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By Pete Moore On May 28th, 2020

Our free trial of net-zero emission communism is coming to an end.

Groups of up to six people from different households will be able to meet outside in England from Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

They can meet in gardens and private outdoor spaces as long as they keep two metres apart, the PM added.

“These changes mean friends and family will start to meet loved ones,” in what would be a “long awaited and joyful moment,” he added.

However the current restrictions will remain in place for vulnerable groups.

The wannabe Al Sharptons have been bleating for 10 weeks that blacks and Asians are particularly hard hit by the ChiCom Virus. They want inquiries into why they are more vulnerable and what can be done about it.

So I presume they’ll not be joining the rest of us non-vulnerable types as we enjoy the eased restrictions.

One Response to “BAD NEWS FOR THE BAMES”

  1. Did I hear drug abusers are also more likely to suffer from Covid? Maybe time to clear out the fridge…