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By Patrick Van Roy On May 24th, 2020

Guest Post by Paul

I read an interesting story today in the Irish Times. I think it’s relevant as it spans a lot of the themes discussed here on ATW, spin, fake news, libel laws, conspiracy theories, crime in Ireland, media manipulation etc. 

The story involves Daniel Kinahan, alleged prominent player in a gangland feud in Ireland which has cost the lives of some twenty people:

Hutch–Kinahan feud

The Hutch–Kinahan feud is a major feud between two criminal organizations in the Republic of Ireland that has resulted in the deaths of twenty people.[1] The Hutch gang, led by Gerry Hutch, and the Kinahan Family, led by Christy Kinahan, are the main participants.

The feud has taken the form of a large number of attacks, mostly shootings, on people associated with the Hutch and Kinahan gangs (though some have apparently been cases of mistaken identity). Most attacks have been in Ireland, but some in Spain.

And his sophisticated attempts to reinvent himself as an international boxing promoter. Rather than explain the story I’ll just include the link and leave you to form your own conclusions:

6 Responses to “SECONDS OUT…..”

  1. Important post, Paul. Everyone in Ireland knows who and WHAT he and his father are.

    Unfortunately, it seems that enough people here and abroad don’t care.

  2. //And his sophisticated attempts to reinvent himself as an international boxing promoter.//

    His counterpart in the Hutch gang is also involved in boxing, isn’t he?

    Ireland tends to be forgiving of its criminals, and they’re often considered no worse than daring and somehow likeable rascals ever since the days of the Tories and men like O’Hanlon and Gerry Hutch has perhaps a better claim to that after he was dispossessed by the Criminal Assets Bureau, CAB, and then set up a limousine taxi company called Carry Any Body).

    The “noble robber” did have a lot of moral legitimacy, as he usually robbed people who had previously robbed his people of their land and livelihood.
    Part of that still exists and it was very strong until relatively recently. I often think people from the North fail to appreciate the dislike for the Guards in working class estates in the South around the time the northerners were attacking the RUC. Despite the very different political backgrounds, there was a lot of similarity in the hatred working class lads had for the men in uniform, and that hatred was mutual.

  3. Interesting and refreshing story Paul. Its a bit similar but different in scale to a tv series I am currently watching and thoroughly enjoying called ‘Gangs of London’ a SKY Atlantic production. Its actually about an Irish immigrant to London who decides to make his family the most feared and powerful crime syndicate in the city and the repercussions when he is killed between how his son and widow want to continue running the ‘business’ and the more powerful legitimate investors in what is now a multi billion pound enterprise want to clean it up and make it respectable. I suppose its quiet a bit like what is going on with this true story mentioned in your post.

  4. Thanks as always Pat.

    Thank you Colm. I try to stay away from the staples, God knows we’ve got enough mammoth Flynn sagas and Covid to comment on. One of the reasons I wanted to raise this is that crime in Ireland is occasionally commented on here but it tends to be only that from a particular demographic while the twenty dead bodies from the worst gangland feud in Irish history are ignored.

    Noel, what you say is true. The Robin Hood type figure has always been strong, (the animal Martin Cahill’s reputation in Rathmines and elsewhere being a prime example), but I’m not sure if the ‘gentleman robber’ analogy is appropriate to importing industrial quantities of cocaine & heroin.

    Indeed Reg, I read elsewhere that he’s living in palatial luxury in one of the Gulf states surrounded by former Russian special forces bodyguards. It seems that while money can’t buy love it can buy friends, protection, respectability & reinvention. If I were him I’d still keep a fixed eye on the rear view mirror though.

  5. If you are someone who has made a lot of money through crime and will of course have made many enemies in the process, can you genuinely enjoy the proceeds if you have to then spend your life protected by hired bodyguards ? Yes you may be physically surrounded by material excess and living in luxury locations and buildings but denied the natural state of safety and contentment and going to sleep every night with the thought in your head “Will my security hold out through the night” can’t be a very enjoyable way to live.

  6. Absolutely Colm. I’d imagine that while financial security is nice it pales into insignificance when its price is physical security. The problem with having mercenary bosyguards is of course that there’s always someone willing to pay a higher price.

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