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By Patrick Van Roy On May 20th, 2020

7 Responses to “DAVID VANCE LIVE 20.05.20”

  1. That background looks as realistic as the time Dave spoke at the “United Nations”. You know, that time him and Hopkins stood in the U.N cafeteria until there was no-one left after lunch, before taking photos on a spare podium, pretending to give speeches…

  2. So Howard when you broadcast LIVE from your home to multiple platforms what does YOUR background look like?

    give us the link to one so we can see……

  3. I admire David’s ambition, doing all these things.

    More power to him.

  4. ya gotta admire his pluck….

    Plus his business hasn’t shutdown but has to do all the hoop jumpin for an essential. So it’s not like he’s just sitting around the house.

    The Interview with Anne Marie went well, this is new delivery method. I believe it goes out over Youtube, FaceBook and I think Periscope. All 3 Live.

  5. Patrick Van Roy, on May 21st, 2020 at 6:24 PM Said:
    ya gotta admire his pluck….

    To be sure..

    DV definitely raises the leftards blood pressure to evaporation point.

    So he must be something right.

  6. *doing

  7. I suspect that David is very much in the same vein as his fellow blogger Jamie Bryson, striving for ‘political class’ & ‘MSM’ respectable credibility and attacking the subjects from the fringes when it’s not forthcoming.

    ‘AltNews’ is much like Bryson’s own ‘Unionist Voice’ too, slickly presented internet sites that provide a platform for slanted author opinions and very selective stories designed to propagate a very specific political point. I don’t think David ‘raises the leftards blood pressure to evaporation point’ either, as a matter of fact, more than one person has told me of him blocking them on social media for no more than difficult questions.

    I don’t know how much work goes into such endeavors but David’s tenacity is to be admired