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By Pete Moore On June 3rd, 2020

It’s all in the centre of town. We can’t go to the pub but thousands of uneducated, unemployed bums can stink up Whitehall, deface the great monuments our ancestors built to our great civilisation, and attack the police for something which happened in Minnesota. The idea of getting a job and building a life doesn’t occur to ferals. It’s all whine, bitch, stab, steal and blame whitey. That’s all they do, so they’re too stupid to see through the lies that their troubles are the fault of other people.


  1. Some violence has broken out at the demo in Whitehall this evening. I can hear and see the Sky news helicopter which is filming it. A few hundred of the demonstrators marched down the main street just by where I live an hour or so ago with some ridiculous hyped up shouts about demanding an end to the mass murders and holocausts of black people at the hands of British police. A slight exaggeration methinks !

  2. The very same people who complained for two months that blacks and Asians are more likely to die of Covid-19, and who hyperventilated for week about Dominic Cummings, are gushing about the many thousands of blacks crammed into a demonstration.

    The newsrooms produce nothing but bullshit. The British media is simply a vast bullshit machine.

  3. A slight exaggeration methinks !

    Are you calling The Holocaust TM an exaggeration?

    Here’s something funny…..some white college kids were saluting the black rioters and had bricks thrown through their windows – karma is a bitch


    Stephen Knight
    2 Jun
    “We’re on your side!”

    Cheering on the destruction is all fun and games when you don’t expect to be the recipient.