the absence of danger and continuing economic growth etc. for so long. People seemed to think they had a natural right to this and that, all kinds of gains and to travel anywhere, and forget that such rights are a very recent thing and restricted only to certain groups of people and that they can be lost very easily.

    Above all, we forget how fragile life is and think we can control practically everything and that death is far away. One thing that always surprised me when talking to my parents, and other old people, above life back in the old days, when there was almost unrelenting hardship, poverty and when practially every family was touched by death and everyone else lived with the distinct possibility of dying early, was that they all say that people were happier then. They showed more solidarity and generosity. They were simply more modest in their expectations and modest people are happier.

    Yes, give me modern comforts and modern medicine any day, but it would be nice to think that something good for society in general comes from visitations like this.

  11. Noel

    While I understand the sentiment you are expressing with this “see the good in the bad” comment I think its easier for us who can pass through this relatively untouched to appreciate the view but I still would rather it hadn’t happened, regardless of the altruistic lessons learned.

  12. The World is caught in a deadly pandemic and economic disaster and what troubles you to comment is a diversity job posting?

    Yes, 1 job from the 201 advertised:


    But it would be nice to think that something good for society in general comes from visitations like this.

    I think it will Noel, whether it lasts is another thing. I mean, just look at some of the perpetually crabbed, malcontented comments we get here.

  13. Mahons

    Apparently you fail to appreciate that this shambles is because RNHS let the UK down. Ill-prepared, ill-equipped, badly-led. It had the resources, but it chose to squander them on the Common Purpose agenda – free treatment for the World, castration for the mentally deranged, and well-paid equality and diversity sinecures for fat smelly dykes.

  14. The NHS is underfunded as compared with peers

    And the US and other nations were ill prepared as well, as was your government.

    The fact that China lied and covered up did not help.

  15. I think djaym is best ignored.

  16. Same oul slogans every time. Easier than thinking about things.

    Like the young “Conservative” college students

  17. Yes, the Corona crisis currently in the UK is the fault of the NHS. Were there no NHS the UK wouldn’t of course be in this position.

    Do these people even live in reality?

  18. PM – Did you even read the comment ? Obviously not

  19. Djaym – well I guess if you were castrated then you have a sympathetic complaint.

  20. djaym

    What health system and what nation in your learned opinion has performed the best in dealing with this crisis

    Please be as specific as you like.

  21. This ‘thing’ will be beaten because it’s just a seasonal flu:


    The leaders of Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic and Austria have announced plans to relax coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

    Schools and day care centres are set to reopen in Denmark on 15 April in what will be the first steps the country is taking to ease its quarantine rules, while Norway will do so five days later.

    In the Czech Republic, which declared a state of emergency on 12 March and shut borders four days later, is looking to re-open more stores from Thursday.

    The Czech Republic has seen 78 people die and 4,822 cases among its 10.7 million population.

    But the flu hoax works

  22. Phantom, on April 8th, 2020 at 5:57 PM Said:
    What health system and what nation in your learned opinion has performed the best in dealing with this crisis

    According to a director Canadian epidemiologist of the WHO Organization.


    You couldn’t make this shit up.


  23. PM – Did you even read the comment ? Obviously not

    Of course I read the comment. It’s a whinge about some some conspiracy agenda whilst ignoring the fucking huge grey pachyderm sitting on the sofa.

  24. pachyderm?

    Shum mishtake..shorely?

    You mean a Pangolin?

    Or a bat, or something, or other..

    It started in a wet- market, right, of course it did.


  25. Oh god Harri, you’re not back onto to those bloody bats again are you. Its like groundhog day 🙂

  26. Colm

    That’s the official take on the origins?


    Do you know different?

    Pray, tell..

  27. Colm.

    No really, it really did…look.

    How did coronavirus start and where did it come from? Was it really Wuhan’s animal market?
    It’s likely Covid-19 originated in bats, scientists say. But did it then jump to pangolins?


  28. Harri, I do know different, but if I told you I would have to kill you 🙂

  29. Colm.

    You have an opinion.

    But have you got any links.


    I will take a wild stab in the dark, and say..no.

  30. I don’t think that there’s any ‘official’ definitive position on the origins, just opinion and theory.

    As I said before, the strongest insistence on the definite origins of this as far as I can see are coming from those blatantly stating or heavily implying that this virus was a bio weapon.

  31. Paul

    I am one of those.

    I blatantly imply it’s a leaked dangerous pathogen from a Lab in Wuhan.

  32. That’s fair enough H.

    I’m just a bloke sitting on a laptop in northern Spain but from what I’ve read around this the majority (all?) that are qualified and experienced to authoritatively comment on the origins of such things have opined that while anthing’s possible that seems to be the least likely possibility.

  33. Harri –

    The evidence (for now) suggests that it was accidentally released from the Wuhan lab. It’s a matter of public record, fact beyond dispute because the lab website made no secret of it, that bat coronaviruses are a focus of its research. It’s a act beyond dispute that lab staff worked on bat coronaviruses. It’s looking like the wet market being nearby is coincidence.

  34. Ah, but Pete.

    Masterson knows better…apparently?

    Harri, on March 18th, 2020 at 7:12 PM Said:
    Phantom, on March 18th, 2020 at 6:57 PM Said:
    China does have a lot to answer for.
    If the genie was let out a bottle accidentally by eating anything with a pulse, or accidentally from a level-4 bio lab finding new & exciting ways to kill us all.
    One thing is for certain, a) their health & safety sucks, and b) they {The Chinese} should be begging the world for forgiveness.
    How many more deadly viruses have the Chinese got to gift the rest of the world before someone, somewhere, stands up and says “enough is enough” (fair play to President Trump for sort of coming close to telling us plebs the truth) when he calls it as it is, a “Chinese Virus”
    Only this time, unfortunately, something actually made in China is going to last longer than most, if not just about all of their other products.

    Within minutes…

    masterson, on March 18th, 2020 at 7:29 PM Said:

    I’ll leave Harri’ s idiocies in the gutter where they belong.

    I will stick to my guns on this one..

    Someone is going to have some serious egg to scrape off their face..

    I have got a strong feeling it won’t be me..

  35. Phantom
    What health system and what nation in your learned opinion has performed the best in dealing with this crisis

    Well, not the EU, that’s for sure.

    “It will take time for the EU to get a large numbers of ventilators quickly to treat Covid-19 patients, a commission spokesperson said Friday. The executive launched a joint procurement in March, suppliers had been selected, and countries can begin negotiating deliveries. “Taking into account the difficult situation of the markets and the complexity of products like ventilators, their production and delivery is expected to take time,” the spokesperson said.”


    You’re welcome

  36. The evidence (for now) suggests that it was accidentally released from the Wuhan lab. It’s a matter of public record, fact beyond dispute

    No, it’s by no stretch a “fact beyond dispute”. It’s possible that the lab was the source but the previous Sars pandemics have come from the disgusting so-called “wet” food markets and this one is probably from the same source. For now there is no conclusive evidence, so Rightard conspiracy nuts should stop posting as if there is.

    All we can be sure of is that it did not originate with the US Army, as the lying Chinese regime has suggested. Straight from Putin’s playbook, you would think, but you would be wrong. Because Putin’s propaganda outfit RT is pushing the 5G conspiracy theory and some morons in the West have attacked the mobile phone masts. This puts Rightards in a cruel dilemma. They “know” it must be a conspiracy, but which conspiracy should they support?

  37. It’s beyond dispute that there is a direct correlation between Covid-19 hotspots and areas where the reverse vampires are prevalent.