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David Vance in conversation with Rebecca Butler

By Patrick Van Roy On May 28th, 2020

How did we end up in this lockdown mess?

How do we get out of it?

What has been the role of the media?

46 Responses to “David Vance in conversation with Rebecca Butler”

  1. In conversation with who?

  2. Another person whose views happen to coincide with his own. Despite his idée fixe about media bias, he has no apparent interest in hearing from anybody who even faintly disagrees with him.

  3. you’re just an ass aren’t you masterson?

    First off you’re on the mans site bad mouthing him….. where’s your site?

    David despises the IRA even more than me yet half the people that are members of our little club are very pro IRA.

    He will go and has gone on interview shows up against anyone whose point of view he disagrees with.

    But you criticize him for having a conversation with someone he agrees with and publishing it live over 3 different platforms.

    So like I said where are your sites and your interviews ?

  4. Pat, check mail pls

  5. Masterson isnt bad mouthing David, he is being critical of his practice of having like minded guests on his show. A valid criticism of someone who says he set up a alternative to what he considers a biased media. I’ve never known David to not allow civil dissent from his positions here. You need not spew personal attacks because of criticism.

  6. no Mahons sorry you don’t get to judge anyone.

    You have yet to answer a single question about anything ever put to you about anything, you drove Patty from the site, and you lay out unsubstantiated attacks on me on a regular basis.

    Masterson is a troll, and yes he can be as critical of David, Me, you anyone he wants as much as he wants, but that doesn’t mean he gets a pass without a kick in the shins.

  7. Oh dear lord.

    “Bad mouthing”? It really is all about projection with the right here, isn’t it?

    How on earth can that be described as “bad mouthing”? It’s a legit criticism. Such goddamn sensitive little dears on here.

  8. How is Masterson a troll Pat?

  9. Howard/Masterson

    Criticism is welcome, and no one here has thin skin, but there is a general rule…..

    If you criticize David I will come after you…… what did Daphne call me… Davids Pet Pit Bull.

  10. he’s just a bomb thrower Paul, I’ve yet to see him do anything other than stir the crap.

  11. I’ll have to disagree with that. IMO Masterson is a pretty knowledgeable, polite commentator.

  12. Why on earth should David not be criticized ?

    Masterson isn’t a bomb thrower. He is as entitled as anyone else to join here and give his dissenting views.

  13. He’s never been polite to me…… but who is

  14. Why on earth should David not be criticized ?

    David should be criticized, as should I, Pete, Phantom, Mahons, and by guest status Paul.

    We provide the content, the posts. If we are not being criticized we are not doing our jobs.

    There is a caveat though….. if you criticize David as a matter of principle you can expect to see mr coming.

    Now is that wrong? Factually no, ethically ? Probably but my sense of Loyalty has very little ethical boundaries.

  15. FAR as I can recall Masterson’s comments have been well within the civility guidelines that allegedly are supposed to be followed here, something I would not say yours have been Patrick.

  16. oh do pray tell Mahons….. how have I violated any guidelines.

    Also I did not say Masterson violated anything, but since you say I DO….

    The question is will you know follow through with an explanation of how.

    I sincerely doubt it. You have no follow through or back bone. You’ll spin you’ll hem an haul, but you never respond with a substantive response to any questions put forth to you.

    You’ll call me a Liar and refuse to give an answer on the actual question. You’re an empty suit.

  17. Exhibit 1000.

  18. Patrick

    How do you conclude that Masterson is only here to ‘stir crap’ . From what I can see he actually doesn’t comment here very often but when he does they are serious well written informed comments – you may not lke his view or the content of his replies but they are not ‘shit-stirring’.

    Allan has a specific visceral loathing of Masterson because he considers him to be (correctly or not) Jewish. I don’t understand your particular hostility.

  19. yes exhibit 1000 of you not willing to do answer anything.

    Unlike you and your criticism of me mine of you is accurate.

    Look at your answer…. Exhibit 1000.

    You just get done accusing me of violating guidelines, I ask you to elaborate and critisize that you never do….

    do you elaborate or defend your remarks… No you respond with Exhibit 1000.

    So no explanation, no example, just your usual lack of substance and the insinuation that criticizing you is a violation of guidelines.

    I’m sorry if my brashness is to hard for you to handle, that you lack the inability to engage in a conversation of substance.

    By your very training you should be the best debater and defender of your views, but you just never deliver. You’re a disappointment.

  20. I’m not disappointed in mahons.

    Except that he never bought me the free beer that I thought I had coming.

  21. Colm he may interact with others just fine. He has never interacted with me with anything but hostility, and attacking/criticizing David ALWAYS evokes a response from me.

    I don’t care who comes after me or criticizes my views, but I will defend David ALWAYS.

  22. Patrick – David has over the years had to post civility standard reminders. As I recall you’ve the constant catalyst of those posts.

    Phantom – when we return to normal times I’ll arrange a summit on Stone Street.

