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By Pete Moore On April 8th, 2020

The historian Niall Ferguson has a few question for Xi Jinping, the criminal head of the criminal regime which controls China. Number 3 is the trillion dollar question. It betrays how unconcerned Peking was with preventing the spread of their virus around the world. Unroll please –

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  1. The historian Niall Ferguson has a few question for Xi Jinping, the criminal head of the criminal regime which controls China.

    On the face of it, they, the CCP appear to have serious control over the pointless, worthless WHO crooked, inept, and totally corrupt organisation too.

  2. China has “owned” the WHO for years. Trump is right to withdraw US funding – let China pay 100% of the costs of its mouthpiece. The West should set up its own health organisation dedicated to avoiding a repeat of this disaster.

  3. China must be part of any such organization.

    But all the criticism that I see of China, and of the WHO is more than justified.

  4. Fair play Phantom.

    Keep safe.

  5. Peter

    I think that there will ultimately be broad political support here for moving production of essential supplies and medicines away from China, to move that production here and or to friendly/closer nations. There is much talk along these lines, including in conservative media, which until recently was all for so called free trade.

    Is there much or any such talk in Britain / Europe about doing this.

    China’s government has done something terrible to the world. Lessons must be learned.

  6. China must be part of any such organization.

    No Phantom.

    China has caused millions of deaths by its lying and cheating on this pandemic. We will all know victims by the end of this, people whose lives were cut short by the corrupt lying despots in China. And of course aided and abetted by their fellow-travellers in the West, a particular **** you goes to those traitors.

    The WHO needs to be disbanded and replaced by an honest organisation which will not kow-tow to China. The EU and the USA could make a start as soon as this is over. Not holding my breath.

  7. Hopefully, Mr. Johnson makes a full recovery.

    His government is not at all happy with China.

    And I believe that he was particularly unhappy with China’s ” big lie ” that the US military had dropped the virus into Wuhan.

    I wouldn’t count on any leadership from the EU here. Could it come from the erratic US and a UK whose PM went tot the ICU thanks to China?


  8. Political leaders and major media in the US UK and Australia have been very critical of the Chinese government, correctly so, for the cover-up and the lies.

    Have German/French/EU big shots or continental media outlets voiced similar pointed criticisms of China?

    They know what’s going on, but are they saying anything?

  9. The generally national reponse by western governments to the crisis is natural and not bad, but ultimately crises like this should show all democratic and open societies how much they have in common and how much they differ from less free countries. We all face a common danger and hopefully will develop structures for confronting such challenges in the future.

    Phantom is right that you can’t expect the EU to provide any direction. The EU has in fact been without direction even among the EU nations during the crisis.
    But you can’t expect any leadership from a Trump US either, who when he isn’t praising his own successes in beating Corona is running down all international organisations and foreign ties.

  10. The USA is leaderless at the top, And will remain that way for at least ten months

    But there have been some very good comments from Senate leaders such as Lindsey Graham. They could push for some direction against China

  11. //They know what’s going on, but are they saying anything?//

    If this virus came from Thailand or Brazil or some other place, you can be sure criticism would be loud, but nobody wants to damage economic interests with China.

    From politicians you hear not a word. Only from a few conservative papers, and I get the feeling they are glad of Pompeo’s stance for the first time.

    But it seems the harshest criticism of the Chinese govt is coming from within China itself. Maybe something will move there at last. At any rate, Bejing’s plans in HK will have been set back a bit.

  12. Yes, and Beijing’s desire to expand its imperial writ into free Taiwan Had better be put on hold for a few centuries as well

    Taiwan is a vibrant and free democracy, communist China, of the concentration camps and virus is a disgrace

  13. Phantom

    The US is up to Trump, I support him 100% in his opposition to China. They are a hateful despotic regime which will have caused millions of deaths this year by their lying and corruption and despotism.

    Australia is too dependent on selling coal to China, so no hope there. There will be grandstanding from its pathetic climate-liar government, but then they will kow-tow to get the coal sales going again. Because they are bought and paid for by the coal cartel which daren’t offend China.

    The EU is a busted flush. Italy has got more masks from Germany and France than from China, but no economic help in the form of Corona Bonds. I’m so glad that the UK is out, but I hate the fact that we gave up the chance to buy EU ventilators last month due to Tory Brexit bigotry. That will cost lives too and someone should pay for that, but be sure that no-one will.

  14. Trump has spoken the truth about China.

    Yes he has

  15. this “pandemic” was the icing on the cake. Take all of Trumps idiosyncrasies and they are brushed aside by the fact that he was right. The American people understand that. That is his base and strength.

  16. He wasn’t right about the virus.

    He minimized it Many times from the highest pulpit in the land.

    We can send you the tapes if you haven’t heard them.

    Trumper governors in Texas and Florida Took executive decisions that will spread the virus further, Not just in the borders of those states. ( Allowing bornie preachers have “ spread the virus Sunday “ services ) I haven’t seen the great leader criticize those governors.

    He has been right on some things, such as criticizing China, but he has otherwise been an incoherent mess for much of this crisis

  17. and I can send you the timeline….. the first case hit jan 21st he shut travel from china the 31st and was called racist by Biden and the Congress was running a phoney Impeachment and that’s exactly how the majority of the american public views it.

