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By Pete Moore On June 16th, 2020

The kind of shocking incident which no-one in the press cares about. A 92 year old white woman pushing a stroller was casually and hatefully assaulted by a black man. She banged her her head on a fire hydrant. No doubt he’s a victim of institutionalised racism.


  1. There you go again Pete – spoiling a genuine story with fake claims that no-one in the press wants to report it. I saw this disgusting incident on 2 news websites today. BTW – You might want to revisit your “The BBC won’t report this” post from yesterday. Frank posted a link you won’t be happy with !

  2. I can’t wait for the so-called anti-racists to protest this wicked attack.

  3. It was a despicable cowardly attack.

    UPDATE: The suspect involved in pushing the 92-year-old female in Manhattan has been APPREHENDED.

  4. They won’t because it doesn’t fit their ideological agenda, which is something you have in common with them.

  5. He should be hanged.

  6. Ironic that you should post this today, the fourth anniversary of the ‘mentally ill man with no interest in politics’ murder.

    And just let me say this, I’m against the death sentence on general principle but animals like that offal in the video test that principle to the limit.

  7. Maybe he was only trying to get her to “take the knee” !

  8. He should be hanged.

    yep that’s the way without trial, lynched , just like old times , maybe in front of a crowd hey pete, with kids drinking pop . a day out .. see below


  9. This was all over the news here in NY.

  10. It can’t have been Mahons. Pete said no-one in the press cared about it, and he never gets his facts wrong 🙂

  11. Now it’s not enough to report it.

    Pete won’t be happy until they act like race was relevant, even though there’s zero evidence for that.

  12. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/06/16/92-year-old-woman-shoved-on-manhattan-sidewalk/

    “He’s a registered sex offender who police say has been arrested about 65 times. Some include assault, harassment, resisting arrest and persistent sexual abuse. He’s due in court in July for arrests from earlier this year.”

  13. Pete Moore,
    //He should be hanged.//

    The death penalty for assault. Thank goodness you just support castration for dropping litter.

  14. fews thanks
    He should not be on the streets, danger to others, immediate section 2, maybe a 3
    clinically assessed on risk factors and with the sex crime and violence he can’t be let out.
    has to go to a secure facility until they find he can either face trial or be kept in secure mental health facility . USA equivalent of Broadmoor. Poor woman !

  15. Dave yep there’s no trials in Pete’M BraveCowards New World. He told me once that’s a waste of time and resources, summary execution works better; just like a your diehard stasi stalinist commie might say . Straight up .

  16. Pete won’t be happy until they act like race was relevant

    Of course it’s relevant. The left has taught me that in all interactions between blacks and whites race is relevant. Let’s be honest, young blacks have been revved up by a tsunami of propaganda about race and slavery and how and life is for them because of whitey.

    In the end the press, the Dems and the BLK terrorists own this.

  17. propaganda about race and slavery

    hopeless response , everyone on all sides is clear George Floyd was murdered
    do you even know what propaganda means? let me help it means LIES

  18. The left has taught me that in all interactions between blacks and whites race is relevant

    TBH I’d have thought you came to that conclusion by yourself a long, long time ago Pete.

  19. You’ve got to hand it to Pete. His shtick is quite sophisticated. The stridently reactionary views, the borderline-bigoted comments about race, politics and education – it takes a while for the newcomer to realise that it’s all a caricature, a just-yanking-your-chain act. Except unfortunately the mask slips occasionally, and you realise that what lies underneath is probably just as xenophobic and unpleasant as the clown face makeup he slaps on top of it.

  20. Lol masterful masterson . Like it

  21. Masterson.

    I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  22. Masterson

    Do you have any wit left to comment on the actual topic, that being an old lady shoved to the ground by a thug?

  23. https://nypost.com/2020/06/17/brute-accused-of-slugging-elderly-bronx-woman-has-been-arrested-over-100-times/

    The perp had been arrested over 100 times

    He never Should never have been walking the streets

  24. With respect, Charles, my comment was about this post.

    As for the news story it refers to, Phantom is quite right. This monster should not have been walking the streets. There is not much more to say than to hope that he finally receives the punishment (and possibly treatment) he deserves.

    But there is no evidence of any racial element to the attack, as Pete well knows. Its relevance to BLM is nugatory, and Pete is too intelligent not to appreciate that. But he posted it with a provocative race-based text anyway. I simply pointed out his cynicism in doing so.

  25. masterson

    There is potential evidence of a racial element to the attack. He might have attacked her specifically because she is white. It doesn’t mean that was the case but it is a possibility.

  26. huh this “Kid” who punched the old lady….

    He’s been arrested 103 times before this incident, 13 times for sex offenses including the molestation of a 13yr old girl. De Blasio’s DA just keeps letting him out even though the sex charges are supposed to make that impossible.

    He’s now in jail for the 104th time, but for how long?

  27. Cy Vance is the Manhattan DA


    I don’t know him to be particularly soft on crime, but he certainly missed the boat on this one man crime wave. The attacker would clearly have severe mental issues And should be kept far away from the public.

  28. These people are wandering our streets. I follow allot of police sites. There are videos everyday of unbelievable violence of just people on people. Nothing to do with race just violent people. In every city.

    The cops are not the problem.

  29. The cops are not the problem.

    They are not the problem, but they are part of the problem.
    Effective policing depends on a lot of things: power to arrest, investigate, charge and deliver into a reliable, fair, accountable justice system; appropriate means of upholding the law, ie sidearms, tasers etc; well trained professionals at all levels of policing, with clean, certified records of conduct, going back to the first day of enrollment, etc etc.
    But no matter how well trained or well armed they are, a police service that doesn’t have the confidence and trust of the community in which it operates, is an ineffective police force, and there are only two ways to go – up or down.