  23. My God Patrick are you David’s secret Gay lover ?

    “Aint nobody gonna touch my precious man David, I will die in a ditch for him…. I luuuurve him so much ” 🙂

  24. Mahons you accused me of violating those standards….. I ask how and still as usual you have not answered.

    and I was never the catalyst…. I was just usually the last straw.

    You also forget or don’t realize I am the only person on this site that has a set of rules I must adhere to.

  25. Colm this is my relationship with David


  26. and of course this


  27. My God Patrick are you David’s secret Gay lover?

    Enough with the fantasies Colm!

  28. You sure it isn’t this Patrick ? 🙂


  29. you’re a twisted man my friend…….

  30. By not adhering to the civility request. Virtually a daily issue for you.

  31. David Vance is rather thin skinned on Twitter

    Back in October he critised Nicola Sturgeon for refering to Boris as “Johnson”

    @DVATW Have the manners to address the Prime Minister by his full name, Sturgeon

    @NicolaSturgeon · Oct 24, 2019
    So Johnson appears to be saying to MPs ‘if you vote for an election, I’ll bring back my bad Brexit bill and try to drag us out of the EU before we go to the polls’. Elections should be exercises in letting voters decide, not devices for charlatans to get their own way.


    I replied to him linking to a tweet where he refered to Boris as “Johnson” and calling him a hypocrite

    @FewsOrange Replying to @DVATW
    Vance is a hypocrite

    · Jun 11, 2019
    Note how it is only Johnson and Raab that attract EU ire. The other stooges are left alone. https://theguardian.com/politics/2019/jun/11/eu-view-of-tory-leadership-candidates-deeply-critical-say-sources?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

    1:53 PM · Oct 24, 2019

    Then he blocked me 🙂

    He seems to block a lot of people on Twitter and also complain when the bots that followed him get deleted.

  32. Mahons, on May 28th, 2020 at 6:44 PM Said: Edit Comment
    By not adhering to the civility request. Virtually a daily issue for you.

    Please provide examples. I’d love to see them.

    When engaging in a propper debate or disagreement you cite examples and why you believe they support your position.

    That is a simple concept that you have never been able to grasp, or just aren’t capable of doing.

    Now despite lack of evidence I believe you to be able to engage in an honest exchange, so far you’ve yet to live up to it.

  33. FO….. 1 follower and you follow no one?

    So I guess you were there just to Troll David…..

    Well now you have a second follower….. lets see what you tweet on twitter…. if you’re anything other than there just to harass David.


    hmmm no tweets except your one against David ?

  34. Patrick Van Roy, on May 28th, 2020 at 7:24 PM Said:
    FO….. 1 follower and you follow no one?
    So I guess you were there just to Troll David…..
    Well now you have a second follower….. lets see what you tweet on twitter…. if you’re anything other than there just to harass David.
    hmmm no tweets except your one against David ?


    I felt that from here..


  35. “1 follower and you follow no one”

    It is 1 more follower than I wanted.

    “if you’re anything other than there just to harass David.”

    Harass David? I pointed out he was a hypocrite.

  36. Admitting that you’ll blindly defend someone no matter what they say – and in this case they say an awful lot of things that are clearly hypocritical – is to admit that you’re not of an independent mind.

  37. yes Howard I’m a drone…… I have no independent thoughts I’m Davids Pet Pitbull…

    woof woof

  38. David must have a hell of a problem pulling his Y-fronts on in the morning, with PaTroll getting in the way… 😂

    By the way, denying that you are uncivil on here is just silly, PaTroll. Many posters have mentioned it to you over the years. Denial ain’t a river etc etc.

    And claiming that you never throw the first punch, or that you only give as good as you get are also untrue statements. Just sayin’.

  39. Seimi……

    I never said I was civil…. I’ve said I don’t violate the parameters of my promise to behave.

    Other than the 2 NYrs no one gets hounded, I don’t discuss anyone’s real names, or who they work for, I don’t delete ANYTHING, and I go easy on the IRA contingent.

    The rest is fair play.

  40. David must have a hell of a problem pulling his Y-fronts on in the morning..

    Stop it Seimi, you’ll get Patrick all excited 🙂

  41. My image of Patrick..

    The growling big bear who will hold up his rifle to you as you tentatively approach his front door..

    Once he knows you are OK, he lets you into the hallway and becomes a big slobbering Labrador licking you all over.. 🙂

  42. I think you’re getting a bit too excited yourself there, Colm 😉

  43. lol

  44. Its a good job we can slag each other off and then all still laugh 🙂

  45. as it should be

  46. I don’t delete ANYTHING

    You forgot to add “any more.”

    …and I go easy on the IRA contingent.

    Who exactly are ‘the IRA contingent’? If you mean Irish Republicans/Nationalists, then you should refer to them as such. There’s already one Yank here who has made baseless, untrue allegations like this, and you didn’t like it at the time, though nothing was done about it other than the deletion of a post. If you have made a promise to behave, then you should refrain from referring to several of the more intelligent, polite, civil posters like this.