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The Unbearable Lightness of Mayor de Blasio

By 33230715130361 On July 2nd, 2020

When the late great William F Buckley ran on a conservative ticket for Mayor of New York City he was asked what he would do first if he won the election. He replied, “Demand a Recount.”

The current Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, is the biggest lightweight in that office in my lifetime. And my lifetime includes Abe Beame and David Dinkins. I have never encountered a person who is an enthusiastic supporter. He seems to have won by default. He strives to be progressive but is also disliked by progressives. He has never had an original idea but quickly adopts bad ones which he clings too like a raft in a storm. He so panders to whatever is the most recent pyschobabble of the far left. Recently he has taken two actions, one petty and one catastrophic, that have erased any claim he might have to being fit for executive office.
The catastrophic one is an unthinking defunding of the New York City police department by an arbitrary 1 Billion dollars. There is no rationale for the number other than it is a round number that he hopes would satisfy the baying mob. It didnt. Activists harassed City Council members who SUPPORTED it as not doing enough by stalking them, banging on the doors of their homes and vandalizing their property. New York, an international terrorist target with rising crime doesnt need a blind attack on its police department.
The petty thing is he has commissioned a number of giant Black Lives Matter murals to be painted throughout the City, and in particular one across the Street from Trump Towers. This childish use of taxpayer money is nothing other than a stunt. Trump’s horrifc performance in virtually all things is not a reason to escalate the insult culture wars. De Blasio must think it the height of wit, but it is juvenile and counterproductive. It makes me wish New York City could demand a recount and push him out of office.

11 Responses to “The Unbearable Lightness of Mayor de Blasio”

  1. The same goes for London. The two greatest cities on the planet are governed by lightweight morons who think their job is to pull stunts.

  2. The painting of a hate message in front of Trump Towers would be one of the more stupid things that anyone has ever done.

    For multiple reasons, including that, regardless of a city leader’s politics, he/she should want to have courteous relations with businesses and employers. This is the opposite of that. And Trump, say what you will about him, has been a big investor in NYC and the construction of Trump Tower was a hugely positive thing as the city mounted it’s economic comeback.

    Another reason is that NYC needs the help of the federal government as it climbs back from the virus recession. You don’t get that help by sticking the finger in the chief executive’s eye.

    De Blasio has no idea how to skillfully use power, how to negotiate effectively.

    He is the worst local politician that I have ever seen. Him and his horrid skank wife who he have given control of my tax money to.

  3. De Blasio sounds like a man with a big wishbone and a small backbone.

  4. Mahons.

    Good post.
    I didn’t realise things were as bad as this over the pond. How can you defund the police department? What are you going to replace it with? And putting Black Lives Matter murals everywhere is only going to fuel racism.

  5. De Blasio was first elected in a low turnout election. He was fairly unknown before taking this big position, had no accomplishments at all to speak of.

    This is what happens when voters don’t pay attention.

    Guiliani and Bloomberg had a combined record of significant accomplishments. Much of that is being undone before our eyes. Structural damage to the social contract, to public safety, to public finances.

  6. Pete’s comparison between De Blasio and our Mayor Sadiq Khan is unwarranted. Khan is a Labour Mayor and a Muslim so yes he will be on Pete’s ‘Nutty disaster’ list, but he is a thoughtful and more serious person, hampered by a hostile Tory national govt. and with limited powers than a NY mayor has.

  7. “The two greatest cities on the planet are governed by lightweight morons who think their job is to pull stunts.”

    That is as good a description of Boris and Donald as I’ve seen.

  8. It is incredible that this fool is the mayor of NYC. He is incompetent and unlikable. He gives his racist wife positions she dreams up. He thinks he has a future in national politics, he has no future in politics because of his woeful performance in NYC. He was just annoying now he is a noxious clown.

  9. Good retort FewOrange

  10. He’s not even a good leftist, just as AOC is a complete fool.

    A smart lefty will want to attract employers and the jobs that they provide and then tax them.

    De Blasio wants to harm a prominent employer economically, as AOC drove Amazon and its jobs away.

    BTW, Trump Tower has already been in bad shape. Trump is so unpopular it has impacted the resale price of condos there. If you walk in the building, which anyone can do, even last summer you saw hardly anyone in the bar or restaurant inside it.

    Maybe Blaz the genius will think its good for the city if Trump Tower declares bankruptcy or something. He doesn’t get the big picture on anything.

  11. Question?

    Does the turnip in chief even understand anything but cheap petty gestures?

    Asking for a friend