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By Pete Moore On April 25th, 2020

Six novels in random order. Six chosen from memory which I have learned from, benefited from reading, or simply enjoyed.

1) I, Claudius by Robert Graves

2) The Salamandra Glass by AW Mykel

3) Dark Star by Alan Furst

4) The Code of the Woosters by PG Wodehouse

5) Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

6) The Legion of the Damned by Sven Hassel

30 Responses to “SIX BOOKS”

  1. 6) The Legion of the Damned by Sven Hassel


    Read the whole series, I think there are about 13 of them..

    Brutal if I recall correctly?

    Sven Hassel books go back some years, the 70’s if I recall?

  2. I’m about to finish an inspirational book about how an uneconomic farm in the Sussex weald was given back to nature in 2001 and the astonishing results in terms of biodiversity. Highly recommended in these dark days:


  3. Harri –

    I read them all too. It’s a great series. The Legion of the Damned was the first, published in 1953.

  4. lol I’ve read so much as an adult other than what I was forced to read for school the only book I ever bought and read before I was 21 was the collective works of A. C. Doyle. The next 30yrs I read everything, last 10 I’ve barely cracked a book.

    Favorite writers….. that would be hard.

  5. Not big on novels but Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe was the funniest book I ever read. There were literally tears running down my face reading it.

  6. Yes Paul, I would say that Sharpe was the funniest English writer since Kingsley Amis. Lucky Jim will always be a classic.

  7. There are passages in Riotous Assembly which cannot be more funny. As I recall, most of them involved Konstabel Els.

  8. I have read this.. if you haven’t yet read it, please do..

    Is it Just Me or is Everything Shit?: The Encyclopedia of Modern Life Hardcover – 1 Jan. 2006


  9. I read Riotous Assembly on Pete Moore’s recommendation. It did not dissapoint !

  10. yup read quite a few sven hassel, robert graves the white goddess
    see harri : its not just BAME fer me 🙂

  11. Stop it kurt, you’ll bring out the Gammon in Harri 🙂

  12. hehe , a full on purple ragefest , a throbbing thyroid buster bloodvessel 🙂

  13. I’ve read 3 of those 6 books.
    I’m a huge sci-fi fan, and I read a lot of science fiction novels.
    I’ll have to give Riotous Assembly a try, after all the recommendations.

  14. Dave

    Riotous Assemble is one of those books that has a particular style of comedy writing that like Marmite will either be loved or loathed. An individual will either fall into the ‘tears of laughter’ category or will read the whole thing and not even raise a smile. There is no half way house.

  15. Colm.

    Is it better to read it, or listen to it as an audiobook?

  16. Dave

    I have never read an audiobook. I can’t make that judgement. Personally I wouldn’t want to. I have never even read a book electronically. I have only ever read actual paper books. That’s how I like it. To me its the only way to read a book.Each book is its own individual thing. It is more satisfying and personal to hold the book, start the page and see and feel physically as you make your way through to finally turning that last page. Clicking on the same device to read each ‘book’ or just passively listening to an audiodevice is not the same.

  17. The Code of the Woosters is funny in virtually every sentence. Great Expectations is a classic that if you’ve held off reading, dont. Thanks for the other suggestions.
    Non fiction readers I direct to The Boys in the Boat.

  18. I’m a real book person myself Colm, people rave about their Kindles, but I resist. Audio books however are great for long drives.

  19. It’s rare for me now to actually get a paper book.

  20. Sadly, There are fewer proper bookstores around.

    Some local communities treasure the independence stores that remain and go out of their way to support them.

    And now, I believe that the stores have been closed, and are taking a big financial hit.

  21. Independent

  22. Mahons

    Can you really appreciate fully an audiobook while driving ? Listening to the radio is one thing but surely to properly experience a good well written book you need to concentrate on every word and sentence to appreciate the nuances of plot character and developments. With the best will in the world that would be extremely difficult while concentrating on all the manoevers and interactions on the road with other vehicles and pedestrians while driving.

  23. When you spend more than an hour in the car or on the train everyday Audio books are great. You actually get more out of it Colm in the sense that it’s like listening to a play and you have the inflections of the reader. What words they emphasize their tone etc.

    My youngest read all the Dresden Files books and kept pestering me to read them, when I didn’t she put Audible on my phone and downloaded the 1st book. I enjoyed it.

  24. Colm – when i drove while reading a book i would run over a few people, the audio books significantly cut down on such mishaps….

    Actually I used to make the New York to New Orleans run a couple of decades ago and I found that audio books were quite enjoyable. I don’t prefer them, but I would recommend them for Travelers.

  25. Colm – when i drove while reading a book i would run over a few people, the audio books significantly cut down on such mishaps….

    I found the same thing when I switched to audiobooks while doing my carpentry work. It’s a lot less dangerous than trying to read while using a mitre saw. 😀

  26. Mahons

    The sacrifice of a few clumsy jaywalkers is a price worth paying in the service of enabling you to enjoy a proper paper book on your drive 🙂

    New York to New Orleans, wow that’s some drive. Obviously that would involve large long stretches of straight empty roads so I can see the appeal of the audibooks. A different driving experience than the usual busily interactive one of driving shorter distances within a road crowded urban city.

  27. Yes, I would recommend for long drives only.

  28. Riotous Assembly is about the South African Police Force during apartheid so an audio book might be interesing for direct speech narrative accents.

    As I say above I’m not big on fiction however in terms of classics it would be a three way toss, (ooher Colm), between The Picture of Dorrian Grey, Oliver Twist & 1984

    Non fiction, Homage To Catalonia.

  29. There is one slow passenger train a day that runs from New York to New Orleans.

    I love trains, and one day I may take this trip


  30. I read Homage to Catalonia ages ago , and 1984 (yes in that year when everyone was reading it) . Never read Oliver Twist but I was Oliver in a school play !