    The election is going to prove whether I’m right or not. Care to take a gentleman’s bet ?

  18. Trump has been outplayed by China. He put up faux tough stance with tariffs, etc. but got nothing. The Chinese read him and outsmarted him.

    Coronavirus is a national problem for the US. Trump tried to ignore it, then downplay it, then try to put the responsibility on the states when as a national problem he should have taken the lead, prepared the country for it, arranged for medical equipment and PPA, coordinated all efforts to defeat it. Instead, as he said himself, he takes no responsibility and consequently the pandemic has turned out to be much more devastating than if it had good national leadership.

    China is guilty as charged for covering up the virus and permitting it to spread throughout the world. The world will not stop doing business with China but it will gradually move business to other countries and, hopefully push back on Chinese expansion. It would be best if the response to China is multilateral and coordinated.

  19. ahhh poor NYr

    I love ya though you are consistent.

  20. “the first case hit jan 21st he shut travel from china the 31st” Tens or hundreds of thousands have arrived in the US since the end of January. How did that happen if he shut down travel? Trump lies all the time but facts reveal hot air and the mush his followers swallow.

  21. PVR

    “I love ya though you are consistent.” Consistently correct. If I am wrong, prove it.

  22. NY

    Spot on, you beat me to it

    There were nonstop Air China flights into California and I believe New York well until February, and probably March

  23. Oh excuse me it wasn’t a flight ban it was a quarantine order still just ten days after the first case and while dr fucknuts was still saying there was nothing to worry about.

    You guys a fooling yourselves if you believe the public perception of this mess is blamed on Trump in any form posible. You really need to expand your reading and viewing choices broader than they are.

    Trumps popularity is stronger than it’s ever been and the democrats is at it’s lowest. No one is blaming anyone but the chicoms for the virus and the american public’s view of Trumps handling of the crises is being greatly accepted. So much so that your propaganda stations and rags want to stop covering the updates.

    Add to that Nancy’s last minute pork attachment and holdup on the aid bill went over like a lead balloon it probably cost her the House. And the left are continuing to scream the sky is falling and are far overreaching their authority.

    This thing is petering out and was overblown to begin with. The Nations patience is wearing thin and it’s not with Trump. One of two things is going to happen either 50,000 people are going to die in the US in the next 2 weeks or America’s going back to work the first of May.

    Millions were supposed to die here than 200,000…. there are 14,800 deaths as of now in the US if their aren’t 60,000 by the end of the month and the people aren’t told they can work…. it will get ugly, and it will get ugly because the threat doesn’t justify the cost.

    You can’t make the people suffer for a flu that kills less than drug overdoses, suicide, or even the common flu.

  24. US declares coronavirus ‘public health emergency,’ orders quarantines
    By Steven Nelson and Bob FredericksJanuary 31, 2020 | 4:36pm

  25. You can’t make the people suffer for a flu that kills less than drug overdoses, suicide, or even the common flu.

    Patrick, I don’t do praying, but this time I really do hope and pray you are correct on this one.

    This virus has nothing to do with Trump, or any other world leader.

    The fault lies squarely at the feet (again) of the Chinese government.

    Don’t let them off the hook.

    That would an injustice to every single victim. China fully deserve retribution, now maybe not the time, but retribution must follow in one form or another.

  26. PVR

    “You guys a fooling yourselves if you believe the public perception of this mess is blamed on Trump in any form posible.” Why is Trump trying to blame everyone else but himself? If he was not getting blamed there would be no need for trying to blame others. There is much more death to come from the virus and economic destruction and most of it could have been prevented if there was a competent and swift response from Trump.

  27. Harri

    “China fully deserve retribution”. What do you suggest?

  28. There were nonstop Air China flights into California and I believe New York well until February, and probably March

    While President Trump was trying to stop flights from China Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic mob were howling about it being racist. Oh yes they were.

    Trump mentioned it in his SOTU speech, the speech which Pelosi ripped up.

    And all along they were telling people to get out there and party, while the left wing media were saying that the flu is worse.

    We are not having any of that left wing rewriting of history around here, chums.

  29. Trump didn’t need Nancy Pelosi’s permission to stop flights from China

  30. Trumps coronavirus plan was a typical Trump plan.

    Eye catching statement couple with virtually no substance

    “Hey I shut down the whole China thing” He didn’t really and it would have only worked if combined with a bunch of other steps which never happened.

  31. I think that in the two months after Trump announced the China flight ban, there were an average of five nonstop flight arrivals from China in the US. And many China travelers arrived via Tokyo and other places.

    There are many reports of no special questioning of travelers from China during that period, no checking of temperatures as you were seeing in other countries during that time.

    It’s all ad hoc, not much follow through on anything.

  32. five nonstops from China each day

    What a blockade!!

  33. Speaking of China, this is a welcome step in the right direction:


  34. Paul

    I will take that with a serious large dose of salt.

    No offence.

    Personally, I trust the CCP as far as I can throw them.

  35. China also apparently banned the inhumane barbaric wet- markets for a short while, about 4 weeks while lockdowns were in place.

    Then promptly allowed them to reopen.