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By Pete Moore On April 27th, 2020

How embarrassing.

The Guardian: EU ‘watered down’ report on Chinese disinformation about Covid-19

The European Union’s foreign policy chief is facing questions over allegations that a report about Chinese disinformation over Covid-19 was watered down in response to pressure from Beijing.

In a letter to Josep Borrell, the Dutch MEP Bart Groothuis calls for a “formal and full explanation to the European parliament” about the evolution of an EU report on disinformation, amid emerging evidence it was altered under Chinese pressure.

Even with the Chinese Disease ravaging the world, every day outside of the rotten, corrupt EU is a great day. Imagine wanting to be governed by these crooks.


  1. Wait. Surely the article above shows the EU in a positive light as it highlights the vigilence of and accountability to the European Parliament.

    Bravo EU.

  2. For the benefit of non-UK visitors
    this is from an arch-brexiteer petem , and they got their Brexit in Jan 2020
    does it ever shut them up about the EU ? Nope
    they still can’t let go of the apron-strings
    rest of us have moved on ..

  3. A pro EU liberal MEP in the European Parliament holding a European Council representative accountable to the Parliament?

    All sounds very democratic to me.

  4. “All sounds very democratic to me.”

    No, Paul. The EUSSR ate my hamster. That’s all that matters.

  5. Your foreign minister changed his report under Chinese pressure.

  6. Your government bowed to Chinese pressure for a trade deal and agreed let the Chinese Intelligence Services Huawei install Britain’s 5G.

    What will they do about their trade deal now?