    By ‘up’ I mean upping the ante: tackling violent crime by being more violent than the perpetrators; tackling the guns issue by issuing more police guns; tackling episodes of police brutality, racism or law-breaking by nurturing an environment of secrecy, where cops don’t report other cops when they transgress the boundaries of their limitations on the job, and so on…

    By ‘down’ I mean by re-evaluating what the service is there for, and for whom. Rather than spend finite budgets on upgrading weapons and armour, the same finite budget is spent on programmes within the communities with the most needs, aimed at empowering the community and helping it stand on its own two feet. A community that has pride in itself and its achievements will not destroy itself through vandalism, nor will it allow others to do so. A confident community will look to better itself; it will look to the city/state government for investment and access to amenities; a community that knows its own worth and value will ask for a police presence to protect it, and will demand the highest professionalism from that police force.

    Unfortunately, Capitalism, as a system, doesn’t allow for the second option. It does, however, provide for the first.

  30. Seimi…. the Police in the United States are the most professional well trained police in the world.

    There a less than 1 million police in the US. There are 370 million people, last year there were over 300 million interactions with the public. They arrested 10.3 million people. In the process of arresting those 10.3 million only 1004 people were killed. Out of those killed the number of whites killed was twice the number of blacks. And 89 officers lost their lives in the line of duty.

    Those numbers do not support the verdict that you pass on them, just the opposite.

    You like the rabble in the streets have been sold a bill of goods that facts do not support.

  31. I didn’t pass any verdict on them. I suggested that for any police force to be effective, it needs to have the confidence and trust of the community in which it serves.
    Rather than re-posting those figures, and setting aside your ‘ most professional well trained police in the world’ soundbite, can you say that police in the USA have the full and complete confidence and trust of those communities?

    I know that you’re busy compiling a list already, but perhaps someone else could link to the figures which show this?

    According to this poll, people in the US place more trust in Amazon and those commies at Google than they do in the police, the government, teachers or Trump:


    And this report suggests that it’s the mistrust of police which drives up gun violence:


    Now, I would doubt if either article is 100% accurate, but there are plenty more like them, which brings me back to my question – can you say that police in the USA have the full and complete confidence and trust of those communities?

  32. Seimi…. the Police in the United States are the most professional well trained police in the world

    Certainly in terms of training I don’t think that claim would withstand even the most cursory scrutiny.

  33. its false paul
    the guy in Atlanta had 7 hours training over the weekend and learnt nothing
    they’re not testing well and I’d love to see the assessment procedure
    i’ve just completed about a month of training for NHS , 80% pass rate and some 90%
    then you get your certificate .. This is e-learning , its very good .
    If they had tests for officers, there’s just no way you can make 11 mistakes in a 20 min
    arrest session, and all of them charges, not just admin errors
    NO until I see evidence I’d rank USA as one of the lowest in the World

  34. I don’t have any stats on US police training (that’s definitely more Seamus’ realm!), but I’ll just repeat that I don’t believe that a police force that doesn’t have the trust of the community in which it operates, is an ineffective police force, and needs to review it’s operation.
    I have given some suggestions on what, in my opinion, would be a good start in ensuring that trust is restored.
    Apparently that’s me ‘passing verdict’ or something.
    PaTroll’s defence of US police is admirable. However, it would be refreshing to hear some sort of critical feedback from him on the subject, rather than blindly believing that shooting a suspect twice in the back and then kicking him as he lay dying is somehow justified and that the cop will ‘walk.’ 11 charges in one incident does not suggest the actions of ‘the most professional well trained police in the world.’

  35. meant to add:

    What I do expect from PaTroll is some form of rebuttal, coming in one of two forms:

    1. The friendly, polite yet patronising one, which begins with, “Gentlemen…”
    2. The angry, rude and equally patronising one which begins with, “You guys are so dumb…”

    both rebuttals will however be built around the “none of you live in the USA…even the Americans on here live in a bubble…my family have been cops for thousands of years…I speak to them every day…best force in the universe…” script.

  36. I don’t have any stats on US police training (that’s definitely more Seamus’ realm!)

    I don’t think Pat does either.

    In another blog the stats were the average US cop spends some twenty one weeks in a police academy classroom which increases a further twelve weeks with field training.

    Approximately eight months training for a cop is around a third of what the general basic training for a cop is in Europe.

  37. yep which is why testing and assessment is vital and needs to be high 80 % or more as NHS
    and you just have to keep taking the courses till that’s achieved.
    Turning up at an Academy all expenses paid on tax payers money certianly looks good on paper
    I’m sure Pat would know more about the rigour .. and examination .. even though not a cop , he has a family of cops . Wonder Pat are you the first one in the family to practise law
    bigly with capitals LAW . you seem to know alot about it .. maybe your knowledge is more scholarly , academic rather than pratical. But i hope you can help us with some of these questions/answers .. 🙂

  38. the Police in the United States are the most professional well trained police in the world

    Whether or not this statement is true, it is pretty ludicrous hearing it coming from somebody who knows so little of the world beyond his little USA bubble.

    In North America I’d rather deal with the cops in Canada than the cops in many US states. Apart from anything else, American cops vary widely in their competence depending where they are. In the rural Midwest I have had some quite frankly terrifying interaction with cops who did not seem intelligent enough to be doing the job and who, I was quite sure, would have shot me at the slightest provocation.

    In some of the bigger cities the policing is excellent, no doubt. But having lived in both countries I would have to say that British police are better trained, friendlier, less likely to kill you, and more consistently competent even in rural backwaters.