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June 19 1910

By Patrick Van Roy On June 19th, 2020

After hearing a Mother’s Day sermon, Sonora Dodd inaugurates a Father’s Day celebration to honor her father, a Civil War vet and single dad of six children. Dodd’s campaigning will take decades, but the third Sunday in June will catch on throughout the US as a day to honor dads.

7 Responses to “June 19 1910”

  1. Racist 🙂

  2. lol

  3. //Racist //

    Why? Did her dad fight on the Confederate side?

  4. Nothing to do with that. I was just making a joke about “white privilege”. Commemorating this white festival instead of Juneteenth 😉

  5. Greeting card companies worldwide salute her.

  6. I looked the guy up to see what side he served he was from Arkansas which was part of the Confederacy but he Joined the Union and not only did he raise his 6 kids he raised his dead brothers also at one point he had 14 children in the house.

    William Jackson Smart was a twice-married, twice-widowed Civil War veteran and father of 14 children, one of whom dedicated her life to the creation of Father’s Day in honor of her devoted and selfless dad.

  7. Arkansas provided thousands of troops who fought on the Union side. Many black but also whites who were known as unionists.