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By Pete Moore On May 23rd, 2020

Fancy building a municipal water and sewerage works inspired by Athens. The Fairmount Water Works in Philadelphia, designed in 1812 by Frederick Graff, built 1812-1872, as a response to the yellow fever epidemics of the 18th-Century.

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  1. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

  2. Beautiful stuff. I like the three “faces”.

  3. It would simply be an engineering feat of exceptional excellence to build that today.

  4. PS – I wonder what great architectural buildings will be inspired by the 2020 Covid Pandemic. Big block of flats with balconies shaped like ‘Hands clapping for carers’ ? Houses designed to look like face masks ? 🙂

  5. no their architectural monument will be the boarded up small businesses in blue states….

  6. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Fairmount+Water+Works+Philadelphia&FORM=IDINTS

  7. One of the conceits of any age is the belief that the most recent generation is better educated and wiser than those who came before them.

    Frederick Graff was a carpenter who became a hydraulic engineer. So a practical man and not a classical scholar by any stretch. But he’s wiser than any engineer or architect who came after him and who didn’t understand the vital importance of beauty.

    Graff’s infrastructure worked. He was a great engineer. But even in 1812, when the US was small and still of minor global importance, it was vital to him that his municipal waterworks was beautiful. And so he did what any wise designer does and reached into the ancient past. Beauty is never out of fashion.

  8. I’ve seen This from the train and also when walking and biking around

    And I never knew what it was


  9. most people don’t Phantom…. right at the end of prestigious boathouse row it’s the worlds prettiest sewage plant.

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