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By Pete Moore On July 3rd, 2020

Because Friday night is Music Night

Another week done at the coalface of capitalism, which means that tomorrow is our Independence Day. The pubs can re-open, which all people of sound mind will welcome. The Left doesn’t welcome it. No surprise there. The Labour Party grew out of the temperance movement and they’ve been petrified ever since that someone, somewhere, might be having a good time. Here’s an idea: if you like a drink and want a drink in a pub, go to the pub. If not, don’t go to the pub. I know, I’m such a proper liberal.

Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend. I might drop by the local. The pub is very important in my village. I’m not itching to get back in there but I think we should spend a few quid on good businesses which we need to survive. As always, feel to share your top sounds down below –


  1. There’ll be a lot of this down the pub:


  2. tomorrow is not your independence day…… it’s ours

    you ain’t got one…… you got a Queen…

    God save her.

  3. Patrick

    I know you probably don’t follow British news, but tomorrow is an independence day of sorts in the UK. It has been specifically designated by the government as such :


  4. Gotta be this one: Bob Marley Exodus

  5. ahhh thank you Colm.

    you should have something to distract the nation as it’s fledgling celebrates being out from moms wings.

  6. Patrick

    Mom’s teat is always ready to welcome baby to come back and suckle on 🙂

  7. Frank –

    That stomping George Thorogood version crossed my mind. In the end I posted The Replacements because we haven’t had much of that stuff lately.

  8. Sweet.

    Just been listening to “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”.

    By Creedence Clearwater Revival.


    The best version.

    Come at me.

  9. Average – not made any better with elongated yawnsville priapic instrumental – Marvin doesn’t have to worry about his crown !

  10. I’m with you Pete. I like the CCR cover better. Smooth southern sound considering their SoCal boys.

  11. Racists 🙂

  12. Colm,

    The jukebox must fall.


  13. petem this one is class

    Group 1 Crew – His Kind of Love (Official Music Video)

    It has everything you say you like: good behaviour, good morals, not leftie, commie preversions,people of all hues uniting in a song that is bigger than themselves. That’s what worship is a sacrifice of praise, and you look up more than you look within , it expands you ..
    Its catchy too

  14. Colm –

    That “elongated yawnsville priapic instrumental” bit is “music”.

    kurt –

    It might be all of those things, but it’s rubbish. C’mon of course it is.

  15. White man sing black man song. White man bad. White man must die !

  16. ‘kin ell Colm has gone the full South London. I don’t mind, that’s fine.

    As long as he takes the knee when he addresses me in future ..

  17. i’ll take the knee and congratulate you on passing the online white privilege and diversity awareness course Pete 🙂

  18. My local pub just had a practice run tonight with a private party with just locals invited. I’m really, really drunk.
    Which is probably why this Friday night jukebox sounds so great

    Here Is my contribution:


    And here’s the girl of my dreams:


  19. A melancholy tune followed by a girl who can swallow. Yeah we can tell what mood you are in Dave 🙂

  20. Colm.

    You didn’t disappoint me mate. 😀

  21. Petem they’re young though and They’re the future .which is promising

  22. For our American friends on the 4th of July.
    What better than a gay white man singing about how Great America is. (sarcastically.)


  23. Haven’t heard that song in ages Dave. Quite an enjoyable ditty. The fat mother reminds me of Hattie Jacques. 🙂

  24. To be honest Colm, I’d completely forgot about it too, but when I read Patrick’s other thread where he says; “you can be what you want to be in America”, this song jumped into my mind. I also thought of Hattie Jacques when I saw the big mama. 😀

  25. A good Scouse lad too Dave.

    Today there can be only one song for the jukebox:


  26. Paul

    That tune is not convincingly patriotic enough for Patrick 🙂

  27. Paul – superb.

  28. Paul McMahon,
    //A good Scouse lad too Dave.//

    I actually said hello to Holly Johnson many years ago, (late 80’s early 90’s), in Eric’s Bar in Liverpool. He was having a drink with fellow band member Paul Rutherford.
    The girl I was with at the time said he was well fit. It gave me no pleasure to point out that I stood a better chance with Holly than she did. 😉


    //Today there can be only one song for the jukebox:


    F**K YEAH!!!! Excellent choice mate. I’ve sung along to it twice now.
    I always think of Patrick when I hear this song. 🙂

  29. That does remind me of Patrick! Good choice!

  30. That should be America’s new national anthem. Their current one is almost as shit as ours.

  31. Here’s one that mirrors the reality of the US as opposed to the ‘fuck yeah!’ dream: