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By Pete Moore On June 28th, 2020

Every time I look a the news I see evidence that my country and the US are sinking further into genuine madness. So many people appear to have completely lost their marbles. So many people just want to get right in someone else’s face for having a different opinion.

I can just about understand the college kids. They are callow, stupid and have spent all their lives being taught to hate their country and to be ashamed of it. The idea of differing opinions is freakishly wild, so no debate is tolerable.

But look at this lot, who really should know better –


  1. Trumps team deleted the tweet, while he was playing golf, the reference of one of trumps supporters to “white power” is not the message they want put out in the wake of the racist murders in USA. Trump is in meltdown mode , its all falling apart at the seams .. as senators scramble to save their seats.

  2. The y all look like they are actors in a a crazy political satire movie – it could be titled Team America – The Geriatric Zone 🙂

  3. lol yep colm , the place for seniors, like worthing, have some rallies, but some huge mud tyres on those golf buggies .. ooh go out and party like its 1969

  4. The counter protesters are nasty pieces of work

  5. If it really all kicked off between them Can you imagine the clean up operation afterwards – broken zimmer frames, discarded dentures and pairs of ripped surgical stockings everywhere !

    Am I being ageist ? 🙂

  6. phantom you’re on a right-wing roll last few weeks, you been watching Taxi-Driver ? lol
    stocking up on guns ? be careful buddy, the whole country is about to face a huge change of power and reckoning, it will come out nice in the end you’ll see . Trump is falling apart at the seams and the rats are starting to run, all that will be left is the snarling Billy Barr, Rudy and The dysfucntional Trump family .. i could actually see the military do a coup if trumps gets too cocky . and simply remove him from the WH . he’s sailing very close to the wind and has no friends ..

  7. Unlike you, I watched and listened to the video

    That one woman who is cursing and calling everybody Nazis is a nasty piece of work

    There is no need to call someone who disagrees with you a Nazi

  8. https://nypost.com/2020/06/28/sacha-baron-cohen-poses-as-country-singer-at-right-wing-event/

  9. yeah that was a great prank by baron cohen watched it last night, done the twitter rounds that one .. he’s a legend .. gets his target everytime , guy has balls or wot ..

  10. lol colm no you’re having fun and being your dear self, its not a tragic tale of mindless violence , its oldies having a squabble like teenagers, kinda quaint in a way .
    sure points to the nation tearing itself apart though,
    all the good voices are about bringing the country together and none of them are coming from the senators of congressmen or Trumps admin, they’re in thrall lost in the cult of trump
    sad . The wise people are all ex-presidents, senior people of the last 40 years from the military to the anyone and everyone who has been in a position of responsibility in USA
    they are all saying the same thing and its 100% opposite of what Trump and his team are saying .