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By Pete Moore On July 3rd, 2020

The Washington Redskins American football team will review its name after demands from major sponsors.

Its headline sponsor, Fedex, joined a fresh wave of calls to scrap a team moniker long-criticised as racist.

We note yet again that it’s the corporates in the vanguard of the Woken SS. However far the green-haired brigade will go, the white men in the boardrooms need no prompting to go much further. They are as much the cultural and political enemy as the Loony Left is. Let’s be honest, the review will lead to a name change.

I suggest they go with the DC Redskins.


  1. Pete, I tend to disagree.

    I reckon that if they wish to be truly on target they should name themselves:-

    A.C. Redskins

    Truly with THE CURRENT!

  2. I’ve always found the name of that team to be ugly and disrespectful.

    But I hear tell that many American Indians actually like the name.

  3. I’ve always wondered why there is no team called the Dixie Niggers.

  4. The Dixie Niggers is a great name. That’ll be my band name. We’ll be huge.

  5. This is a change that should have been made some time ago.

  6. Yes.

    It’s not like the Vikings or Celtics, or even like the Blackhawks.

    It’s ugly and disrespectful.

    Shouldn’t have been called that in the first place.

  7. yes Mahons but its taken this long to do it , and reflects the strenth of feeling in the country. Never forgot people lost their lives , and the country said “Enough Already” as the Right bemoans their loses and is having a self-indulgent pity party ..
    You won’t divide us petem ..or destabilise the West, for your master Putin.

  8. Kurt

    You seem to be a great authority about what the American people feel

    Perhaps you should be interviewed on CNN

  9. I suppose they could change their name to the Washington foreskins … but that would open up a whole new area of cultural sensitivity 🙂

  10. yeah i do phantom, the bookies odds give me evidence based information about the way the wind is blowing, and i get paid in beer money . A very happy arrangement . Free Beer and focused awareness of the state of the united states .
    I give ya a tip
    400+ electoral college votes Biden Nov 2020 10/3 ..
    That’s be 3/1 by Monday and 2/1 end of July .. get in there son
    but only bet what you can afford to lose !

  11. Colm

    The Washington Foreskins wouldn’t stand a chance against the Brooklyn Rabbis.

  12. Charles

    I think you need to flesh out that argument a bit more 🙂

  13. Why does anyone think Washington refers to some military bloke? Surely its the name of a town in Tyne & Wear in the uk. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington,_Tyne_and_Wear its a local sports team from the UK just been loaned to you yanks.