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Happy Bloomsday

By 33230715130361 On June 16th, 2020

Ulysses was difficult for me to read. Thankfully I had a great professor who unlocked its greatness. I couldnt imagine trying Finnegan’s Wake, i’ll have to satisfy myself with the Clancy Brothers version of the song. I did like The Dead. Wonderful story and a very good movie by John Huston staring his daughter and the incompreble Donal McCann. I wont be going on a Bloomsbury walk myself, just working from home today. If i ever get back to Dublin in the month of June I’ll hit up some of the still existing pubs.

31 Responses to “Happy Bloomsday”

  1. I don’t think there is a more severe an act of self-flagellation than reading Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.

  2. Virtually impossible on one’s own.

  3. happy bllomsday
    There’s a Ulysses [1967] [DVD] which my folks watched a while back, its a pretty good stab at it . About 5 years ago the BBC did a 12 hr audio version of it and that spanned new years even and new years day . At the time it suited me to hide under the duvet for a long rest , and i must say its was wonderful to just switch off and get into it ..
    I have to confess I was losing it in the last 1/4 .. got pretty hallucinogenic and I suppose the politest thing to say was it disappeared up its own backside .

    open to education if anyone says the last bit made alot of sense ..
    The first 3/4 was of course excellent .. riveting, great quality of conversation unique to Dublin.
    Alot of his contemporaries like T.S.Eliot, Ezra Pound I found had a habit of going on too long on occaison. The Cantos for (E.Pound )
    One of my english teachers reckoned as regards old possum ( T.S.Eliot ) that everything after Prufrock was just ball-scratching .

  4. I’ve tried Ulysses a few times over the years and gave up each time.

    I’have to satisfy myself with the Clancy Brothers version of the song

    Great choice Mahons. Liam Clancy is one of Ireland’s greatest balladeers. I’ve already instructed my children that this version of this song is to be played at my funeral:


  5. All I can say say is I tried!

  6. I actually finished Ulysses…

    Honestly. I didn’t start it though, I just read the last page 🙂

  7. It’s my wedding anniversary so have a soft spot for Bloomsday.

    Not soft enough to bother reading Ulysses, mind. I’m more of a Flann O’Brien man anyway.

  8. I’ve attempted Ulysses and failed…Finnegans wake seems even more impenetrable.

    Love Flann O’Brien.

  9. I’ll take Behan every time.

  10. Paul – I’m partial to his version of the Parting Glass.

  11. IMO it’s the definitive version Mahons and it’s what I have instructed my children is to be played at my funeral.

  12. So not I’ll Be On My Way by the Sawdoctors?

  13. I always had thought that ” The Parting Glass “ was an Irish song

    But I read that it’s origins are in Scotland, though long much loved in Ireland.

  14. Phantom you’ve just ruined Paul’s funeral.

  15. He’ll have to stay alive longer now.

  16. If it were to be any SD song Mahons it would be N17, although this might well be more appropriate:


  17. Sure Scotland’s origins are in Ireland anyhow 🙂

  18. Paul, not this?


  19. Possibly this from the same greatness Frank:


    I’d read somewhere that My Way was the most popular song for funerals but if it has to be Frank it simply must be this:


  20. maybe this one ( topical )
    Know you’re rights
    The Clash

  21. My favourite band of all time Kurt.

    ‘You have the right not to be killed, unless it is done by a policeman’

  22. N17 is a classic.

    I like the idea of Time We Said Goodnight by the Frank and Walters belting out of a tape deck as they lower me down.


  23. O/T Paul seamus mahons legal eagles what day make of trumps lawsuit against Bolton to stop the publication of the book. Has Bolton renegade on an nda with the WH . ?

  24. Bolton is a warmonger, but if he causes Trump heartburn, he can’t be all bad.

    But he needs to lose that walrus mustache.

  25. That’s where he hides his hot mike phantom buried in the trash . It’s true Allan said so

  26. Michael Savage has long disliked Bolton and he personally warned Trump ( at Mar A Lago ) not to trust him.

    Trump trusted him.

    Now, we have the book drama.

  27. bannon thinks trumps best bet is to go after China . I can’t see it . Saw a couple of pressers where trump began the task . People wanted to hear about virus jobs and the recent killings . I can’t see trumps team engaging the American public on China as it’s going to just comes across as a blame story which is negative and dispiriting. It’s all China’s fault can you see that sell . I think it’s nuts. He could bring USA to the brink and say you better stick with me and paint Biden as an appeaser . That could be the play . Roll the dice . Do you really want a big China problem what with everything else . Hell no is my guess .

  28. China will forever be a frenemy

    We need them, they need us.

    They did the world a serious disservice with the virus, and are imperialist. Real imperialists, not how the remedial sociology dropouts think that the US is imperialist.

    But China is an integrated part of the world now. And we have to figure something out with them.

  29. I suspect Bolton’s publishers lawyers will sufficiently vet the book to avoid an issue. Bolton could have spoken up when the country needed him to, instead he went for the payday. They deserve each other.

  30. //I don’t think there is a more severe an act of self-flagellation than reading Ulysses//

    It’s interesting that Joyce thought Ulysses would be accessible for everyone. When the book was first published (curiously: riots and burning now going on in Dijon, where IIRC Ulysses first saw the light of day), Joyce gave the first signed copies to a range of people inclucing his favourite waiter, his sister and others with little education. He had indicated earlier that everyone would soon be reading and enjoying it.

    The best way to approach it is the way to approach nature: you can’t “understand” all its mechanisms and secrets, but even a ramble through its wonders will be rewarding. If you get just 10 percent of Ulysses, you are still getting much more than from most other works of literature.

    The biggest problem with that book is all the hype and bullshit that has grown around it, especially in Dublin, where it’s just an excuse for more of the favourite passtime of the people there – self-preening. All those awful bronze plaques in the pavement along the routes, to say nothing of the replacemnt of traditional pub names with “The Molly Bloom” etc. are acts of the true barbarian, every bit as maniac as the pulling down of statues. It should also be obvious to anyone who has read any Joyce that they are also totally repugnant to the very idea of the book.

  31. lol Noel
    I feel certain if Joyce could speak from the grave he’s say change that fecking Molly Bloom pb to “Up Your Arse” ..
    visitors love it though, its for them to come spend money on tourism .
    Dublin is in danger of losing its whole character , as more and more artisans are pushed out to the fringes, not being able to afford to live in the City