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More declasifications, more information

By Patrick Van Roy On June 25th, 2020

Another batch of notes that have been kept classified made by Peter Strzok implicate both Biden and Obama

10 Responses to “More declasifications, more information”

  1. Biden lied. He said on TV that he knew nothing about the investigation into General Flynn. Strzok meeting notes show that Biden knew all about it.

    They also reveal that Obama gave the order for the investigation in he same meeting.

    Both are guilty of extremely serious crimes.

  2. Breaking News! Obama made Flynn plead guilty by putting a drug into his breakfast cereal that makes you plead guilty to things you didn’t do.

  3. “Both are guilty of extremely serious crimes.”

    What crimes would those be?

  4. Every Democrat is a criminal.

    Every American is a criminal.

    Except for Honest Donald J Trump.

    He is so wonderful, the new and improved Jesus Christ, the one who dragged the money changers back into the temple.


  5. Seamus –

    In that meeting, after Comey said the Flynn calls with the Russian ambassador “appear legit”, Obama ordered Comey to “look at things.” He then directed that “the right people” investigate Flynn.

    The result was a sham investigation into a political rival ordered by the President. It resulted in a multi-year effort by the new administration to prove that it had not colluded with Russia. It also resulted in General Flynn’s travesty of a trial and imprisonment.

    And you think there are no crimes there?

  6. “And you think there are no crimes there?”

    Flynn was not authorised to conduct foreign policy. He conducted foreign policy anyway, which was illegal. It was correct to be investigated. He then lied to investigators and was prosecuted for it.

    If it “legit” then why did Flynn lie about it?

  7. If it “legit” then why did Flynn lie about it?

    He didn’t lie and he withdrew his guilty plea. He admitted to a non-existent lie because Mueller was threatening to go after his son.


    Jeez, I’ve explained all this before.

  8. Flynn was not in office when he contacted the Russian agent. Of course the president asked the FBI to look into it. Flynn pled guilty because he was guilty and he knew they had evidence of his guilt.

  9. aww pete you only like Flunky Flynn cos he sat next to Putin, the guy who you got a crush on
    so you go weak at the knees in awe-struck wonder .. we understand , you get dizzy and sloppy like a pubescent girl at a rolling stones concert 😉

  10. Pete

    Have you heard of a guy named Mike Pence?

    Flynn lied to him and both Pence and Trump said so.