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LMAO…… following the Law

By Patrick Van Roy On May 21st, 2020

24 Responses to “LMAO…… following the Law”

  1. So don’t carry a gun. Problem solved.

  2. Or carry your gun and stay outside.

  3. People wantonly spreading a disease in the community is cause for a LMAO. Strange times.

  4. Them – Yeah? Get out then.

    Problem solved.

  5. Whiners gonna whine

  6. no sense of Humor….. I’ll tell ya

  7. It isn’t a lack of humour. It is that this isn’t funny.

    It is arguing that morons should be allowed to endanger public health by not wearing masks simply because those same morons are also endangering public health by owning a gun.

    When it comes to this the shop should be clear. Toss the gun or toss the gun owner.

  8. I’ve a great sense of humour Pat. At best it’s mildly amusing.

  9. I fail to see the attraction of entering someone’s place of business while carrying a loaded gun, unless you were thinking of robbing the place.

    Very many store owners / chain store owners / landlords are disturbed by the practice. In Ohio and other places, you will very often see ” no gun ” signs at the door. Others don’t want to deal with the issue and get into arguments with the disturbed people.


  10. What’s the average time between a US gun-fetishist buying a gun for “protection”, and them firing it at somebody because they got mad and they felt powerful, because of said gun?

    Given a long enough timeline, they mostly all will, right? No-one can love guns as much as the US right and not just itch to pull that trigger on someone.

  11. I think that there are a lot of responsible and well trained gun owners out there.

    But very many hot tempered idiots who don’t know what end of the gun the bullet comes out of either.

    And the type that spends their lives writing about guns on the internet all day long, and the rights that the guns and gun nuts have over the rights of normal people, is beyond weird.

  12. Yes I can see the humour in the obvious ‘catch 22’ situation but isn’t it also a bit lobsided that someone feels paranoid enough to need to carry a gun for their own protection but is relaxed about other risks to their health and safety by happily not wearing a mask.

  13. In the gun nut discussion groups, there is often comment that the nuts routinely will disrespect the wishes of a store owner who doesn’t want people to bring guns into his premises. They’ll see the ” no guns ” sign but will enter with a concealed pistol anyway. Fact.

  14. No it’s not Seamus…….

    It’s an example of unintended consequences….

    The LAW allows me to carry a weapon, I have a License, millions of LAW ABIDING AMERICANS have Licenses to Carry a Firearm…. They’ve gone through background checks, safety classes, etc etc and these people all follow the Law….

    The ORDER to Wear a mask which I have advocated in favor of on this site….. Makes LAW ABIDING CITIZENS Guilty of committing a Felony…..

    Oh Oh you shouldn’t carry a gun…. Oh Oh you’re gonna KILL PEOPLE and spread the disease…

    Well Me and Millions of others are not going to give up our LEGAL RIGHTS when they are letting rapists, murderers, muggers and all sorts of violent criminals out of Jail to cover our faces in a false attempt to avoid exposure to a virus……

    You can wear a bubble suit it won’t matter you are going to be exposed…. get over it.

  15. lol…… Phantom is hanging out In the gun nut discussion groups……

    Phantom it is Federal and State Law that you can not enter a Federal or State building carrying your weapon…. it’s why they all have metal detectors.

    Any idiot can hang a sign that says NO GUNS. It doesn’t make it ILLEGAL to do so and can’t be enforced…. it’s the same as hanging a sign…. NO BLACKS.

  16. “Makes LAW ABIDING CITIZENS Guilty of committing a Felony…..”

    If you are committing a felony then you are not law abiding.

    If the shop says you can’t come in without a mask then don’t go in without a mask. If you are carrying a gun, and thus can’t wear a mask, then don’t go into the shop.

    If you want to go into the shop then leave the gun in your safe and wear a mask.

    It isn’t complicated.

  17. Some, not all, have undergone background checks. There are loopholes.

    Some have not taken any safety classes. A number of states don’t have any safety or marksmanship training requirement at all.

  18. In the states that PVR speaks of, if there is no guns sign and the masked carrier enters the store anyway, he would be both violating the state law and disrespecting the wishes of the owner.

    A true criminal, we all will agree.

  19. lol…. maroons….

    Your fake orders don’t overrule THE LAW….. No LAW says you have to wear a mask

    Your irrational fear does not take away my rights…… it’s just that simple.

  20. They’ve gone through background checks, safety classes, etc etc

    No they have not.

    NO gun training requirement to get a permit in PA and in other irresponsible states.

  21. “Your fake orders don’t overrule THE LAW….. No LAW says you have to wear a mask”

    But the shop does require them. So leave your gun at home and wear a mask or don’t go into the shop.

  22. Patrick and the little Patricks have no respect whatsoever for the rights of the shop owner.

    That’s what we’re talking about.

    They want to do what they feel like, and think that no one else should have any rights.

  23. And in a number of states the law does say that you must wear a mask in a shop or in other close quarter places like when riding a bus

    But the ever argumentative PVR Pete and Allan types say that ” the law isn’t the law “ or some other blather.

  24. Speaking of rights, I found this pretty hilarious: