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One Law for Everyone

By Patrick Van Roy On June 2nd, 2020

6Min 45sec Long

22 Responses to “One Law for Everyone”

  1. Trump declared he supports peaceful protest, before ordering the teargassing of peaceful protesters so that he could stage a photo-op. So much for “one law for everyone”.

  2. He also said he would deploy the US Military against the protesters, which would also be illegal. So again so much for “one law for everyone”.

  3. Seamus
    Isn’t he talking about invoking the Insurrection Act, which is legal?


  4. It would almost certainly be challenged in the courts. There is absolutely no evidence that laws are not being enforced. This would be the move of a dictator. And Patrick, despite his claims to support the Republic, is applauding this move towards dictatorship.

  5. Designating Antifa a Terror group makes it Legal…. only way.

    The Patriot Act authorizes the use of Active Military inside the US Borders if under terror attack.

    Which with Antifa declared a Terror Group the case can be made we are under attack, unless the Mayors and Governors get the situation under control.

  6. “Designating Antifa a Terror group makes it Legal…. only way.”

    Antifa cannot be designated as a terror group, because they are domestic. The Secretary of State can only designate foreign groups as a terrorist group.

  7. bullshit….. Your saying there is no sutch thing as a Domestic Terror Group.

    I regretfully assure you there are.

  8. “bullshit….. Your saying there is no sutch thing as a Domestic Terror Group.”

    No. I’m saying US law says the US government can only designate foreign groups as terrorist groups. There are domestic terror groups. But the US government designate them as such.

  9. *but the US government can’t designate them as such

  10. Deployment of US troops within the US is illegal under the Posse Comitatius Act of 1878. This yet another stunt by Trump. The Congress, the Supreme Court, the Armed Services and the people would not let Trump away with this stunt. He needs to go back to his bunker and take a few shots of disinfectant.

  11. And Domestic Terror Groups in the US carry a Legal Designation of “Extremist Group” don’t want to offend the local Gentry with the Foreign Label of Terrorist.

  12. “And Domestic Terror Groups in the US carry a Legal Designation of “Extremist Group” don’t want to offend the local Gentry with the Foreign Label of Terrorist.”

    And all of the additional powers conferred upon the federal government only applies to help combat terrorist groups, not extremist groups. So Trump (or one of his minions) does not have the power to designate Antifa as a terrorist group. And thus cannot take extra action against them by doing so.

    One rule of law for everyone. You can’t say that and then just ignore the law when it is inconvenient.

  13. It is so predictable though….. look at the TDS… foaming at the mouth fools…..

    He isn’t leading, he isn’t doing anything…. what! He can’t do that he’s a dictator… lmao

  14. PVR

    Please explain how this is not a stunt?

  15. “It is so predictable though….. look at the TDS… foaming at the mouth fools…..”

    The only Trump Derangement Syndrome is from the person who claims to support the rule of law, until the rule of law disagrees with him. You say you support the rule of law. You say you support peaceful protest. You say that if Trump breaks the law you will be at the head of the crowd demanding he goes. Well here is your opportunity. Or were you just full of shit when you said all of that?

  16. “It is so predictable though….. look at the TDS… foaming at the mouth fools….”

    I make an argument. You try to counter that argument. I point out the flaws in your counter. So you try to counter it again. I again point out the flaws in your counter. So now you aren’t even attempting to counter the arguments, and are just throwing out insults. That speaks volumes Pat.

  17. Patrick doesn’t understand our laws guys. Please don’t be so hard on him. It ruins his day.

  18. I cannot believe what I saw at the White House. US Federal Troops confronting US citizens outside the Presidential seat. Where am I again?

    They sprayed tear gas at peaceful protesters behind the guardrails so Trump could “walk” to a “church”. Two activities he hates. He’s such a pussy.

    Then he proceeds to threaten American citizens with military action and calls out the gun nuts to start a civil war. Guess we now live in a third world Junta, ruled by a wealthy dictator.

    At this point all we can really hope is that Iraq will invade us to topple the authoritarian regime and impose democracy.

  19. US federal soldiers confronting US citizens on US soil. A spectacle the Constitution was designed to prevent, sanctioned by a President who knows nothing of history or governance, and cheered on by people who (wrongly) call themselves conservatives and constitutionalists.

    Patrick’s defence of this travesty is all the more laughable given that he regularly claims that others don’t understand how the American political and legal systems work. Either he’s justifying illegality from the President, or he simply doesn’t understand US law so basic that even I, a mere limey, can see the problem.

  20. If ‘a well regulated militia’ is formed to combat what some Americans may see as an illegal and unconstitutional move by Trump, it will be amusing to watch PaTroll try to justify both sides’ actions simultaneously.
    He’ll be spinning so fast, he’ll screw himself into the ground! 🙂

  21. It was always the intention to roll out legalisation of troops against people, and ‘people’ such as the dangerous black population are ideal to use as the pretext because, well, they are dangerous.

    This is the only context in which the masses of American patriots will accept the military being released on them in the first place: a Republican president releasing them to quell black riots. And so that is the situation that has been set up.

  22. Anyway, summer is upon us and I’m interested to learn how the terrified, fearful majority at ATW justify their own self-imposed lockdown in their own homes given that…..


    ROME (Reuters) – The new coronavirus is losing its potency and has become much less lethal, a senior Italian doctor said on Sunday.

    “In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy,” said Alberto Zangrillo, the head of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan in the northern region of Lombardy, which has borne the brunt of Italy’s coronavirus contagion.

    “The swabs that were performed over the last 10 days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago,” he told RAI television.

    One of ATW’s most-terrified mentioned the dreaded ‘second wave’ that was planted in his mind by the MSM although, in fairness, a few medics mentioned that when people are isolated, their immune systems are run down by not having contact with pathogens

    Zangrillo said some experts were too alarmist about the prospect of a second wave of infections and politicians needed to take into account the new reality.

    “We’ve got to get back to being a normal country,” he said. “Someone has to take responsibility for terrorizing the country.”