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By Pete Moore On June 28th, 2020

8 Responses to “WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE”

  1. ends: “what that court will do with the drunken sailors remains to be seen”
    pure class , nice one petem

  2. I saw it earlier. Class. 🙂



  3. Well the Irish court has finally answered the eternal question


  4. We are the greatest and most absurd country on earth.

  5. yes that’s why ireland is loved by all , even the loyalists underneath want a piece of it
    can’t live on hate , its a form of suicide !

  6. Phantom ya beat me to it….

  7. When I was at sea, we actually sang that song

    I would think that those old sea shanties will never die on the British and American and other ships of the fleet everywhere

  8. somethings should last forever…. that’s one of them